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Race #12, Hungary: Post race discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

  2. What can i say guy's, i lost control of the car. I'am sorry for Danny and Jan who run into me.
  3. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong today. Bad qualifying -8 tenths off my pb time.

    Race - thought i engaged launch control but didn't. Jumped started for no reason. as soon as the car moved, there is no coming back. I got a penalty but wasn't sure what it was. I went in thinking it was a stop go. I stopped and it was a pitstop which meant i didn't serve the penalty. Next lap I finally served but was so far behind. Got a bit hot headed and turned up the boost a little bit which will cost me later in the race. At one point Melim was chasing me about a second a lap. After the pitstop cycle he came out right ahead of me so there is no fighting with him.. he's gone. Went for my final pitstop and had some fresh tyres. Was lap by Nilson and had the pace to keep up. I up the boost a little again hoping to stick to his tail while he lap slower cars so I could get by easier. Unfortunately the engine blew. Maybe the boost I used earlier in the race cost me today.
  4. hmmm..fail
  5. You are refering to Benjamin or your teammate? lol
  6. Nice race....protests coming up.

    ./....\.....ALL DEAD HERE......\

  7. referring to myself
  8. Hmm not realy sure wheater the results will stay as it is as im gonna fill in a protest. I have had some clean nice fights but when people can;t get pass you it seems its getting normal that they bash you out of the way. Lost my wing because someone decided to turn into me while i was having the racing line into a corner basicly killing my race. Not happy but happy at the same time as my team m8 Martin won the race so thats positive, and also good to see that Ferry is finaly catching up some speed,.. well done old duck :)
  9. well i got owned by my own pc that lagged and when it came back by a miracle wich i didnt think it would i was on the wall...acctualy i had hitted the wall already....got 6th after 1 lap with no wing and 25 laps on same tire...what can i say?!?!i know the problem will fix it next race on pc error
    and guys on the front was a great race...
    and gosbee congratulations!!

  10. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    really glad that spa is next weekend...
    Qualifying: had crap lap so went for the most perfect qualifying lap ever done first sector -.350 right after first sector beam my ffb goes off and i go wtf lose about tenth each corner and then overpush last sector since no ffb i had no idea rear was going off so that was it and 14th when i couldve be about 6th
    Race: i had good pace but it wasnt usefull since mark fighting someone infront of me and i cant get good exit outta last corner to actually challenge them then i start getting gosbee into my mirror i think that if i let him go he mixes that battle so i can get trough but turned out that they were gosbees team mates so i realize horrible mistake and next thing i know room goes past and thats when something happened and i couldnt get good laps done so i start to fall back and decide to do early pitstop
    But pitstop was too early so i just end up losing more untill second stop witch puts me right behind Priit and since my low topspeed i cant get aground so i decide to sneak on him witch goes horribly wrong and thats about all worth saying about this race
  11. gosbee ....... martin gosbe LOL :D

    well done mate! :p
  12. I really didn't expect this result (even if I was lucky with other driver's mistakes). But a podium is always a podium, so I'm satisfied with the race;)

    In qualify i managed to do a perfect lap for me, PB in all sectors. After that I felt it was unlikely that I could improve my time even further.

    I got a decent start of the line and stayed out of problems in T1. Then I got squeezed between two cars in T2 and lost 3 places I think.

    After the first two laps I settled behind Foek for quite some laps and then managed to overtake him on the long straight. Then I tried to follow his strategy and came out just in front of him in both pitstops. Basically, I just tried defend my position against Foek as the people in front of me were too quick. I thought I should finish 5th, but gained two places when Foth stopped and Ben got a Stop&go (sry for you, mate!)

    Now I'm really excited for next race at Spa:) Cya, there!
  13. Finally a win :D :D...Been waiting for a win and didnt expect it when I had a back of grid penalty xD Had huge amounts of luck to win but a win is a win. Hopefully can repeat this performance as I can actually Q.. I hope.
    Grats to the rest of the podium and cya soon at Spa :D
  14. For me a quite constant race. Starting from 22° due to a penalty I've tried to do my best, but my setup it wasn't excellent and I had difficulties to advance in position. Some crashes and errors of others allowed to me to go up. Very nice fight with Lo Piccolo until he crash. I must jump Spa... :(

    Congratulations to the Winner!!

    Good luck to you all!
  15. Massively disappointed with my race, Looked like it was a win for teidy myself or Uysal at first glance, Then we all had problems....
    In the first stint i could go faster than teidy but he was or looked to be lagging very slightly and i saw the contact or looked like it from my view there was contact or something, So i descided to try and not get involved in anything with him during the first phase and i was planning to pit earlier which i did, Emre pitted earlier than me and foht went on to lead.
    I saw on my lcd Gosbee clawed his way through to 5th;) i thought well done mate!!!... Then i let him use some engine boost to try and catch me up as i knew he would be somewhere near in the closing stages and i would be able to use alot of engine boost to go for the win!
    Everything looked like the win was mine after emre had problems and teidy had problems......But i also had porblems of my own.
    When i went for my stop i pressed the wrong button entering the pits, I pressed the pit request which cancelled my pit so i ended up doing 81mph through the lazer which gave me a stop go penalty....that was bad enough then my pitstop took 12 seconds to change tyres cuz my pit crew had been cancelled entering pits!Grrr

    I finished something like 35 seconds behind martin, Take my stop go in consideration and my stupid 8 secs extra in a stop and we would have had a winning battle on our hands.

    Taking nothing away from martins win well deserved of course, but im a little annoyed with myself as im confident i woulda won inlight of the others mistakes if i would of hit the correct button entering the pits.#

    I did over 1000 laps for hungary!!! so i had high expectations, What i learnt is...When trying to be a winning challenger you have to be so commited to running laps and laps and laps... and when it all goes wrong like it did for me....It no longer becomes fun.

    So im going back to around 200 laps practise before a gp, Ive always had fun fighting through the field and getting faster as the race progresses, Also im not bothered where i end up just so long as i finish, top ten is always the target. That way im never disappointed and always always have fun!!!!

    Im testing for spa on friday evening!!! So no more battles with the front guys, I feel sunday and the 4 weeks testing before the gp was a waste of my life and no fun at all! For me its only fun when your winning or challenging for wins!

    Onto spa!

    Well done andreas well deserved podium kidder:)
  16. 1000 laps :o
  17. 2000 for me xD...But was worth it... & Ben dont give up on it that easily man :( We wont have a Gosbee vs Phillips battle on BC anymore :(
  18. lol I did 600!
  19. me too 650 laps xD