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Race #12, Belgium: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. way to angry right now... a lot of guys lost wings including myself because as now i dont know who didnt move off the grid.. I couldnt turn and was out AGAIN on first lap this is getting stupid now..
  3. what the hell is going on............................ first i wanna say that all im gonna write now is not gonna be nice, but im really emotional right now for several reasons, and it has to go somewhere. but its not to offend anyone.
    First of all spa is my favorite track and i had really looked forward for it, and desitet that i would not be angry because FSR did not update my Helmet, though they had almost a week to do it. secondly I would have dedicated this race to my mon who past away 13 days ago, and would have had birthday today. so having a grid that screws up several times and then get disconnectet from the server without reason. and afterwards not able to join, is really disapointing but I will here by Dedicate my 2 warm-up laps to my past away mom who I hope will be proud of the heat i got in to my tires :(

    What a ****ty, crappy and not fair weekend. AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. sorry for the loss but dude you wouldnt of wanted to have been on the grid this race has been a joke
  5. First of all I wanna apologize to the entire field about my poor parking skills. And secondly Sorry to Marcel about the start. I tried not to spin so i had to lift, and i know that affected you.

    Q1 was bad, Race was bad. Feddema spun and I T-boned him. Lost my front wing, locked up and crashed straight into the barrier in the following corner. Race weekend to forget
  6. 0 Stop - Aalberts :D Gratz
  7. A lot of fun in this race!!! Great battle with Mo and Kalamees xD

    I did 0 stops too and 1 drive trought xD My start was fast!!! :D
  8. A mixed race for me, in Q2 i was looking decent before taking too much kerb and ruining the lap, meaning i had to start at the back of the grid, i got a great start and slingshotted past Chris Knight i think it was but there was a massive prang, while trying to avoid it i plowed into the back of Georgios Davakos, appologies to him, after that i had to pit for suspension and front wing and had to drive the entire race with the suspension problem, made another stop and had unfortunatley lost out to Gray when i was letting the leaders past because my car selected 1st gear and sent me spinning and caused me to roll backwards down start straight into La Source, i engaged reverse and managed to away without ruining anyones race, after that it was a clean drive home with no major suprises apart from on the last lap when i lost traction on T18, i got back on and cruised to my first finish and first ten points.
    Congratulations Aalberts and see you all next time.
  9. Thanks Benjamin for jetting me off like an airplane during the start.. :-D
  10. ok Qually was ok got 21st.

    Race: Well the real start of race was a bit confusing, i had to weave as people spun everywhere and got through without contact, cruising around, was 16th near the end of the race on my hard tyres when i didnt know wether pitstops were compulsory.....so to be safe i pitted, lost a position and ended up 17th. didnt push hard as i wanted the points for the team :) Double points finish! Im proud of the team! :)

    I feel there is going to be a lot of penaltys this weekend. People chatted during my qually hot lap, please guys just dont! :( Im just lucky i wasnt involved in any of it (first lap accidents etc)! :)
  11. OMG, 0 pit stops, that can't be right.

    I had quite a good race today, it started bad though with Adam hitting me from behind when I was slowing down to not hit some guys infront as the start was a complite mess. I had wheel spin after my start but I couldn't do anything about it as there were drivers going to my direction to quickly and by reflex I just had to lift the throttle.

    After that I was driving with suspension problem and a wheel turning 15 degreas. I was being overtaken by many drivers but after my pit stop that suspension problem was fixed (80% as I had gotten used to driving with it). After a few laps I was being hunted like an animal by a Silverline driver who's name I never sow. I think we were battling for like 6 to 10 laps and those laps feelt like 100 years. He tryed time after time to pass me but nada, at the end he got a very good slips stream back to Bus Stop but he never made the move on Bus Stop so I managed to finish ahead of him in 13th position.
  12. On hard tyres its not hard, mine were still yellow when i pitted on lap 23 or whenever i pitted lol
  13. Qualy was more or less good i think. Got 3rd.
    Got a good getaway at the start up into 2nd but after a few laps i was down too 5th i think and from there on it was a more or less lonely race. I started with hard tires so i was able to do 0 stops and it would have worked out BUT my stupidity called me into the pits to do a unacessary stop and i was falling down the order from 4th to 8th i think.
    Soon i had closed the gap to petar and caner but it was difficult to pass and i lost much much time there.finally i got passed caner and with i think 3 or 4 laps to go petar spun in t1 and i was able to take 5th. So in the end i finished 5th but i think without my stupid stop it could have been more ...
    anyway good race
  14. Btw if you have car trouble then don´t defend your position as aggressively as you did, you caused me damage into my car on my first overtaking attempt as you locked your tyres being rediciliously optimistic about being able to break late. I was around 2 seconds faster a lap than you at that point so it made no sense for you to close the door or defend like that.
  15. Blitzing start but you got caught xD, atleast someone else who was on a 0 stopper, realy expected that more would do this so i was realy happy when people in front of me pitted. When i noticed after a few laps after the stops that Ben and Ivar where not able to get a good pace at all i knew the 0 stopper would work as they had to drive 1 sec faster but before i wasnt to sure was constantly thinking about pitting or not.

    Anyway great win extremely happy to have won the Belgium GP.
  16. I hoped to finish top 8.

    This was only me second race of my carrier, unfortunately i ended up in the barrier in the 4th lap. After i got passed i lost downforce and could not hold my car. But im very happy with my 8th place in quali! The pase was there for the race but i crewed up. Up to Monza! (s.... i hate that track :)
  17. I wasn't even diffending if you look at the reaply you will see that my tires blocked as quickly as I was braking. What do you want me to do, tell them to not block or Joona will get mad?
  18. Q1 not great, Q2 2 rear lockings into 1st and last corner and lost more than 1 second there, the car was quite difficult to handle under braking with low fuel...

    Start was ok, got alongside my teammate but didn't decide to pass him into Eau Rouge in first lap :D He was making quite a lot of mistakes and was blocking me badly, at once even hit him slightly when he made a big slide into Rivage... I was chasing down Mo after passing Rob and in 5th lap i think i tried on the outside for Les Combes and left room on the inside but he went into me and spun which cost me almost 10 seconds. Then chasing Caner, I was angry and couldn't close in on him straight away... when Puschke pitted he came 3-4 seconds behind, unfortunately i didn't overtake Caner on time so i could have a safe 5th place...

    in last 6-7 laps it was about keeping Phillip behind with his fresh tires... he wasn't much quicker but again that rear locking into t1 half spun the car and he just managed to get through, i stuck with him keeping the gap under 2 seconds but it wasn't enough to close in again... 6th in the end, so-so result
  19. Well...

    How about breaking earlier so you can keep your tyres from locking ?! Besides you were driving in the middle of the track, either go inside or outside.
  20. Btw didn't you come from behind to overtake me, you shouldn't even come here and complain. You could have braked earlier too to avoid contact. You could also just wait and make the move after Eau Rouge.