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Race #11, Japan: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. not much to say really. Undercut didn't work cos I came out behind people on old rubber holding onto positions they would inevitably lose for dear life. Had over 50 freezes throughout the race, often pushing me back toward mikko, the last one however happened just before degna 1, so I turned in too early smashed the curb and rear ended the wall ending my race. If anyone has any suggestions on the freezes it would be much appreciated because that was near enough indriveable
  3. I hit the wall, it ruined my suspension, race over. Again :laugh:

    I even got a good start and stayed out of trouble.
  4. Qualifying was bad lap from me again. Made a mistake in spoon and it cost some tenths.

    In race I ran wide in spoon while trying undercut and then people passed me. After that I was in traffic and the lead got away. I tried to catch them in the end but got to free air a bit too late. So quite awful mistake cost me the chances to have any hope for the win. Need to concentrate better next time.

    Dan those freezes were quite scary :D

    Grats to Kuba.
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  5. Its weird because I have 220 fps and my pc is almost 2 year old.
  6. After bad qualifying (16th) I decided to start on hards. Race was going fairly well, the tires were 65% on lap 13 but then I lost the car in Degna and the sand was not stopping the car, it was infact accelerating it. So I met the wall and my rear wing decided to fall off. (Bono copied my accident by 100% in WC race later that evening). Good job!

    After that there was no point to continue, since top10 finish would never happen and points dont mean anything in PRO.

    1st retirement of the year.
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  7. For the first time my car was a rocket in race trim (despite being crap in Q1), I think capable of finishing in top10. Unfortunately other guy hit me in in the back at the hairpin on Lap1, and then I had stupid incident with Rando Tamm in 130R (which was my fault). 10 points is nice, but thats a little consolation considering car's pace today.
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  8. Did you use default setup? :sneaky:
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  9. Stupid mistake behind Mikko that possibly costed me the podium. I was the whole race in dirty air and I killed my front tires. That caused I went wide in the esses in the last lap and I couldn't manage to rejoin safely (sorry for the chaos Teemu, Carlos and Sebastiano).

    PS: I leave here a drift moment testing :p
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  10. Sorry man I imagine that was 100% my fault, odd because I remember thinking of braking a bit earlier to avoid you, don't remember locking up either. I guess I just got distracted trying to leave room for guys held up behind
  11. Kuba Brzeziński:
    Q: I didn't feel very confident at Suzuka, it always took me a lot of time to put a good lap together and after I saw other guys' pace I thought it would be hard to get Pole. Turned out I was able to again do my personal best in Q2 and it really helped me in the race.

    R: I held the lead quite easily and then it became quite obvious that I wouldn't be able to pull any big gap so I was just taking it easy, saving my tyres. Then I tried to pull away before the stops and I managed to get a 2 second lead, but then Mikko pitted on lap 11, which was really confusing for me. I didn't know whether he was on 2 stop or whether he was just trying to undercut me. I didn't want to risk doing so many laps on hards so I decided to stay out as long as I could and try to overtake him if needed. Then Jeroen pitted as well so I was forced to pit on lap 15, cause I didn't want to loose track position to him. After that it was just the case of getting the car home and not making any mistakes, because I had fresher tyres and Mikko made a mistake. Well, I made up for my Melbourne disappointment for sure.

    I have to say I feel sorry for you Mikko, cause you really had a great pace. Same for Jeroen, but his strategy didn't work out very well.
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  12. Bad Qualy, Good start, went backwords in race, Bad finish - The End
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  13. May I use your way to explain? :D

    Bad qually, good start, crash, damage, 2 stops 20 sec each, went backwards, bad finish - the end. :)
    At least there are two positives - I had the fastest lap and I was the only one that overtook the winner (to unlap myself) :D
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  14. Well at least you have some positives man - I.....have nothing.
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  15. Oh this makes it easier. Bad qualifying, bad start, decent enough finish.
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  16. Bad quali, bad start, bad DNF.

    Pretty pathetic performance, really. Need some serious introspection after that.

    On to Austin.
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  17. Q1: 04:54 attempt is not enough for top ten, but 8:26 lap is my new personal best by far. Best 2014 Q1 performance and result (6th).
    Q2: 14:45 lap is my second personal best and it's good enough (9th). A mix of "push", "don't overdrive" and "rear wing enable" chat :).

    Race: 40:12 start is avarage, I mantain my position. At 41:07 I overtake Partington for 8th. My race pace is not special but I already suspected it, and I have to stay very focus to don't make mistakes; I can't stay with top 7th. After pit stops, when Mike undercuts me for 10th place, I have to use all my experience to don't destroy my race (1:00:31); I try to resist but without act like a "hero" (do you remember Indianapolis?). After that I "overtake" Alari for 8th (1:07:23) and I try to continue to be very focus. At 1:28:47 I'm 6th, trying to hold Falcon and other drivers behind me. I finish 6th.

    Suzuka was a demanding challenge for me; I'm quite happy about 6th place and very happy about performance. Thanks to my team :cool: and to FSR staff ;). Congratulations to the winner :cool:;), to the podium :cool:;) and to who is happy about his performance ;).
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