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Race #11, Japan: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Good job
  3. I think this is a good time for you say "He didn't give me enough room"

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  4. I didnt give him the space for going to the grass..
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Was just waiting till a race like this would struck me, everything went wrong. Was so frustrated that I couldn't get the time I could. In the end still a reasonable q2 Then race good start but on the 2nd lap I got hit by dirty air and just ran off in T1, after that it only got worse. Appologies to Leo, I nudged you as I misjudged braking I hope you didn't got damage from that, but I think you did. Atleast my car was undriveable after that, didn't wanted to steer in anymore and it was just totally messed up.

    Race to forget, and Gratz to Franz who should take the win I hope.
  7. Well Done to Franz and Well Done to James to his fantastic Perfomance with my Help!! :D
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  8. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! P10!
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  9. Race to forget. At least it's good that i didn't test for this race, so i didn't waste my time.
    P4 was still looking good but then had a black screen and lost like a minute or so.
    See you next time! Grats to Franz for the win.
  10. Blocking in Q1 so no Q2 for me. Or then I just didn't get the timing right and caught the next guys in bad places where it's difficult to give room.

    In the race there's a high chance to get in trouble when starting so far back, so had some tough times there. After the first 10 laps thing settled so I just kept the distance to Michael as it was and pitted quite soon on lap 16 to get past some guys. After that I just managed the gap to the guy behind me and also saved the tires so there wouldn't be problems in the end. Had no chance to catch anyone since they got away during the first part of the race.

    But was fun to drive this track again. Didn't plan to race this weekend because had limited time to practice, but on Friday I noticed that it's Suzuka time so I absolutely had to :D

    Mikko Suokas
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  11. Thanks for throwing me to the wall...
  12. P10 :D , i was very lucky in the final laps with other people issues but even tough it was my best race so far, i think i could have fought harder for position but you never know what will happen in the next laps, so i think everything worked out in the end.
  13. Why you always got to react in public forum and throw all your frustrations out here Carlos?
    Just chill out and wait an hour or two. In my opinion it wasn't my fault, but we will see what
    the Race director decides.
  14. Im not talking about your incident jorrick, i think it was race incident mate.

    Just watch lap 5 but S3 and you will understand
  15. Ok sorry, thought you meant our incident :D
  16. Epic fail :D
  17. PB in Q1 (I didn't expect to make into Q2 but I really had that one lap), then in Q2 the lap was too bad and only P8.

    Was driving very cautious in the first stint, but I was gaining some positions due to incidents of other drivers.

    It was going to be a nice battle for 4th to 8th at the end with Falcón, Leitner, Campus, Boshove... but then my computer froze and when it came back to life I found myself with no front wing. So race over.

    After that I lost all kind of concentration and went over the limit a couple of times. But 12 points or 10... no big difference.

    Congrats to the poduim.
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  18. Great race :)

    Qualy went very good, had a fantastic s1 and missed my q2 PB only by 0.033 which I did in Q1.

    Race start was good but somehow Ben nearly passed me at t1 but luckily I could keep the lead. First few laps were bit hard, couldn't find my pace but then with the time it went better and better and could drove a small gap between me and Ben. Because I went one lap earlier to pits I increase my lead by one second but lost it after nearly drove out the track in turn 1. Then it was only a thing to bring it home, a lot of pressure from Ben which had similar pace to mine, really enjoyed it :)

    see ya at korea
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  20. I was very pessimistic about qualy, but I did my PB in Q1, 31.1, when my past better time was 31.5, lol. Q2 was really well too, i didn't expect to start 3º.

    I think I had a good race pace, but Franz and Ben were very strong in this track. Fortunately, nobody attacked me, so I was very comfortable in P3. I had a good duel on track with Campus twice, and little more. Boring race, but it's important don't make mistakes and trying to finish championship in the highest position that we can.

    Congratulations to Franz and Ben, awesome pace of both. See you in Korea.
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