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Race #11, Hungary: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.

    Nothing to say my car feels like a **** and im a **** :cool:
  2. Difficult yet fun debut for me, i don't know what went wrong of the line but i span, got to the first corner and ended up plowing into someone who had spun, damaged something and i pitted, came back out and spent the rest of my race around 5 seconds ahead of my Synergy team-mate when Kostinadov approached me, i pulled off the racing line and slowed to 100, next thing i knew, something had hit me and i was cruising back onto the track with a problem, the car span soon after and hit the wall damaging my front right, couldn't continue. Sad ending really.
  3. For gods sake, why can't people go through T1 without hitting each other.

    Someone hit me from the back after my excelent start, from 19th I was already in 16th and going for 2 more positions before someone hit me from behind in T1 and then I was hit by several cars and I had a damaged car. I still managed to get to 13th after hard work (the damaged car lacked top speed and was all over the track) and I though of risking it without repearing my damaged car but I ended up blowing the engine once again after my second pit stop.

    I am really disapointed at the person who hit me from behind because I was looking for a good race today.
  4. Georgius i hit you sorry aboutit
  5. Pretty cool. I love all the new guys!!!! :inlove:
  6. Today lapped cars did a bad job...
  7. Ban pls
  8. Ivan i hope you not talking aboutit me i nothing do by you
  9. My fsr debut sucked....first corner, someone spun and parked on the track, i couldnt miss, massive damage, just tried to make it to the end from there. Had no front downforce, was really bad to drive, but i made it all the way to end and got 14th :) But yeah i was hoping for some good race pace but that incident put an end to that....
  10. *blablabla*
  11. i almost spun on the parade lap as tyres were cold because cars were braking hard and bunching everyone up too much then on the grid car was over heating and smoking then Went round a corner only to see carnage and had no chance of missing it so lost front wing and suspension damage tried to go back to pits and then got hit again then ended in the wall.

    I hope something is done about this..
  12. LOOOL What a race. :D I have no clue how i was 2nd but ill take it! race started badly, was way too causious on the first couple of laps, did a lot of mistakes. After that i decided to just keep the car on the road and get some points and all of a sudden im 4th ? :D In the end i managed to get 2nd thanks to other drivers crashing / making a mistake. Im so happy, was my 4th race i think and 2nd place is more then i could dream off!

    - Ville Leppälä
  13. The first corner was carnage, as i came out of the corner it was either go off line into the wall or slide into you Chris, luckily it didnt damage me so much but if it did damage you i appologise, didnt expect to see your car parked in the middle of the first corner.
  14. dont know if you hit me or georgios as he was spun and was in middle of track and i hit himand the other 3 or 4 cars around it
  15. No way that guy can race again this season atleast.
  16. edu i go almost parcking on grid wen see blue flags:sigarette:
  17. What happened in turn 1? who collided with who to start the mess?
  18. josh happand thes is happand in each race lol
  19. easy man, you can reclaim the action and David in a few years will do the race post checks.
  20. Haha :p "in a few years". Thats right.