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Race #11, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules :).
  2. From GPCOS:

  3. Unfortunately there's no Broadcast Replay available for Hockenheim due to an issue with multibc's new software.
    I can only say the same as always - I'm sorry, but this is out of FSR's hands. Future improvements from multibc's side are scheduled for within the next two weeks so hopefully we won't have any problems at Hungary.

    At least the live stream worked nicely from what I saw. Thanks to the commentators, brilliant job.
  4. Live stream was great and top marks for Scott & Nick with the Commentary

    The action in the race was awesome and what a finish between Hahnell & Huis
  5. What a race!!! Big up to my team mate freddy 1 lung!!!! And mat on a recovery drive!
    Hahnnel huis marques.... Pleasure to watch you guys!!! Got a bit nasty in sector 3 last lap!! I think kunkle/ horner has some clear the air talks to contend with! Comentators were made for this job and do each other justice!!!im glad to have added my thoughts on the race and its good to see the comentators exploring all input from other drivers via msn lol!!!

    I think if any other drivers from any other leagues would have been watching tonight they would be sighning up for hungaoring!!
  6. Indeed it was a nice fight for the win in the end. Well deserved by Hähnel!!!

    Super gemacht Ronny, hätte ich genauso gemacht, nach dem Ding von ihm! :D

    Was a bit nasty from both drivers in the end, but the winner deserves it! :D
  7. Was really happy with p8 on Quali.

    About race, didn't made a good start but was really fun and interesting to fight with other drivers in first laps.
    Lap13, lag killed my race: when i was fighting with Agustin Canapino, i braked too late after a big mistake but had clarely no contact with Agustin's car on my replay. But he lost control of his car ( because of the lag i think) and we had a contact who broke my front wing and the front left suspension.
    After pitting, car was more than 1 sec slower because of the problems. Had some nice fights and lap 31, contact with Morgan (because of his pc problem) finished my race but np for that as my race was ruined since lap13.

    Driving WC today was a really good experience but unluckily lag ruined my race.
  8. Was my first experience watching on online race live...what a great time I had! The commentators did a great job, very professional haha

    That last lap was amazing, it's unfortunite that there isn't a replay to watch as it's one of those fights which would be worth replaying!

    Maybe i should invest in rfactor and join the Trophy leage, very fun!

    I was surprised that David Greco wasn't racing...?

    Thanks heaps...remember the name! :)
  9. This is hard to melt. "Gained an advantage" is not the right words here for my faults of "cutting" the exit of turn 8. It's only a matter of principles, since flicking the car right just some milliseconds earlier out of turn 8 would make the problem dissappear. In the end it was my fault and I should have thought about it, but I certainly did not "gain an advantage" by it, not that it would affect the outcome of the race in any way. Very disappointed right now.
  10. this is an absolute joke... my car was always on the kerb.. you cannot cut there.. i always had two wheels on the kerb.. which is legal.. you are completley wrong inthis occasion mikko... completley.. and its farcical.. im realy sorry to say you have done a great job all year but this time.. you made a fool of yourself..

    You do not gain an advantage at all from this in any way.. ANY WAY at all !

    there was nothing before the race stating what we could and coult not do with this.. if you had taken the timeto post a thread telling us what the rules were in respect to the fact the track designer never pulled the kerb back or even changed the corner... so we didnt run wide.. it was easier to cut the inside kerb ffs...

    You realy need to look at this.. as this is YOUR fault not ours who got penalised.. you have not done the correct thing here and people need to stand up for themselves and say this...
  11. We got 9 penalties because of this, either in race or qualifying. Nobody did it on purpose, and there were no gains from it. It's just a principle matter because the kerb is unrealistically short at that point, and the drivers who stayed out on the green surface did it for a couple of metres. To get pitlane start for this for some drivers, and DQ is just outrageous.
  12. Its pathetic.. i just watched the back... you SERIOSLY call this a cut ? are you out of your mind ?

    The whole field should have penaltys... its crazy if this is the case.... and you know as a race director what you are going to accept as legal or not.. so you would not do it... now thats cheating more than we do to be honest.

    Also... i watched my qualifying lap back... you call that a cut ? you can even see in the middle of the corner that i get a twitch on and have to save the car... which puts me wide anyway onto the exit kerb... which by the way is legal...

    Something needs to be done about this.. as you are wrong.. complatley and utterly wrong... if someone before hand had posted on the forum saying we cannot do this.. then fair enough... BUT NO ONE DID !!
  13. going wide of turn 8? Lol got to be kidding me, sorry, but that is so stupid. There is no gained time whatsoever doing that, and most stupid thing is in real life F1, dtm, every single motorsport there is at Hockenhiem is allowed to do it. Just let us race!
  14. To be honest I don´t understand why you moan about the decision now. The rules clearly state where you are allowed to drive, and as you see there were many who knew it and didn´t run wide. (and if it doesn´t give you an advantage why did you go on the green surface anyways)

    A cut is not messured by gaining time or not, it´s just about if you stay where you are allowed to stay.

    @ Clayton
    the problem just is in real if you go wide or cut the inside of a corner you usually loose time.
    There have been races in the past here (most 2007 as from 2008 on races were checked for cutting) where the drivers had 2 wheels on the curb and the rest of the car on the grass or in the gravel and they gained time by this. So in order to prevent this we have these cutting rules. And they are so simple to follow....
  15. How do you even cut Turn 8? It's a hairpin? The inside curb is raised and the exit curb you never run. Unless is meant by the exit on to the straight? In which case that's Turn 10.
  16. Seems like people were aware of this prior to the race and chose to wait to bring it up, would it not have been sporting to bring this up for clarification before the start? Has an air of dirtiness surrounding it from a viewers standpoint.
  17. Exactly... there was nothing told to us in WC NOTHING !! we had no idea... well some of us didnt... in WS they all knew as there race director told them,
  18. I take both Hahnel and Huis both get penalties as well then?

    They BOTH went off track completely in Turn 12 on the last lap. That's classesd as a cut as well is it?
  19. Exactly. This is ludicrous. Surely the meaning of a pre-race debrief or whatever would state what you can and what you cannot do, and i never saw such thing in the forum, i don't know about in the server, but from all these other angry people they heard jacksh*t.
  20. guys, it´s quite simple, read the rules how the cuts are messured, counted and penalised in a race, then come back and talk. Thanks