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Race #11, Germany: Post race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Discuss here as long as it is within the rules
  2. Seems that Gosbee dont understand that first turn must take easy, he just pushed me side of the track on to the green place what was very slippy. He was inside and he's speed should be slower than me but he had same speed as i . I dont understand with what gosbee thinks. Really bad driving by Gosbee.

    Great race for everyone.
    See you in hungary.
  3. no comment apsolutely redickulas driving by a load of guys, cant even have a battle without being rammed off the track. i think some people needs to start watching wuality battles in WC and starrt learning!
  4. Raino if im honest really.. I had no room when you pushed me to the side and with race fuel I was going to understeer also you was the one that spun on the curb.. If it wasnt so high no harm done..
  5. Uhhh yeah, don't quite think so there Martin.
  6. Got tapped and spun on lap 10 after the safety car period which damaged my rear wing. For the rest of the race I had quite a few traction issues to the rear because of it. People need to leave a little more room overtaking and stop diving down the inside when it doesn't have a hope in hell of being successfully pulled off.

    Congrats to Pedro on another win.
  7. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    i think im gonna start this by ''meh'' again
    Qualifying could do so much better but this wasnt the race i do good in qualifying so ended up even worse than usually
    Race start well i had no room but go wide on t1 and then hit someone who spun lost front wing glad sc got on
    after safety car had many fun battles but i went inside and this guy outside didnt know i was diving there so hit me and i spun but fought my way back up sorry if i had bit rough ways to overtake but i had to keep up guys infront what i couldnt do cause damage i forgot to put on not fix and pit stop took many extra seconds.. well in the end 13th is okay... and now off to summer break see ya in hungary guys and have fun till then!
  8. First
    For Michael Reiter

    At the end of Qual, we both were in the range of timing so that no one should be taken down.

    Start the race overall crazy.
    5 lap - In the struggle for the position of D. Roberts and D. Lubbers I have passed the worst and expelled by D Roberts.
    A lot of good battle between me and Carrick last two rounds but Carrick had no patience and at the end of 22 rounds I was caught and ejected from the track.
    2 times hit and knocked out with a lot to keep the pit and then left to complete the race and take a some point.
  9. if you look at replay i was round the outside of you and you turned stright into me when i was as farr wide as i could possible be without being on grass. check your replay!
  10. Qualifying was terrible... Did not do enough practise so i dont really have the right to moan about lack of performance lol.

    Race pace was good in testing so looking forward to some good battles

    race start.. Had contact on my right side and pushed of the track!!! I rejoined safetly and did not lose a position,
    safety car was good so i could turn off damage for pit repair! I put boost to 1 to save engine and fuel but noticed i was still using alot of engine life??? It took me 2 laps to realise the car was over heating???? I think it was due to the impact as in testing the engine temps were 97 in the race they were 118!
    So after safety car i used boost 1 and tried to hang on to 4th place. I put boost to 10 for the straight for first stint as i was in battle with emre and allar i got infront of allar at the pitstops as i made a mistake in the first 20 laps and he got past! But with a great in lap and outlap i was infront by 6 secs. Due to now having 15% engine left after lap 24 i had no choice to concede to allar... Also viirok was only 5 secs away so i knew he would get me too! Few laps later we had a tussle into the hairpin! I then had to be smart as i could not use higher than boost 1.... So i tried to follow as close as i could and drove my socks off in sector 3 tohang on to him for the straights were i would get good toe!!! I tried to save my last 2% of engine for my final assault on henri in the last lap! But i went 1 lap to soon and nearly got the job done!!!! But engine was now 0% and i had to do a whole lap lol so i backed right off to get p5!

    Not the best result i could have got but for the ammount of practise i had i have to be happy!!!
  11. Your front wheel caught my rear wheel and there is no logic to pass me in the corner with the outside. You would certainly passed me later but now it does not matter.
  12. Qualifying was ok, but I had the pace for a 14.5, anyway, best result so far. First time I really felt the car. Im getting used to it and hope for more good Qualifying's.

    Race: What can I say about that? I tried to be very very fair in T1 and let Melim pass me there, so nothing happens. But Room and Gosbee wanted to win it in the first corner - Room spun it then and the car he hitted was my car, of course... who else can he hit... I had the pace to win this race, because im allways faster in races usually. But unfortunately there are too much drivers, thinking that T1 is the finnish line already.

    Can you guys please take care much more? You arent the only ones practicing and investing time into FSR. Maybe sometime no one hits me and I can go for the podium there.
  13. Only Gosbee wanted to win in T1 Kammann, he touched me and i depart from the track to green slippy place where i spun. Gosbee should brake more in T1 to avoid understeer, but he wasn't brake. He was inside and he's speed was same as me , ofcourse he had understeer like he said, bc he entered too fast.
    Sorry Kammann but this wasnt my foul. It was race incident what include to the racing.
  14. Hadn't had much test for this race, so i didn't expect top3 result. Overall, the race was good, only thing that bothered me was pitstop where i tried to put damage off but it didn't worked so i guess it was some bug:/
  15. Finally a deserved podium and not a mile of the pace :)
    Qualifying: Was a bit of a mess really untill my last lap and had someone infront of me in S1 and 2 which helped me alot and was -4 tenths but due to aero drag I lost all that time in S3 So 2nd place and not far off PB.
    Race: Start was fine.. Coming up to T1 I was pushed to the right of the track and made small contact with Raino (Deeply sorry about that) Which caused a chain reaction of crashes. For safety car.. Booring and slow :p Almost hit it xD After that I let Eduard through thinking he was faster than me but me him and Pedro was all on same pace. Pedro had made a move on my and stuck it and same for Mallorqui. We both decided to pit and unfortuantly I made contact and half spun I risked not reparing damage but this was killing me in 2nd stint and coldnt bring fight to Pedro..
    Congrats again to him but now more confident as I was not far off.
  16. You returned very fast to the track, that's why you spun. If you had returned more slowly that couldn't happen.
  17. No. Raino was stuck at the stupid curbs over there. It was gosbee his fault, 100%
  18. Yes maybe i returned too fast but i think that too i was stuck on the curb, but this dont deserve any penaltys(maybe) for Gosbee, i just want to notice that next time must be easy on T1 , btw T1 on this track was very very hard all for us so just unlucky situation.
  19. Gosbee gave 0 room, Raino had nowhere to go.
  20. golllllllllllllllllllllllll de españa! :)