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Race #10, Japan: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Kris Cobb, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. I hope red flag replay will be available.
  3. James Sadler

    James Sadler
    GhostSpeed Racing Manager Premium Member

    Congrats Jiri on winning the Ace championship, Rens for taking another victory in the sprint race and Patel for winning the feature race. Plus congrats to Twister for getting 3 cars on the podium in the feature race.
  4. so great races first race some nice 60 fps and pc 3 times 2 windows race 2 started well and went too windows AGAIN and luckely in first corner so i wnet straight THANKS PC THANKS FOR RUIIN MY WEEKEND if some one know a solution for it i have it allready on windowed mode so i dont know it anymore
  5. I am very sorry about the Race 2 start incident. I forgot to get off the launch control button...
  6. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

  7. Demolition derby race
    R1 - started p11 and went 10th in the run to T1 , Prieto didnt leave anyspace and i knew whatt gonna happen after 2 seconds.
    R2 (1) - was thinking im gonna avoid stupid things but others forgot to start and i saw storm of cars all over the air , one landing on me
    R2 (2) - lap 3 Prieto standing in the final chicane to make the job done and leaving me again nowhere to go and ruining my day 100 %.

    I came here from Iracing , Pro license driver there . it took me a while to get used to this car and mod and with time in closing the gap to where i need to be.
    sadly i must admit the level outside the top 10 in terms of fairness and respect to each other is quite low ( and im gentele) . there are too many incidents , and im not speaking about those i was involved that are out of the question of racing incidents. its more then that.
    IF this series wants to be more proffesional it may look on some specific safety standarts that should be apllied. not attacking anyone of the people who runs it , just saying things needs to improve to make it better.
    apart from this , this track was the best mod and track i raced here , great corners , fantastic FPS , and as i said i really felt connected to the car here. during week PB was 1:32.1 and race pace was even closer to top guys. just couldnt show it.
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  8. Apologies if I was unprofessional in the server chat it was just out of sheer frustration.

    10 place grid penalty essentially puts yourself in an inevitable situation to make contact with someone in the pack.

    I got hit three times in the formation laps today, luckily no damage. I got hit in the Race 1 start, sent off the track Turn 1. Race 2 red flag start, I backed off because I saw cars piling up and just got rammed carelessly.

    Race 1 - My fault for crashing on lap 5 or so. The rear end just stepped out on me for the first time all week through Turn 1 and I went into the wall much like Hamilton did in Practice 3. Very weird when that happened.

    Race 2 - Start 2 clean, Degner 2 for some reason 4 cars ahead of me someone backed off really early and caused a domino effect with another 4 cars. I couldn't see what happened, I slowed and braked 50m to 75m earlier than my normal braking point and I think I still hit Godek and lost my front wing so apologies I don't think there was any damage for you though hopefully. Really nothing I could do it was too late once I turned into Degner 1 then saw all these cars stopping so early I tried so hard to slow down but both fronts just locked up.

    Sorry to my team for my terrible performances, unlike someone who is challenging for a top 3 spot in the championship. I just need to stay calm and composed and find the motivation again, for some reason just didn't have the adrenaline or excitement when I was turning the wheel this round, felt very lethargic and it's Suzuka...!

    Congrats to Jiri on the championship as well!
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2014
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  9. Apologies to everybody in FSR for my races of today and specially to the people i ruined the race in race 1 and race 2, i'm so embarrased of myself today and i will accept every complain/criticism/penalty i will receive after that shitty weekend for me. I'm going through personal difficulties and today i had a very very bad day...sorry again :(
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  10. got crashed @ first corner DNF
    got crashed @ start of race 2 DNF
    got crashed @ 2 laps in race 2.1 DNF
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  11. i might be off the pace this season but i would never ever create a fruit jackpot crash like it happened 3 times in a row on the suzuka straight. The disrespecting way of driving i hope it was that caused this crash because if this is pure driving skills then we should undertake action.
    a total of 17 dnf's in 2 races before the 2nd corner.
    These are public server statistics and for those who feel offended by the truth right now please visit a public server and go nuts but dont spoil so many races because you think this is an amateur league for people with amateur skills.
    17dnfs in or before the first corner in 2 races.
  12. Another truth is also that there are some drivers with a dnf ratio this season of 94% (15 dnf out of 16 races). Just to keep putting things into perspective :)
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  13. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    To be fair I rarely have seen so much crashing on rF2 public servers...
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  14. With these drivers among you its not weird too but ooooooooooooooobviously you have another explanation for this because you are perfect.
  15. Yeah, it's always other drivers fault. Like your DNF @ race 2, he was totally on the inside with no more space, you hit him and you come here saying that you "got crashed".
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  16. i hitted godek? you are actually saying that i was the cause of the crash with godek?
  17. Here is a highlight video from my spectacular overtakes in Sprint Race 1. Moving up from p24 to p13 in two turns! Enjoy! :thumbsup:
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  18. OK, what we can say about yesterdays race.... in better case nothing, cos probably we should forget about that shame asap. Aaand what we have learned from this race? According to previous races of Malaysia or Australia - most likely nothing, as usual.

    When we stepped into FSR with Jiri this year, we thought itll be insanely hard to be successfull in such a competition. Well, truth is, is insanely hard to SURVIVE here, not to even have good results.

    Our "constructors chances" was once again kicked to the butt by amateurish behaviour of other drivers. And that definitelly isnt what we expected from FSR.
    Ye, its only Ace, but its considered as "one step from WC". But actually its seems like one step from simracing hell.
    I had BoG for my silly mistake in Australian Q2. So I just wanted to survive 1st lap. But I wanted too much it seems.
    I was finding clean line, to have enough of space in T1. Unfortunatelly Godek tried it from the inside and I had to go more to the middle to left him space on the inside. That resulted in contact with Simon I didnt even known about. Found it out in replay later - but he was about 1m from me, but contact anyway. Noone to blame, just 250+ ping, shame.

    But that was only appetizer. In second corner, Prieto (FTS) closed the doors and caused a massive wreck. I was able to avoid any contact, but other people crashed aswell and hitted me rear left tire 2 times. I was 14th after two corners, but I had suspension damage, and was really off the pace. I had no chance to get back to TOP10.
    After Satherley´s grid penalty I started 10th in Sprint race. And guess what?? Another FTS driver, Leitner this time, wasnt able to even start with launch control. Then again wreck in T2, where Torres closed doors to Twister driver and then also spun, so I had to avoid him. We all know what happend then...
    So 2nd start was good finally. It was weird to push after 45mins of driving with damaged car. I was all the time in dirty air and was waiting for my chance, which came with crash of Gobbi, Kiss and Patel.
    To the last corner of the track, I attacked Tali, who was struggling on worn hard tires. He closed the doors and I also lost my position with Kiss, who had little moment and hitted me little bit.

    Now about what happend today in WC. Wreck on start - FTS cars again. Leitner after yesterdays fail again wasnt able to use LC properly. Is this possible at all?
    Some people should think about their carreer of simracer. Its not about holzmanning....ehm, I meant hotlapping, and then "we will see whats gonna happen in race, bro". Simracing is not only about to be fast.
    You have to practice enough, but for race, not for quali only. And then try to do your best, what includes be carefull in first lap. Dont make stupid moves, or driving on the edge with cold tires and brakes, if you arent sure you can handle it. And if you think that you can...... THINK AGAIN!!
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  19. I'm really ashamed for participating in league, which looks so ridiculous.
  20. What was your problem with it? You went a bit wide, I saw the room and went for it but after we touched, I backed off because I didn't want to take you out, that's all.