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Race #10, Italy: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. I have a bad feeling about this race...
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  3. I honestly hope Morgan dosen't get penalized. If so, we may have a repeat of the forum battles after Hungary victory was revoked.
  4. I hope the same James, was a nice race and I hope he doesnt get penalized.
  5. Huis was penalised in Belgium, so don't see reason why Morand should go away with it.
  6. We'll see how the director thinks about out, no worries lol.
  7. the commentators praising duivelaar yes he did great but i was at the rear end of the field too
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  8. From gpcos:

  9. first comment :
    -No cut at pitexit as commentators said. Talking about licence revoked ? What is that ? Ok it's a "little suspense" but talking about that is really insolite.
    After rietveld incident : No contact, just i gave him 90% room ( in kerbs ok ) cause of massive understeer, directors will look with my linear speed i was aware he was here and with 1/2car lenght in front :/

    Extra comments will be in gpcos.
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  10. From GPCOS:

  11. Morgan, did you check the server replay? On the server replay there is contact (There was for Jeffrey also) Now it's up to director to decide what to do.

    Your a great driver but sometimes just need to be a bit more paitent when passing, Monza has many chances to make clean overtakes and on the license points you are you cannot take risks and have to be fully clean. So if there is a penalty your the only one to blame no one else, there's plenty of chances to make a clean overtaking move without a touch at Monza.
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  12. Not bad race at all. Very very big thanks for Peter Varga, the setup was amazing, nearly perfect for me. Without his penalty, he could be in the same position, as me.
    Bono, i hope i was fair at the fight, i think i gave you enough room for the pass. I had another great fight with Morgan, and Mikko. I'm a bit surprised about this result, i'll try to do same pace, as this was, but i know it'll be very difficult. Big thanks again for the team, for the superb Peter-set, and for my race-engineer, Zsolt Nagy. Congrats for the podium finishers, and for Martin, he brought many points for the team. See you on the Nuerburgring! ;)
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  13. Does it become silly here again? Just because of a contact you dont get always a penalty.
    It's racing under pressure, who does there always the right thing?
    And what is the right thing?
    I don't understand why Morgan gets always into the spotlight when there is a touch or a movement..Look at the rest of the field and not always on the championship contenders.
    They are in the championship fight so let them just race..nothing happened today and no one got a disadvantage.
    I really dont get it, maybe its because that Morgan brings a bad reputation of ATR or so, but beeing always against him is really not understandable.
    @ Damian: And Morgan is definitely not the only one to blame, i think you miss there some points when you have watched the race, but seems you are also just fixing on that to bring some negative influence here.

    Btw, there was no contact.
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  14. This is True.
  15. There is no one targeting anyone, the only reason things get brought on Morand is because of all his racing incidents which he has lost his license from and is on the last points.

    If you race clean and without problems then this stuff is not brought up, another driver had a incident today and it was talked about just the same regarding potential penalty after the race.

    As said wait to see what director says, it's up to the director how to judge incidents, we can't predict what the director will post, however we can make sure our drivers race clean without contacts to pass in a none contact sport. (Especially if they are on bad penalty points) If our drivers race clean then none of this is brought up.
  16. You made me giggle.
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  17. Do i have to agree with you Jeffrey? Giggle..
    Who cares?..
    I told my point of view on that.
    Nice argue btw :)
    Race Director will decide..and i think your race havent been destroyed because of a "touch"
  18. Ye he'll decide obviously. And ye Morgan is fast driver and a nice guy, but that doesn't take away the fact that he isn't really patient and clean. Which has been shown during the whole season regarding penalty points. Anyway can't be bothered argueing here about this, if you want to argue with me, add me on facebook :D
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  19. I see no contact there. ( my own vcr )
    Just i give him 90% room, not enough to pass side by side, but he could lift the throttle, and nothing will happen
    I have a bad situation in licence, that's true, but this is not a other teamowner/teamdirector to do what i have to do.
    I'm ok with my move, this is not my divebomb at sepang for example where i apologize in the next second in TOA.
    If jeffrey want to race rought like changing direction in braking, he have to assume that a other guy can do the same. and not protesting after case because it's not in FSR philosophia. like Baldi battle i had earlier in the race.
    I have enough to justify again and again. So this gif is for you *humor time*

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  20. I dont think this incident justifies so much discussion. In fact, no incident should be discussed here. But when it involves Morgan it seems it is always necessary to post and complain about it in public.

    Please, stop with that. Just follow the normal procedures and protest it if you feel that way. Just don't bring it here everytime for a discussion that doesn't help anybody.

    I hope this subject ends here, since I think everyone posted their views anyway. And I hope that other incidents in the future doesnt bring more discussions.

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