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Race #10, Italy: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Don't know how it happen, never had problems with that corner but in race lost the control, crash into the wall and then my car drove back into the track, I couldn't stop the car. I'm sorry
  3. Back of the grid penalty rocks:D , especialy for Monza. Somehow knew i would be taken out and so it happend, the one who took me out knows who he is and im realy wondering where he wanted to start braking for T1 as i was already on the 150m brake marker with 20 cars in front of us.:O_o:

    Got sended off onto the grass and slammed brakes completely to avoid comming back on track in the middle of the chicane making a bigger mess, but in this proces my engine completely stalled plus rear was screwed.

    Wasted time sigh.:(
  4. I'm again in the post-race forum ... I hate that .
    Franz Schnyder : You could join the track further instead of going in middle of a fast curve.

    Sorry kiss for pushing you into the wall at the start , i was surprised by Kore who went a little bit on my line .

    Sorry Suokas too , i brake too late , i try to avoid the crash but i couldn't do anything.

    I made some mistakes , sorry for this , i know i will have penalties , i deserve it.

    Ps: I'm Loic Decoux
  5. Here we go, my first ever FSR race.
    I was really happy when i made the cut to Grid 1 by improving my best lap about 0,3 seconds.
    So we went to qualifying, where i couldnt repeat my lap from the PQ so i started way back in the field but still happy i made it into G1 in my first race.
    The formation lap was tight and squeezed in the back of the pack and somehow a driver lost control of his car before Ascari and hit me in the back of my car, sending me into the barriers on the formation lap. I lost my frontwing and got much damage on my car so i decided to start from pitlane.
    To the race out of pitlane was no problem for me i could go my pace, although it was not the best but i still could hold back Milan and create a gap until i got huge laggs at the exit of turn 1. My screen freezed for a split second and the next thing i see is my car in the outer barrier and my engine is off. I'm not sure where the lag came from but i had no problems with that while testing.

    Regards, Jan
  6. Q1: had traffic so couldn't get the lap at first and when i finally had a good gap to drive in, i cut a little and lifted - but not enough. It was still better than my first try but then i told the race director to use my first hotlap. (because of the cut)

    Race: Start was okay. Very clean from everyone I think. No one seemed to rush too much. Then later Decoux was trying pass on me at T1 and he made some small error that caused me to spin. I knew that it wasn't on purpose so I wasn't freaking out because of it. Racing accident so no problem this time.

    Then I was racing against Kore and passed him during stops. Made a decent lap time before stopping. I had some damage from the T1 wreck and the car did some weird stuff occasionally.

    And the thing that destroyed my race was something that my wheel has never done before: in Parabolica I got double downshift ( :cry: ) which caused me to spin to wall. It was lap 23 I guess so a little before my planned stop so I had to look after my tires.

    Well atleast after few modifications to my connection stuff it seems like the connection problems are gone. Hoping for better drives for the last third of the season.

    Mikko Suokas
  7. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Made my debut finish in FSR and really proud and happy for it :) Although the race was a mess, LC failed for me again in the start. I kept pressing the LC button but it still launched the car. Maybe the sensitivity was bad on that button. I've changed the button mapping for it now, to see if it helps.

    I was also happy to get 14th in the qualifying though I could've got 13th. And the race was very decent for me, giving room for lapping drivers. When 10 laps were remaining I saw Milan in front of me one lap ahead with broken brakes. I tried to drive as fast as I could to reach him in the end of the race. He retired eventually. I also tried to reach Mikko, but he was too fast. I also spun and crashed couple of times but I still managed to finish 12th, although I was the last man in the chequered flag.

    And grats to Ville for his 3rd victory of the season, I told him in the practice server that he would win and so he did :D I feel sorry for Franz though after making it to TOP 10 again. :(

    Waiting desperately for the German GP :)
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  8. Forgot to say that well done Tuomas. Finished finally :D
    To finish first, first you have to finish (or something like that ? )

    Ville also awesome job. Saw the entire race from the "player position thing" that there was close fight going on. Need to check that out later.
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  9. MAK please explain.

    Eduard K
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  10. as far as I can see jan slowed as cars were warming tyres infront and milan just doesnt antisapate whats going on in front of him and drives right into jan
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  11. I explained to Jan already and I will explain to Chris Knight when he comes online at msn :) Dont worry ;)
  12. Broadcast replay HERE
  13. I had my first points finish in grid 2 today. I would like to thank Brian Oates for a great race, we swapped positions a few times and were close together for the entire race. I was pleased to make no mistakes for the whole race and finish on the lead lap. I have definitely improved my consistency and now hope to improve my pace enough to close the gap on the people ahead.

    Looking forward to Germany!
  14. No problem Loic! I was sure that T1 wouldnt be smooth, that's racing.
  15. Well, i reconnect later for PQ, resulting destroy myself & get a bad time, unable to race on Grid 1. But ... for Grid 2 i had very good race and pace... without mechanical or brake problems, resulting just some seconds behind from 1st, and 3rd place was to close too me, excellent race from his side.
    Looking forward to have better pace on Q and Race on Germany Race
    cee ya there
  16. Just want to know was there any pit starters for this race?

    Edit: Plus Back of the Grid Penaltys or Change Penaltys
  17. I had a back of the grid penalty because of Spa Qualifying where i cutted on my Q lap.;)

    I dont think there where pit starters btw.
  18. Milan and Jan started from the pits because they crashed at formation Lap. I think Arnaud was back of the grid too.
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  19. Grid 2
    This was my most unprepared race ever. I feel that I have lost my motivation. It's harder and harder to get in Grid 1.
    And now Jorrick have been busy at college, so no help from my exellent team mate.

    I Improved my pace just before race day, but no chance to race in Grid 1.
    Warm up went very well with race setup. Fastest lap in my stint was almost like my PQ time. When the race started I couldn't match those times, but I was enough fast to fight even for win.

    My chances had gone when I forget to pit. I thought I had enough fuel to do one more lap, but didn't remember that fuel comsuption was 2x:redface: I did same mistake in Spa and race ended there, but this time I managed to save fuel when driving slowly with big gears and came to pit only 1 liter left in tank. Second place was nearly coming at the end, but Theodoros was unbeatable.

    We had only 8 cars competing there and I think six of us has a pace to win this race. Also Brian and Sam had good fights together, so it wasn't boring Grid 2 race. Congrats to Johannes!
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