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Race 1 - Spa Francrochamps

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Eckhart von Glan, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. TIME September, Thursday 22 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Spa Francorchamps STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race

    This is the place to post your thoughts and comments on the first race of the new season, using the GTPro and two cars from the power addon. Thx to last minute wizzardry by Xose the broadcast could get ahead though not in the usual format. First posts have been very positive concerning the visual quality.

    The race itself was a blast - I think - with Mikko putting in a truly dominating performance and Tyler making the comeback of the race. Many many great fights in the middle of the field, superb performance by new team ABRacing, well done guys!
  2. Yes we race for Flatout Racing.
  3. great that the point are upp but it is wrong.
    flatout has wrong name and wrong points flatout racing have 47 insted of the real 45. and club have 26 insted of 27

    so plz take a look agian on the points

    and flatouts name in the game is very hard to now ho is ho whit all the same coolor almost and then the same name on the cars in game so in the timing all have the same its very hard to se then.
  4. Great Race.

    Big Gz to the Podium...Mikko ofcource wouldnt expect anything less...no pressure ;D

    Unlucky to Adz...great drive with an unfortunate incident costing dearly.

    Dave and Nathan great result and solid points for FOClub.

    Massive thanks to Xose and Simrace.tv for getting the broadcat working at the final minute. Hopefully we have found the new home for STC broadcast. Great quality, no lags, much less time difference from the action on track. Awesome...Thanks so much.

    Cu next time.
  5. Yea seems we need to change the .ini file inside the FO folder to show two teams instead of one.
  6. how about doing the Club cars in black instead of white (just an idea ...) though they look great the way they are, classy skins and nicely saucy names :)
  7. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    He started in 3rd, pitted in 3rd and finished 3rd, nice comeback^^

    My report:
    First off, big sorry to Tyler for the contact on turn1, I'm glad you caught the car and I hope nothing was damaged by that.

    Q: Very nice lap, almost my personal best, 4th was way better than I expected.

    R: I'm glad I guessed that right that the track would dry up very fast and stay that way. I still made a error in forgetting to adjust my radiator, so I was fearing that my engine might overheat.
    My brakes were cold and didn't break enough into turn 1, that's why I caught Tyler, fortunatly he caught the car and could continue very fast in front of me.

    I just tried to do constant laps today, luckily I always had space to the fast guys behind me, even though there were some parts were the gap became smaller.

    Another good thing was that my engine was barely ok considering temperatures ;)
    After my pitstop I was pretty close behind Tyler, I guess he got held up a bit after his early stop,
    but in the long run I was not fast enough to hold on to the gap.

    Finished 4th which is a great result in my first official STC race.
    It was really a shame to see Dinca drop out of the race a few minutes before finish, he was driving in a very nice position ;(

    I think it was still not so bad for WBR,
    thanks to the organizers:)

    ps: Will there be a replay of the broadcast somewhere?
  8. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    That's exactly why I messed up the points, same cars, I had no replay yet and same names on timing and results.

    I asked FO guys for a fix for this :redface:

    About the broadcast, there will be a replay but I don't know yet as Lutz Enger from Simrace.tv and myself were setting everything up during the qualy, so I didn't asked for this kind of details.
  9. Hi everyone,

    First off I would like to present my appologies to Marco and Erling (if I can recal) for the clip at T1. . . really lost my point of breaking there and couldn't avoid you guys, terribly sorry ok? It was been a while since I raced on Race07 and those two incidents showed.

    About our race, Alex did a wonderful job going from last to 5th after he didnt realized that it was super pole, lol. I had a incident out of T1 that broke my front suspension and puncture my tire while I was in 6th place. It could be better but still we are very happy with our debut here.
    One thing that didnt make us any happy is the lack of respect the majority of the drivers showed today for track limits . . . Blanchimond and Radillon where absolute straights and I didnt liked that at all . . . . Hope next time everyone can be honest and follow that simple rule. Just because the simulator doesnt penalize you it doesnt mean you are doing it right . . . I had to follow along just so I wont loose 3/4 seconds a lap trying to be honest with myself and others . . . Other than that, wonderful experience!

    #17 ABRacing driver
  10. The STC admins set the cut zones they see fit. There isn't one in the Blanchimont leftie and therefore it is acceptable to use the run off there. I personally don't see anything wrong with that. STC doesn't have that "white line" rule so you can use all the track space you can.
  11. Thats your point of view Mikko and I respect it.
  12. To the Broadcast Team , Good Job!
    One small note, Please stop calling people Players! Call Them Drivers!
  13. There is all the time the same topic coming back. How to drive fair? Now the statement of the admins is that the penalty can be given only by the simulator and when the differences between drivers are small I think some of them trying to search for the new way to drive (not always in accordance with the fairness)

    My personal opinion is that there is a must to have a clear rules (2 wheels between white lines) and each driver must be checked. I can personally help if it is required to check and write down all the unfair driving. Then everybody will be happy. If there is a problem each team can receive the task to check 1 of the other team. Later will be prepared special table and penalties could be given. It is only idea, racing depending only on simulator is unfair I think.
  14. Totally agree with you Krzysztof, still I thought that with the level of this competition I wouldnt be seing what I saw yesterday. . . Blanchimond was ridiculous. . . ABRacing Saleen was set to deal with all the corners, especially Radillon of course, so we practiced keeping in mind track limits and staying as usual with 2 wheels on track. If we didnt we could had a much, much more agressive set and aproach to the track the problem is simple - That's not how we do it.
  15. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I am forced to say the same,even if i just come back after so mutch time,i expected another kind of raceing.
    I admited ,in the white line respect,i cut a few more times,but because of missjudgeing not consistency,and now i understand that its ok to use all the edvantage u can get from the track.Its good to know for next event,and i think other teams will rethink the strategy aswell.
    And before i forget i will say Congrats to Mikko and the rest of the podium,and ofcourse to my team mate Dino for 4th place,well done.
  16. Impo allowing teams to cut here and there gives a big advantage to the teams who have driven in the STC tracks from the past because they know were they may cut and not. While the new teams will just be slower due to the lack of experience with the corners that you are allowed to cut.
  17. Rules are clear guys, don´t see the point of discussing them again. In iRacing you simnply can´t cut because it is a good simulator and the limits are well set, in Race07 the limits are the ones set by the track creators, and most of the times are really bad set.

    Most of the STC tracks have been reworked and set new limits, but there can be corners like Balnchemont where you can go wide... then just do it, or lose time, you decide. I am a bit tired of that "fair" unfair affair, and I think that when the rules of the game are set you just should read them and play like they say.
  18. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Your right David,i am guilty for not reading the rules,like reading-reading not hover my eyes on them.
    I just assumed the rules are all the same on this matter,so i apoligize.
    Thanks for pointing the rules.
  19. With all due respect David, for me its just a matter on how real you want to be on a simulator. Like I said, just because the sim wont give you a cut track doesnt mean you have to drive past them. Its like if it was ok to shoot somebody would you do it? ;) Anyway, if this is the rules and we accepted them then we will shut up and race.

    Congrats to the podium. :)
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