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Race #1, Bahrain: Race Briefing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Welcome to the first race of the FSR 2011 World Series season at Bahrain! You will find the password for this event by logging on GPCOS and looking at the password field which is next to the server's IP address.

    Before proceeding to the event, pay attention to the following:
    • Remember to read the updated 2011 rules package from here
    • Due to the allocation count being less than than 27, no pre-qualifying session is organized as per article 5.8. Every listed driver below is entitled to proceed immediately to Q1.
    Following drivers have automatically gained the right to race in Grid 1:

    Secured Grid 1 place (25):


    The Free Practice session will be 10 minutes in length. Every participating driver should join as soon as possible after the server opens to make sure that they don't miss the start of Qualifying and also to make sure that their game is configured & working properly.

    Qualifying will be split to two sessions (10 + 5 minutes). Both sessions will run in non-private mode (all cars will be visible on track at the same time). Qualifying 1 will be run with free setup while Qualifying 2 has Parc Ferme enforced. Parc Ferme will only allow you to change your fuel load, engine boost, engine brakemap, front wing angle, steering lock, brake balance and brake pressure after the session is over, so make sure you have your race setup loaded when entering Qualifying 2. Qualifying 2 session will be closed, this means that it will impossible for people to join while the session is running.

    The Warmup session will be 10 minutes in length. While in the garage, make sure you add the appropriate amount of fuel in to your car for the race. Remember, refueling is banned. You can drive freely in the Warmup session to try to get a feel for the heavier car after qualifying on low fuel.

    The Race will be 57 laps long. Drive safely during the race, especially at the start and the first lap in general.

    Red Flags will NOT be used unless in very specific situations which are specified in the rule documents.
  2. only one more info: in Q2 is needed fuel for qual. and race?

    edit: sorry, I see fuel load isn't ferme :redface:
  3. Edited: You can't change your tire compound after Q2.
  4. Just as information, late allocators may race BUT only in case the grid doesn't get full (26 drivers).
  5. since when there are no exeptions in the first race in FSR? Is it right for who paid 58 euros and spent hrs, to not be allowed to race, for having had maybe problems, or simply forgot, because are so many months that it is not the usual routine to allocate. Looking at the fact that almost half the people did not allocate, isn't it the case to reconsider this decision? Or give penalty such as, start from last? Rules are there to be followed, but there is also common sense in some cases.
  6. Exception in this case means that we have to arrange an extra PQ session which changes the schedule completely. It wouldn't be fair towards those drivers who have already planned their evening when they saw the number of allocations and my schedule post. In this case "being fair" means to me that those drivers who read the rules can trust that the timetable in the rules is correct.
  7. ok saxen, we are completly miss our allocation, i hope to race, anyway, in case i'll accept any penalty of that case, just want to race.
  8. is there no broadcast
  9. My WMP cant get a connection to it.

    First try I had audio only, but now it doesnt work.
  10. I missed Q is it possible to race Mr. Saxen?
  11. Now it works.... strange, didnt make a change.
  12. Mine wasn't working at first either... I had luck right away with VLC Media Player. Maybe try that next time if it happens again.
  13. No LiveTiming this year?