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Race #1, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Basic first race of the year: mistakes, mistakes, and then some mistakes.
    But well done kids 1&2!!!
  3. Well that was a good season start for me actually done a good qualifying in Q1 (28:2) but in Q2 I was too nervous and only a 29:8 but luckily it was enough for 4th, I spun on the formation lap to loose around 15% of tyre grip but luckily didnt crash or hit any others. The start went well was straight into 3rd place and after a couple of laps I overtook Benjamin Chong on the main straight. After that I was by myself trying to chase down a certain team mate that was too fast for me. I made a few mistakes and had a little running with Teo Bubicic (Sorry for that incident I didnt intentionally hit you) After that I was ending the race when Ben Tusting was just flying and he almost had me on the final lap, luckily I held him off for a Aero F1 1-2 :D
    Cya next week :)
  4. Q1 was okay. Q2 was surprising. Made an error in one of the corners and was p2 by just 0.001. I didn't expect to be so far up.

    Start was good, lacked some top speed and Martin Gosbee and Ben Phillips blew past me down the straights. Later i made some mistakes and Ben Tusting got me too. Main story of my race is, conserve engine. Noticed way too much wear at the start. Sitting on the grid a bit too long waiting for the cars at the back to line up. Lowered the boost and tried to finish the entire race. After pit stop i went to super saver mode. Just made it to the line with almost no engine left. Very positive weekend after such a long winter break from FSR. Awesome and clean race. Congrats to all.
  5. Q1; a mess for me, always catching up traffic and not on my best pace, so qualified 21st after all...
    R; Started 21st and overtook some cars in the first laps, but got hited by someone (dunno who) in the 2nd sector, taking me to the last place, and the rest of the race overtaking, pitstop... and bla bla bla. In general, the first serious race for me @ FSR, good start of the season for me.

    14th / 26

    See you @ Melbourne! :)
  6. Q wasn´t as good as expected. Due to traffic issues I had only 1 clean run and that gave me P20 only.
    Nevertheless the trouble started when the race was started. I was on the grid finding myself without and FFB to my wheel. It stayed like that of course for the whole race. I had no feel at all and so I spun in the formationlap. No harm was done and I could safely go into my start spot. After caotic opening laps I started to get used to not having and FFB. I could pass some guys. After pits I again past some guys on the track and found myself in P12. Then 4 laps before the finish or so I spun in T1. very sad as it was also due to not having FFB as I couldn´t feel the rear escape.
    Ended the race in P15.
    Was fun battles with some guys. Thanks and hopefully next time I don´t loose a good position like P12 because of stupid mistakes.
    Thanks for the race-weekend.
  7. lost connections

    Oh my god just seven positions and will stop first time, i Lost connections, but is very good run here
  8. good race. almost got the best out of the car in Q. took it easy on the first laps. had some fights with some people. then got a problem with my brake pedal jaming, wich made me spin a few times. 3rd last lap i got a punkture but got the car home in one piece.

    Good result of a first race for FRT
  9. Will Broadcast be available soon??
  10. good fly with Aallberts XDDDDDDDDD
  11. Im happy with my fsr career first race ,I wanted to be grid 1 but wasnt good enough anyway I m happy with grid 2 race second place aswell could be firstone but I feil with tyers ,I drive with softs but grip wasn`t enough.
    But I finish the race and car was 100% no damage made only 1 littel mistake because of tyers are no grip.
    See you in MELBOURNE.
  12. Pre Q: shocking i felt lucky to even make grid 1:
    Q1: nearly as shocking 28:8 but was p9 to my amazment!!!
    Q2: Switched setups to my favoured race setup and did a ok lap and was shocked at being p5 on the grid!!!

    At the start as lights went out Aalberts infront didnt get away and guy behind me had awesome start... So like a jedi knight a managed my reactions to drive around Aalberts on the grass (full throttle) and rejoin behind the guy who got the good start behind me! I watched him for a lap to see where i was faster!!! I desided to make a move into turn 1 which worked well! Then i settle behind Chong, he did very good in qually 1 and 2 but i know he isnt much of a racer and more of a good quallyfyer!!!But my daddy always told me to respect the opposition, so i did for about 10 laps just stalking him, then after my heart rate had settled and my game face back on i desided to press him! I made another good pass into turn 1 chong didnt defend, i think he knew it would slow us both down and i was gonna do him sooner or later! Martin was 4 secs up the road and was pulling a tenth on me every lap up intill lap 30 where i calculated my fuel and was horrified when i realised i was about 5 litres short!!! I shouted to my fiancee and told her to calculate and it was the same!!so i had to short shift and in some cases let off throttle on straights! I had no defence for tusting who past me!! If i would have had 7 litres more we would prob be looking at p1 p2 and p3!
    Very happy for the team today, for those who did not know i had a heart attack 3 weeks ago, im fine now... But im very gratefull to be here making me extremly gratefull to go racing with you guys in the great league! (wish i had more preperation...damn heart attack lol) look forward to our next race guys congrats to everyone who managed to race and have fun:wink:
  13. Yea Ben damn that heart attack ;) xD Driver of the day for me and Kammann :p
  14. Edu driver of the day!!! My fiery little spaniard is one to watch for the championship!
  15. Edu???? pffffffffffffffff and me? i was fly yesterday in Bahrein! :)
  16. Dont follow de Juan !! I was in his slipsteam and suddenly on the front straight there was a invisible wall lol,.. so before i knew we where with some cars up in the air went upside down and dunno how but my wings stayed atached and could finish last lap. xD we dont need no redbull :)

    Anyway about race, difficulties in the qualy runs just got into top10 with my last lap atempt was close but enough. Then a better lap on the top10 run and placed myself p3 on the grid. My race set was not realy optimal especialy in the first laps on heavy fuel it was a bit unbalanced. Made a bad start due to my 1st gear to long, found only out about this once starting the formation lap, in pitstraight when i tested the LC start all was ok but on starting grid my rpm totaly colapsed and lost several places. After that settled back in 8th not to far behind so there was still things possible.

    Then made a silly mistake going into t1, went in to deep putted the car in a sideways slip and just lost the rear because of it then the drivers behind me couldnt avoid me so lost a wing and many places. After that i was stuck with my strategie so in the end i had to make another extra stop, in the end p12 isnt that bad i guess. Pace was not to bad either at some point matching leaders pace so that give some options for the races to come. Also happy that my team m8's placed themself on grid1 and Jose well done to.
  17. Making grid 1 for the first race in the season was a start to a good race weekend for me. Sadly this is where it all ended. Technical problems marred me from the start of qualifying until the end of the race. Loosing my HUD was the least of my problems though once the race started, driving through a cloud of smoke on the start line I suddenly had an AeroF1 car standing side ways on the grid in front of me. By the time I made it out of the pits on lap 1 to repair my damage from the starting incident I had the front runners right behind me. Not wanting to interfere with there race I made way for them to come past. With a damaged suspension this however meant most of the grid would be coming past and that took the best part of the first 10 laps. Things started to get better once I had an open track, slowly making up time to the position in front of me. Knowing I would however not catch the car in front of me I was content to finish the race knowing that I have learned a lot from this race, both in testing and race day. It was however not to be as I was over eager and spun my Silverline car in turn 7 and hit the wall loosing a wheel.

    Im looking forward to the next race and hope to have a strong finish to get both my name and the team name on the score board.

    Congratulations to the winners and especially to my sister team mate Benjamin.
  18. Dismal FSR debut for myself as pre-quali had me 1.3 seconds of my PB relegating me to the 2nd grid....not sure why I was so slow,maybe the Belgium beer,red wine & Martini the night before coupled with the 5am PST wake up call so as I could make the start.....hmmmm I might try a different approach to the next race. (excuses,excuses)

    Anyhow after taking the green for the grid 2 race I soon felt as though I was inside a pinball machine & quite surprised the car was still reasonably ok by the 2nd lap....from then on in I drove ok although the pace was only average & finished up 3rd by the time the chequered made its appearance.

    Hopefully will do a bit better at Melbourne.

    Congrats to the winner & podium.
  19. Hehe, nice race guys. I only have to say: "LA FSR PARLA CATALÀ" :)

    By the way I made a video for to laugh a little :p
    No offence Danni ;)

    Good job mates, we will se in Melbourne!
  20. LOL :D