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Race #1, Australia: Race Briefing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Welcome to the first race of the FSR 2013 World Trophy season at Australia! You will find the password for this event by logging on GPCOS and looking at the password field which is next to the server's IP address.

    Before proceeding to the event, pay attention to the following:
    • Note that there is no restriction on tire compounds for Round 1
    • Read the updated 2013 rules package from here
    • Remember to join the game with the FSR Manager software running, as described in the pre-race and post-race procedures
    • A pre-qualifying session is organized and is mandatory for all drivers (see the schedule and listings below)
    Following drivers have gained the right to participate in Pre-Qualifying:

    Pre-qualifying Group 1/2 (27):

    Pre-qualifying Group 2/2 (27):


    The Pre-Qualifying session will be 10 minutes in length, split in two sessions. The sessions will be run in Private mode without Parc Ferme. The sessions will also be closed, this means that it will impossible for people to join while the session is running. The top 26 from Pre-Qualifying will make it in to Grid 1.

    The Free Practice session will be 10 minutes in length. Every participating driver should join as soon as possible after the server opens to make sure that they don't miss the start of Qualifying and also to make sure that their game is configured & working properly.

    Qualifying will be split to two sessions (10 + 5 minutes). Both sessions will run in non-private mode (all cars will be visible on track at the same time). Qualifying 1 will be run with free setup while Qualifying 2 has Parc Ferme enforced. Parc Ferme will only allow you to change your fuel load, tire compound, engine boost, engine brakemap, front wing angle, steering lock, brake balance and brake pressure after the session is over, so make sure you have your race setup loaded when entering Qualifying 2. Qualifying 2 session will be closed, this means that it will impossible for people to join while the session is running.

    The Warmup session will be 10 minutes in length. You can drive freely in the Warmup session to try to get a feel for the heavier car after qualifying on low fuel.

    The Race will be 43 laps long. Drive safely during the race, especially at the start and the first lap in general.

    Red Flags will NOT be used unless in very specific situations which are specified in the rule documents.

  2. Please, take into account that we are going to be around 54 drivers, so I am not going to answer all the questions once we started. If you have any doubt about rules or procedure just ask me before we start the event (10:45 GMT).
  3. 10:35 GMT Server open
  4. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Can you post the server IP address. I can't find it.
  5. You can find the IP address in GPCOS, when you log in.
  6. Kevin Siggi and Ricardo Gama from PQ1 can join into PQ2.
  7. So, becouse I quit during an FSR Manager process, i rename a log file "Alessio Campus-FP[Race 1].fsr", and I don't touch Alessio Campus[Race 1].tmp.fsr, like I think you write above.

    Just to explain and to have no problems;)
  8. May I rejoin into PQ2, as I had a game error during PQ1! Please help!
  9. If you leave the server before everyone finished his timed laps there is no way I can save your times, so everyone who leave the server before the session is finished gets DQ.

    You have to leave the server when I say it.
  10. Now join for PQ2 please
  11. A teammate of mine Ricardo Gama #53 had a power failure during PQ1. If there is room, may he be allowed to enter PQ2?
  12. Yes, he is allowed.
  13. I crashed loading a car who was rejoining at the end of the session but before this announcement so no idea if my time was saved or not.
  14. I changed even the "tmp.fsr" file to don't everwrite it. Just to say;)
  15. no de juan no race
  16. Following drivers have gained the right to participate in Grid 1:

    Franz Schnyder
    Daniel Kiss
    Marco Zipoli
    Jorrick Boshove
    Juhani Ahlman
    Alari Algpeus
    Mark Aalberts
    Miguel Valiente
    Ghovand Keanie
    Martial Thomas
    Alessandro Puoti
    Jonathan Holmes
    Ben Tusting
    Carlos Martin
    Eduard Kore
    Ayrtom Aslamazyan
    Bastien Gauthier
    Jackson Wendt
    Rens Klop
    Benjaming Chong
    Nick Fischer
    Giordano Valeriano
    Arnaud Lebruchec
    Alessio Campus
    Danny Asbury
    Carlos Lopez

    The Grid 2 list will be published when G1 race has started.
  17. gl to G1 and carefull :D
  18. Following drivers have gained the right to participate in Grid 2:

    Carlos Hernandez
    Istvan Kulcsar
    Jerome Haag
    Paul Berndt
    Wim Klop
    Alberto De Juan
    Jan Wenninger
    Esteve Rueda
    Jan Schmidt
    Gabriele Del Piccolo
    Cedric Finsac
    Cyril Compere
    Romain Langlois
    Mihajlo Vicentijevic
    Claes Axelsson
    Ricardo Gama
    Craig Johnston
    Michael Gray
    Ryan Winsper
    Maikel Boshove
    William Woodcocko
    Sebastian Kunze
    Sander Laine
    Rando Tamm
    Tom Kelley
    Jackson Wendt

    The positions are the grid order too. Sorry for the delay.
  19. I mentioned a few posts above about the game crashing at the end of the PQ group 2. Is that me DQ'd from race 2 or is the grid full?
  20. I do not have your time, but I let you start from back of the grid of G2 since it is not full.