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Race #1, Australia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Apologies to Puoti, i think i was the one that messed up the start at T1. Tried to avoid you to go inside but got caught and tapped you on the right rear wheel i hope you didnt caught to big of a damage but i guess it was though.:(

    Race to quickly forget, car was damaged and not fun to drive at all it was all over the place. And T2, well that wasn't me luckily but it is never fun to see cars flying.:unsure:
  3. I had a reasonable Pre Qualifying. I had fun doing my laps, and got within 1 tenth of my best. (1:25.3 PQ). Then came the race start, I had a horribly one, as I couldn't see the lights to get away from the line, then during the first lap, I was boxed in between two cars.. I got touched from behind which forced me into the car ahead (my team mate)! I wasn't happy. Now I had rear wing damage and front nose damage..

    I started to hold up the pack behind me, until one of them made a move. Thankfully, there was no harm done to my already ruined race. Pit stops went well.

    Then about mid-race, I thought that my engine wouldn't make the distance, so I started to short shift massively. This hurt my lap times a lot! Turns out, my engine was fine. I then was able to get some times in. Still terrible in comparison to the rest of the fields, but bigger then I had experienced that race..

    I am just happy to have finished..
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  4. Last 2 days my PC behaved strangely and now, of course, broke in the middle of the race.
    I do not know what it is but I'll have to fix it until the next race.
  5. Debut and P3. Not bad for a new driver with a new team.

    Now seriously, I hope that Franz can apologize me for the race incident at turn 1 I didn't had enough room in the outside part and I putted one tire into the grass and I lost the control of the car.

    It was a strange race start I lost some position before the first corner. Then after that I saw too many cars side by side and I decided to look the mirrors and trying not touching with anybody braking early. I was positioned 17 th and then I was 9th and then is when the soft tires started to run :sneaky:. When I was 3th I was happy with the position knowing that our set up with low quantities of fuel was horrible. But very happy for my debut and being my first race of fsr.
  6. My first round in FSR...

    PQ: Broken brake pedal, 1:26.1, more than one second form my personal best. Finally 8th in second grid... bad begining but optimist because despite of that I had a good race times to be fighting for nice points in G1, and that was my first time with Openwheels in rF1, nice!

    G2 Race: good feeling to fight for podium or win, I had the pace, and if I did clean race that was really possible, and I repaired my pedal. But bad luck again, in formation lap someone hit my rear wing with no damages for me, I go to my start box... and disaster begins. I do not hear nothing, no lights, no start sounds, and suddenly everybody is accelerating (epic lag) and me stopped. And after first corner, everybody dissapears. I go during one lap, and connection lost.

    I don't understand what happened in the start, when I finished first lap, red start box still being in start position, really weird. I have a 100MB connection, and I have no internet connection problems. All sessions has been with no problems...

    I hope to discover what's the problem, and stay in my 100% for the next race.
  7. Made the Grid1 race with no problems (1:25.088).
    Qualified 19th. Got through safely from turn2 crashes and moved up to 13th! Then hit the wall very hard after turn 4 in fourth lap and was lucky to only lose 1st wing after very heavy crash. Lost around 35seconds while getting to the pits. Came out in 19th place and just cruising to the finish. Finished 12th, had the pace to be in top8.
  8. For a first race, some great racing. Little bit of unnecessary contact. But all in all, nice and enjoyable.
  9. Me and Miguel overtaking as hell was a show :D
  10. T2 =

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  11. A decent weekend to get the 2013 season underway.

    Q1 was a fairly good lap for me with a 24.4 letting me get through in Q2.
    Q2 also was a decent lap, nothing special, taking 4th on the grid.

    Race wasn't so good for me, made 3 errors costing me in total almost 30 seconds.
    First stint I was on soft but got stuck behind Kiss and Schnyder who were both on
    the Hard compound I believe. So I decided to pit early in the hope of making up some
    time. Second stint I made a first error, doing a Maldonado and breaking on the grass in
    turn 1 which cost me some time. Then at the end of stint two I lost the car entering the pits,
    having to reverse to get back in pitlane (Luckily no-one saw on broadcast^^). So in the last
    stint I was 5th hoping to close the gap to Valiente who was 10 seconds in front me. At the
    last lap I was on his tail but couldn't do anything and outbroke myself once again in turn 13.

    Still content with 5th place and lot of points to improve on.
    See you in Bahrain!
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  12. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    Nice race at a very good race time (Formula 1 racetime;)) Nice to see it.

    GPCOS official results assigns 4th place to Del Ruwerta (Knight Racing) while the result must be Miguel Valiente from Positive Simracing Junior Team Orange.
    (Message sent to Race Director).
  13. I saw that cause I was catching you and I tol the team and we got more "relaxed" hehe.

    Anyway, no one has done a perfect race, in last laps i saved the engine, putting map 10 so everyone could go further in this race.

    Lets see if for the next race we are more competitive, and we can enter for the fight in Q2, it was a bit disappointing being not there. In my opinion, Miguel and me we deserved entering Q2, ust before in PQ we did 24,6 and 24,7. But this is racing.

    GLA netx race.
  14. Well, I had my ups and downs in this event. Q1 and Q2 went well I could say, I was pretty delighted with Q2 lap. My start was worse than i expected, it cost me 2 places. Zipoli had a rocket start therefore I knew he was on softs. Got stuck behind Franz, i felt i was faster than him but couldnt do much about it until he made a mistake at T1.
    Got into clean air finally, pace wasn't that bad. Closed a bit on Zipoli when his tires started go off.
    After my 1st pit stop i made a stupid and terrible mistake by accidantely misshifting to gear 1 at T13 and the car was gone, lost a lot of time there. Pushed as hard as i could from then.
    I was surprised when Marco pitted 16/17 laps before the finish because i knew that his tires would be dead in the last 2-3 laps so i still felt that i might have a shot at him in the end.
    But I again made a smaller mistake in my last stint when i "sat" on the curbs so i knew it was kinda over but i still pushed and closed the gap on him.Overall I am not that happy with this 2nd place, but i can only blame myself for dropping a win away.
    So i only have one thing left: Congrats Marco again!
  15. Congrats Marco and Daniel for their fantastic race.
  16. My first international race was good untill an rFactor crash.

    PQ: good laps, but I barely managed to be in G1 race.
    Q1: good laps, but competitor laps are better. I'm 22 and out of Q2.
    Race: first laps are very good, I overtake many simdrivers. At the end of first stint i'm 8, and my pace is very good. I decide to change strategy, and i put hard tires to finish the race. Bad choice I think, becouse i lost time and a couple of potencial places during this stint. 5 laps to go, and I'm in six place, trying to be not overtake by several cars. Than, i have to surrender.

    Well, I hope to have the 10 points of my 90% race. I'm not sure becouse rFactor crash and log file was not created. I'm trying to change my video board right now.

    Thanks to NetRex'ers for support, and thanks to FSR staff for his time. Congratulations to all simdrivers for speed, and thanks for integrity to which of them fight with me during the event. See you next race

    Alessio Campus
  17. Hi all,

    I'm a little surprised by the level in qualification, and it was impossible for me to access G1.
    i'm started 10th in the G2, which is my level actually, after a very bad start because i had a problem with the launch control i lost several positions.
    i can avoid the crashs before me to place myself 3rd. So i have changed my startegy to ensure my position.
    I have appreciated the race and fights, but i hope doing better in the next race.

    Cyril Compere
  18. Well, I felt quite good here! PQ i didn't really get going, as they were my first few laps of the day, but I managed a 24.8 somehow and got to G1 comfortably.

    Q1, on the final lap which I started with about 5 seconds of the session to go I managed to do a 24.7 which got me into my first ever Q2! :laugh: Wooooooo! First race of 2013 and first ever Q2. I then managed to qualify 6th in Q2, so I was overly happy with that!

    To the race, I managed to get sooo lucky in the start and miss both sets of carnage, with Puoti going sideways infront of me, but luckily not touching me! My team-mate Valeriano managed to catch me, and I let him by to run behind him and pace myself! Felt good after my first pitstop too, but then stupidly hit the anti cut and weeeeeeeee off i went :laugh: First retirement damn it!

    Looking forward to Bahrain, hopefully I finish :roflmao:
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  19. You have improved tremendously over the last 6 months!
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  20. A little video of what happened to me in the race
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