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Race #09, Italy: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Sep 14, 2014.

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  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Good director joke. Not my fault that Parisis lied you, but nevertheless you ruined my race. Ty so much, so professional league&people.
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  3. lol
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  4. Despite the broadcast issues that was by far the best race of the season so far in terms of excitement! Lots of action and a race that went down to the last lap
  5. I want to says thank u guys for the little race today.
    This time i wasn't taken out by an other driver but this time due to our WC Director. He did an amazing job today to ruin 3 races because he wouldn't remove a penalty due to 2 bugs in turn 1. Big clap to WC Director!

    Well done!
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  6. very fun race today.

    Q : Very disaster Q2... the RR is out of my ideal line so i went to the marbles in several corners... 1s off my pace...

    Race : Good start, i avoided the mayhem in T1.
    The pace looked promising but i got stuck behind several drivers and with no Vmax i couldn't pass them.
    In stint 2 i decide to put SS again, i had a good fight with ivar but in the second chicane i brake later and goes to the unrubbered track, which cause me to block the rear tyres. I could pass the corner but ivar was here and i hit him with my RR tyre.
    Some momentum lost here but i was still alive to win.
    In the last laps, i decided to give my position to Ivar to compensate the time lost in my overtaking attempt. Sorry again for that.
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  7. Around lap 30 I noticed that a big mosquito was flying around me, which quite destroyed my race.
    Yay finally some decent finish for me :D Congrats to Ivar! And to Jack for great defending, sorry again for my outbrakes spins in t1 :p
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  8. Top 1 race ruiner were ... unsurprisingly commentators. 2nd might have been what you say, however it was said in briefing no penalties would get removed. Honestly Said article coming maybe tomorrow if I am inspired enough. If you wanna be victimized more you can share your fail experiences here :)
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  9. Mai ghot... worst race in FSR. Like the whole team was cursed today xD

    Despite qualing in 12th looks like the win was possible, the car felt nice.
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  11. Hehe indeed Petar. Especially 1 in your team. Well and Greco to then. Make it 2.
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  12. Well most guys seem to like me and Chris commentating Ondrej but if you don't like the commentary you are more than welcome to watch it without the sound on. Its your choice.

    Glad we had a really good race today, was exciting for the viewers and nice to commentate on and pretty much clean apart from incident on Lap 1 Patrik just highlighted so nice job to all drivers. Shame about Greco's accident, not in anyway his fault, just really bad luck.
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  13. You really shouldn't bother yourself about what Ondrej says. Nobody takes him seriously anyway.

    You guys did a top job, once again.:thumbsup:
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  14. They might just say it they like it, because they are too polite or politically correct. Fact is, whoever knows something about simracing will not like it and they don't. I could name you 20 people off the top of my hate you can't stand you. De jong did a reasonably good job by himself in Indy but today it was again a bit bad. If you want to improve I can easily write to you absolutely honest feedback with details to work on, what to watch out for and how to improve, in private. That is if you are interest, for well being of FSR.
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  15. Why politically correct?? I'm intrigued. Polite yes but politically correct is an interesting choice of words.
  16. I will not explain it here as anything i would say might mean breaking RD rules. Let's just say people are way too sensitive and prefer telling bs instead of the truth if the truth might offend someone or if the truth was simply something negative. Then there is other explanation, you could take a guess :D but enough of that.
  17. Q1: Was struggling to do an average lap but got to Q2.
    Q2: Did an average lap and P2.
    R: Start was ok keeping P2 and just saving tires, pace was very bad and the rears just wasn't good for me. Greco had the horrible incident with the debris and I had to avoid his car loosing time and eventually the place to Kalamees, after this I just wanted to finish within top 5 for some solid points, made a few mistakes in the race and near the end of the race me and Martin made contact in T1/2 which seems to be a bit of both our fault, for some reason the contact we had resulted in massive damage to the rear right of the car and it was impossible to drive normally so I DNF'd as it was too dangerous. P5 was there and went. Another disappointing result.
  18. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    positives today: I now know that my pitcrew can repair a rearwing Oo (takes 3 minutes^^) and our teams theoretical pace wasn't as bad as Indi anymore.

    negatives: All the rest...
  19. Well done that pitcrew. Quite speedy repair work. You guys had a good pace today hope you continue that progression at next round. Nice to see new teams making good progress.
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  20. Drop it mate. Nobody's really listening. :poop:
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