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Race #09, GB: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. gpcos:
  3. cant wait rf2:)
  4. Q1: I made a good clean lap and got a 4th place in Q1. I was little surpised by that I can say, I wasn't expecting to be that good.

    Q2: Made a small mistake in my hotlap that costed about 2 tenths but P7 was ok for me.

    R: My race started well with De Matos passes me in the start. Then 2 cars spun in front and got myself in P6. Then Morgan Morand made an uncharacteristic move cutting the track and drove into my racing line in the middle of the 1st lap. A very dangerous move by him and then he made a stop, guessing a stop&go penalty cause cutting the track. So, P6 again behing De Matos. I was patient behind him waiting for an error but it wasn't coming. Then in lap5 Bono and I danced through T1 of s2 with him taking the position at last. I was keep pushing for P5, as Greco got DNF. But in lap number 24 I got a disconnection from the server. Really sad to see that coming but this is "online racing". Hope to have better luck next time.
  5. Waste of time, setup was awful
  6. You were doing a very good race, Jim, keep pushing ;)
  7. From GPCOS:

  8. Q1: 1.28.7, was p10. Didn't expected to drive q2 so first surprise of the day.

    Q2: 1.29.8 not a good time but p8 on the grid so not so bad.

    Race: I had a good start and was able to pass Jim Parisis.I saw 2 cars spuns and was p5 end of lap 1 because Morand had to pit.
    After i had to defend against Jim Parisis but i had enough top speed to stay front. After some laps , i saw Bono "Rocket" Huis just behind me and i was no able to defend p5.
    After Bono passed me, again i had to defend against Jim until he had a disco lap 24.
    After i pitted, Mikko was behind me and i had to defend again. Thanks to good top speed, was able to defend p5 and i had to do the same thing with Dennis at the end of race.

    So, after yesterday's disco last lap, p5 in WC :) i'm really happy as this is the first time i finished a WC race. Big thanks to the team for the help and congrats to Atze, Bono and Blair for podium.
  9. Thank you m8! I will for sure! ;)
  10. In Q1 I had traffic in Becketts on my lap where I was about to improve, meaning I was out of Q2 since my first lap time in Q1 was too bad, so I started from P12. Did not have much race practice though, so even if I had qualified higher I would probably have lost some positions. Had some fights with Hirrle and Puumalainen. Screwed up when chasing Hirrle on the last lap though so Mikko got past me in the end so I finished 8th. Not very good.
  11. Q1: can't get my good lap as in test, but enough to get the q2
    Q2: I hadnt repeat the q2 lap as in ws, but quite good lap give me a p4 on grid, nice.
    Race: After a good start i was involved in the battle between greco, mikkonen and atze and i make a mistake on exit from beckets turn spinning my car. After that after stowe i didn't see a car next to mine and i commit another stupid mistake, ruining mine and the other driver race. Anyway i had a very nice battle with patrick and lee, it was very funny and im proud to be able to fight with so good driver in wc.