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Race #09, GB: Broadcast Link

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Anyone know when the broadcast will be able to watch / download?
  2. the prosimservers domain name has expired, how can we watch the highlights now?
  3. Yea I wanted to check if Hungary Broadcast is uploaded but same problem, I hope someone can post a link :p
  4. works for me round 11 is on there
  5. I already watched my noob downshifting :wink:
  6. What happened with you, did you crash ?
  7. Oh, lets see...

    Q2 up on pole time, shifted from 4th to 2nd gear in last corner and spun... start someone hits me in the back, rear end damage, 2nd lap Kalamees spins me, was in Puschke train and then last corner 4th to 2nd gear again and a spin, i catch them again and they pit, then T8 from 4th to 2nd gear again and the car just snapped in the wall and engine died.

  8. No way man. Your spin was nothing to do with me. I kept myself as right on the track as it was possible without going on the grass, you kept turning on me trying to overtake me around the outside while having loads of room and spun. Look it up from the server replay if you'd like.
  9. You mean right? XD

    Well i wasn't blaming it all on you here, just i was caught by surprise when you we're still fighting coming back on track, more like a race incident where you we're luckier :p
  10. Yes right :p, alright.
  11. don't know where to post this but,
    Can we have the engines sound a bit louder in the broadcast? as at the moment, we can only hear the commentator and it would be nice to hear the engines aswell.