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Race #09, Belgium: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. This race was the final nail in the coffin
  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Pre-Qualifying: Was horrified because I had no proper hotlap setup so I quickly made one out of the race setup. I managed to get a 1:47.7 though.

    Qualifying: Franz: 9th. Me: 15th.
    Both positions are our best yet.

    Race: Bit of a disappointment to me, as I retired with 9 laps to go. I finished 15th, which is my best result. Franz instead kept his head cool and finished 6th, which is the best result for FFR yet. The start was a mess for me. First, I think I accidentally let go off the LC button too early, causing a jump start. Then, I spun in the first corner along with others. My first 3 laps were just pitting. 1st lap for damage, 2nd for the penalty, 3rd for damage again, I lost my control on lap 3. The race went nicely onwards, but I retired on lap 24 as said.

    Still a bit frustrated because I haven't finished a single race yet. But which I'm happy for is that our qualifying/race results were all a record :)

    See you in Monza!
  4. Didn't had a lot of practice,but just enough for good Q and R pace...
    Qualy:Had bad 3laps in start of the Q1 session and was placed on 13th,but in last couple of seconds I managed to do 1.46.9 and that pushed me to 3rd spot.
    Q2 started, I managed to get out first and had clear track infront of me,which gave me 4th starting position,fairly said that was good lap but I wasn't pushing at all...
    Race:Great start,managed to pass the eau rouge in 3rd and I was trying to keep up with Mark and Juhani...Behind me was Le Bruche and he was really fast...After couple of laps I lost that position and I was stucked on 4th position.
    1st pistop very good,again exited on 5th and made easy pass after Eau rogue to regain 4th.
    2nd stint was good but I put too much fuel so because of that I lost couple of tenths per lap.
    I was driving carefuly and was very very careful with the tires.
    2nd stop,exited in 4th and then I started to push.
    5laps to go and suprisingly I managed to pass Juhani,so after that overtake I was on podium.
    Still,I tried to catch Le Bruche in 2nd,but I needed more laps, so I didnt try ...
    Awesome race,my best race in FSR,after my 4th race I'm very pleased and thankful to my team,teammates and all the guys in factory.Thank you and see you in Monza!
  5. FSR needs to have safety tests before they allow drivers to race. This would be better for everyone. Unacceptable to just let random drivers to their own devices without establishing first if they are capable of being around other drivers.
    It would prevent drivers like Loic Decoux from racing
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  6. And what is this about not letting Filosa race? There was still like 5 min left for warmup and we decide to skip it? And his messages weren't even answered? Shocking
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  7. Nick, you should submit an incident report and let the admins sort that out :) After watching it he just side swipes you and takes you off :/

    I enjoyed racing this race, had a couple of nice laps with Chris de Jong, but he crashed eventually, I kept my head and ran 1:50's and 1:51's for the whole race, which for my race setup is good!

    Enjoyed this race, finished in 12th! That's a 10th and a 12th in the WT now! Awesome! :cool:
  8. I did but he'll just get 0.5 penalty points and continue his antics later on
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  9. I can not believe what he has happened to date

    I made ​​the pole position today.
    during the warmup, when there were still 4 minutes I went into the bathroom to wash my hands.When I returned, only minutes after, the formation lap had already begun.
    I once wrote in the chat, 4 minutes that were missing and that I was not ready, but no one responded.
    This is incorrect. I had every right to get away from the computer because I still had 4 minutes before the race.
    Why the race started before?
    Why it has not been restarted since I wrote what happened?

    I'm really disappointed for what happened today.
    I trained for this race two weeks, while they are on holiday.
    I have always respected this tournament, but obviously this tournament does not respect the pilots.

    I do not know if I will participate in another event, given that my commitment and respect for this tournament is so repaid
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  10. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    The race started earlier due to the re-started PQ-2, for us to be in the time schedule.
  11. After all of this I question whether it's better to not just go back to F1 2011 online. At least you can do races often unlike here where you test for 2 weeks before your race is ruined :thumbsup:
  12. Yeah, finally my first top 10 result :)
    Q1 was 0.3 seconds off pace but still good for Q2. My race setup wasn't fast for hotlap, but I manage 8 place and it was ok.

    Race start was good, had a good launch and win 2 position at first corner. After Kemmel straight I lost the 6 position and moved down to 7. At first stint I had problems to find the speed and lost very much time to the guys infront, at second stint it work better and at the last stint I drove 48 laps. Well, I finish 6 and i'm very happy :) see ya in Monza...

    ps:This race was very hard for me, with around 30° I sweat like hell :/
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. i
    I don't understand why you say that . From the start to the end , i try to do a clean race . Just tell me when i "missed up" with you cause i don't see . And it's my second race , i'm regular and not agressive .
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  15. Just go to lap 23 before you write that ****.
    Not only are you an incredibly bad sport, you lie about the incident you created. I gave you plenty space on the inside and you decide to swipe my off the track. Can't even admit to your mistake. Funny how you can't see where you messed up even with my car and half its bits flying all around you.
  16. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Fantastic job Franz! We earned lots of points to FFR. Our team just took a massive leap ahead. If only I didn't ruin my race... :/ but thankfully Monza is an easy track, let's seek for points there as well! :)
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  17. Q1 Sweet, got a good lap in.
    Q2 Not so good, i completely messed up my lap in the 2nd sector by running over an curb and it didnt only destroyed my Q2 lap 0.5 loss in S2 but i probably get a back of the grid for Monza as well as i went outside the boundaries because of that curb.:( I decided to stay in this grid position as i felt starting p10 would sacrifice my race badly and i was still in front of Kolarec who i feared the most because of low downforce he had.

    Race. Start went smooth got a good gettaway and after the hairpin i found myself in p2 behind Juhani so this was the perfect scenario for me. The only driver i was realy afraid for was Kolarec because of his high top speed 5kmh faster then me. But in the openings lap Juhani and me managed to open up a small gap and then i decided to overtake Juhani as i felt he was holding me up slightly. After that i never looked back and i have to thank the team for the great effort that has been put in the final few races as we have made a nice step forward. The car is a joy to drive now.:thumbsup:

    Cu in Monza from the back of the grid.:roflmao:
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  18. If you check the server replay, it looks more like it was your car who turned slightly into his car.
  19. Bad race :(
  20. I haven't seen the race replay, but it is Loic Decoux's second race, he deserves time to get to know this league, I can't form a proper opinion till I've seen this incident, but judging on what David said, I think it could have just been a mistake :)