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Race #09, Belgium: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Sorry about the no broadcast decision. After the problems I just made the decision for us to leave the server and it seems to have worked, you all had a race and without problems I think? It's better to have a race without broadcast than not having a race at all.

    It's a shame the track could not handle it but that's what where limited to do this season unfortunately.
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  3. Sorry about the problems tonight, but like Damian says, at least we could have a proper race eventually.
  4. Actuly Precision car was standing on Patrick de Wit's pitbox due to small number of pitstop places :)

  5. My target today was at least top 8 and I could easily do it with my pace. I got bad luck again at the first lap the car in front of me spun and my car was ko.
    After that I tryed to rejoin the group but car didn't work and I also got problems with drivers in the back that had problems to be on track and spun another time in front of me. When i got near Varga, i quickly learned he was continueing his behavior against others! very sad, im angry of this!
  6. Bad quali, average race... threw away a much possible 6th despite struggling a lot in practice.
  7. what a disaster weekend!!!
    Q1 was perfect p3 with a pb lap of 1 46 1
    Q2 was really bad car was doing things it has never done before again in q2
    Car was really understeering
    Then race start was very good i was p5 at a certain point then car run wide and touched the wall sligh;ty losing positions toc some drivers then my 1st pitstop a precision car was at my pitbox i think it was bono huis i don,t know
    Then losing many many positions....
    2nd pitstop was ok
    Then 3rd pitstop was a disaster again nearly crashing out and losing out another position
    see ya at Monza

    for simon abidesi video
    the start de wit jumps from 9th to 5th lap 1
    lap 2 oversteer moment losing places to 2 drivers and substaining light damage to the rear of the car
    lap 2 tali overtakes de wit
    lap 3 de wit takes tali back
    lap 5/6 baldi/de wit/tali fighting a 3 way battle for 6th place de wit passing baldi with tali in his neck
    de wit pits from 3rd but huis is in de wit pitbox!
    lap 20 de wit passes puschke/vecchioni trough eau rouge kemmel great battle
    lap 28 passing leppala for 6th setting fastest lap in process
    3rd pitstop nearly crashing out at pit entry
    losing places again
    fininsh de wit in 7th
  8. Q1: very very bad for me. As always i can't make a lap that i could do...so started from 16th position!

    Race: The race started very well and after the first corner i was in p12. I knew that my race pace was really good but at first pitstop i hit the wall in entry and damaged the rear like in WS so i had the same problem as yesterday for the rest of the race...I had some great battles after that, but at 6 laps to go i lose control at les combes when i was battling for p8 and crashed into the wall...very disappointing race for me.
  9. Sorry Eros, it was me who spon infront of you because the car infront of me was braking down to much and i rolled into him..i tried to avoid that crash but i couldnt..
    I didn't wanted to ruin your race..i also forgot to use the clutch system, because i was not accostumed with it for now. Before i was driving WS and there is the clutch automatic :(

    So yeah..Sorry Eros, even it was a race accident, but i take it on my bill.
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  10. From GPCOS:

    Q1: Was pretty awful as p18 clearly shows. Just couldn't get a clean lap. Didn't expect the race to start anymore after the problems and i guess that had something to do with it but in the end I'm the one driving so my own fault.

    R: Plan was to survive lap 1 and see how it goes. Lap one was like planned avoiding troubles and getting some positions in the progress. Then i got stuck behind Vecchioni and couldn't get past due to him having lower wings then me. I also had Petar right behind me so i couldn't afford to do any mistakes. At some point i then got past him and left Petar to battle with him. On 3rd stint lost a place to Patrick who had a lot less wing then me so i had nothing i could have done against him. Last stint i somehow passed Patrick on the pits after his troubles and was 1.5sec ahead of him. I had to keep pushing like hell to keep him behind but luckily i was able to do that and p6 was the reward for it. Really happy about the result, didn't even dream of p6. Awesome race!
  11. From GPCOS:

  12. Absolutely no problem Markus, that's racing, obviously you didn't want to spun intentionally, that was sick for both of us. See you next races ;)
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