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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Kyrill Verheij, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Hey,

    There is a race 07.. but my question is, when does the game Race 08 comes out? Or a other good race game likes gtr and race 07 :D ?
  2. SimBin have said there will be more expansion packs for Race 07, it wouldn't surprise me to see a WTCC 08 addon announced soon around one of the next two WTCC Race meetings.
  3. I've seen several website listing Race 08 to come out in late November, but never anything from Simbin...
  4. Maybe there'll come an update for the cars .. maybe a little update on the skins..

    If they make race08, i hop Seat Exeo and the new Chevrolet will be in it.. :)
  5. I think they may wait for 2009 with the new rules and the new Seat and Chevy cars.
  6. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    man this guys never stop making games, i mean it costs money! :D
  7. I'd rather an expansion that a Race 08 game. If anything the expansions make more sense, the only issue so far is the trouble with getting it out worldwide on the same day.
    I'm hoping Race 08 expansion, Race 09 new game on Lizard :)
  8. BTCC!!!!!!!!! oh yeah!!!! (And get Ted Kravitz commentating ingame lol (jks))
  9. I hope it will be better then the original game and free ^^ so we can all you download if for free and play online :D
  10. no, that would be stupid, how would simbin get their money.
  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Lol Kyrill, you should pay more attention at school during economy!! GameDevelopers create games to make money. They have mouths to feed you know ...
  12. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Please Simbin, make the astonoshing 4 classes "Dutch Supercar Challenge" :dance::Banane43:
  13. after evo there is not much i would like to see only one Series Australian V8 Supercar
    with all there tracks especialy Bathurst and maybe something to feed the oval troll in me
    like IRL or nowdays again Indycar
  14. Thinking about it - a 2008 WTCC add-on on its own wouldn't really give you much new - you already have Estoril and Imola in the game, so all you would get new would be Okayama, the Lada and a few new skins and drivers (unless you included support classes), so what about putting it together with a 2007 and 2008 ETC Cup pack including Adria and Saltzburgring, the S2000 cars and drivers (which looks like a great track to drive)?
  15. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    one day, SimBin should create "The Ultimate TCCC Game" : Touring Car Championships Compilation, where it would have all touring championships, like wtcc, stcc, btcc, ptcc (portuguese), i dunno but there may be others from other countries, of course. :angel:
  16. That is my dream, but not confident that I'll see it in my lifetime. :whistle:
  17. From what I have heard Avesco want as much money for the Aussie V8 rights as Bernie wants for the F1 rights as well as a percentage of sales. Its a real shame this will pretty exclude V8's ever been seen replicated except for the likes of arcade on the PS3 etc.
  18. How about an ROC add-on? That would be sweet :)
  19. BTCC 2009 could be nice, if only for the tracks, but without SEAT I think it would be missing something. An updated version of GTL could be good too (never played the original).

    Apart from the whole not getting any money issue imagine the chaos :D. The only thing that prevents the majority of wreckers is that they have to pay for the privilege.
  20. Haha, ofcourse I know. I was only joking a little bit. And if they did, then then it wouln't it be a great game if they make it free