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Race #08, Spain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Short race yet again...

    At least I got around the formation lap this time...

    Don't understand why I stalled it, did practice on starting for the last few hours before I joined the server and did the same thing I've done everytime there and I still stalled it.

    Oh well, better get even more practice done on it I guess.

    Hope you guys has a good race and I'll enjoy the broadcast while I curse myself.

  3. Sounds like you are practicing with the Auto Clutch driving aid enabled.
  4. Or, you are starting without Launch Control ?
  5. Launch Control is mandatory, but you have to be careful with the revs before stopping the car on the grid.
  6. great to be in q2 again:)!!!

    My q2 lap was really bad had enough pace for a top 5 after q2 but i messed it a bit then in race start was ok but mayhem and had to take avoiding actions and run wide as my new teammate was also making a move on the inside.....

    Then i passed Peter Varga
    Maybe a bit agreesive but it was pretty clean from my vieuw

    Then trying to make the most out of my 4 stop strategy
    Seemed Disley was on a 5 stopper which i passed
    Then i was 6th trying to push Baldi for 5th then 4 laps to go left front and left rear starting to fail trying to get it to the fininsh and i managed to do so
    And in the end i was 8th still points not what i wanted but it are points

    See ya at Spa"
  7. I will double check it to make sure I'm not using auto-clutch, thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Peter Varga

    Peter Varga

    from gpcos:
  10. Q: It was quite OK, P8 in Q1, and P7 in Q2, i thought i won't be in the top 10, so it was better than i expected.
    R: Good start, i moved up to 5th. When Tali passed Lapchin, i passed him too, so i was 4th, but the others was on 4 stops, and i was on 5 stops, so at the end, i had to fight hard. In the middle of the race, nothing interesting happened with me, 10 laps before the end, at the last stop, i came in the same lap, as Mikkonen, and i passed him in the pit lane, it was very close. In the last laps, i tried to catch Lapchin, but my brakes started to die, so i didn't push as hard as i could, i just wanted to bring home the car. P5, not bad at all, because it was a very bad track for me, maybe in Spa, it'll be better.
    Thanks for the team, the car was absolutely right, and thanks for Zsolt Nagy, he helped me again during the race.
    See you in Spa!