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Race #08, Spain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Chris had suspension failiure in g1, but stilll drove well. I didn't have such a good g2 race, I went out after I was crashed into driving back to the pits, oh well maybe next time.
  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Wonderful race even though I was forced to enter G2 due to my late allocation. Could've reached G1 though.

    Well, the starting position was second-last due to penalty given for cutting T4 in Hungary's qualifying. I Lost my wing twice in the race, and I was very near the end of the race when suddenly my engine blew up. I was running 3rd. Maybe radiator 5 wasn't a good idea? Anyways, G2 is always a mess, no matter how good drivers there are :roflmao:

    This is also the second time I actually got to race, and almost the first race I finished concretely. Hope I make better progress in Spa next week, see you there :)

    Oh, and I'm also glad for Franz making it to the 15th place in G1. Not the best FFR could offer, but still... I also hope we would enter Spa without penalties. :)

    And on a side note I'd like to say that I earned my first points ever.
  4. Time for a break from FSR WT. Too many drivers who think they are skilled and go for moves that don't exist.
  5. Had fun.. till I hit that damn N button while looking for the pit request button again.. not the first time. Gotta map them further apart next time.
  6. Engine blew 2 laps before finish while being at 3rd place thanks to high attrition rate. Very strange because i was using 6 radiator. Anyway race pace (and PQ) was crap. Still a long way to go to understand how this mod works.
  7. Shame mode on :unsure:

    Nice way to give away a victory, until the final stop when i noticed that my brakes where critical i started to pace and move brake balance but it was already to late. Lost left rear brake, then right rear and finaly i ended up without brakes on the final 2 laps. Somehow salvaged a 10th place but ofc not happy. I thought i had done the right testing and was safe with my settings but it cleary was not the case since loosing brakes with 10 laps to go is verry early.

    Shame mode off

    Just have to give credits to Tommy for putting me under pressure for the whole race, great racing m8 ;)
  8. My start was bad, lost positions and was after the 2nd lap last. Had a good pace and advance to p14 before my 2nd pit stop. Made some mistakes but it was still a OK race. But 10 Laps to go I lost my front left brakes and some laps later my front right. It was strange, because at my longruns the brake wear was good. Well, finish 15 and looking forward :)
  9. Still a bit upset about my race exit, it's been sent to the stewards so nothing more can be done for now.
  10. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    No offence James but you were kinda slow in G2, fastest lap being over 2 minutes. You also should've given me some space for me to pass as you stood on the way and I hit your back.
  11. not me OH no
  12. Argh ! 2 times losing front wing and then lost connection 8laps before the finish :(
    Bad luck as always :(

    Milan Radivojevic
  13. Hi Toumas, I was going slow quite a bit I admit for setup problems, and I couldn't move over because I had suspension issues and I probably would have spun if i'd moved over and we'd all probably have gone out.

    EDIT: I'd also lost my front wing.
  14. After the first time i get kicked from Grid 1, it was due i forgot to allocate for the race, next time will not happen. On Grid 2, i had the speed, i had the setup, but on lap 15 i couldnt have brakes, with brake duct on 6 couldnt understand that i will have problem, then without brakes and after seeing people get off, i managed to get 3rd place and finish!
    Hoping to get on Grid 1 for Belgium Spa Race
    Cee ya there
    Theodoros Eziroglou
  15. Qualifying was awful so I started from 22nd. Made up 6 places in 2 laps with some quite risky moves and midway in the race I settled in 11th place behind Basol and infront of Boshove. We remained in these positions for over 15 laps but after the last pitstop I noticed that Basol was getting abit slower (probably was saving engine/brakes) and I was able to overtake after a long battle (didnt want to take too much risk).
    So in the end finished 6th after some guys retired. This was I think the best result for Knight Racing. Hungary was 7th and now 6th in Valencia, things are going great.

    Made a little video of my race (some laps from the start, Brljak passing me and the battle with Basol 5 laps from the end).

    Eduard K
  16. Good race :)