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Race #08, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. wow just wow :D this has been the best weekend in FSR ive commentated on :p well done to Bono and congratulations to Lee to get third on his return! :D see you all in silverstone i cant wait. great job :p
  3. Everytime a fast driver start from back....my race finish at first lap. Please Mikko don't give a penalty anymore to these kind of drivers :) .....however congrats to Mikko for his great race with a better first stint he could win here.
  4. "wow !! just wow !! fantastic result !! im over the moon !!

    Q1 - went ok, did not hit best time of a 1.13.024 but a 1.13.4 was good enough for q2 just !

    Q2 - had a reasonable lap in a session i expected to struggle in as its not my favorite part of the wekend, but p6 was great !!

    Race - unbelievable, at first i expected to go backwards as our car was bad early on on full tanks, but i just took my time and waited till around lap 7 - 8 when i knew my car was better, then i turned up the wick after passing de wit i saw i was matching the leaders pretty much which suprised me...

    Went on doing a staedy pace through the race and when i saw Huis and Mikkonen pit i thought they must be on 2 stops, i didnt expect to beat huis tried t race him for a while but realised it was pointless as he was quicker to just tagged onto him, i knewi could maybe beat mikkonen if i did it properly !! and wow i finish 3rd on the podium for the first time in 2 years !! fantastic !!

    Big BIG thanks to my team and Ben Phillips who believed in me and made me take this race seat to prove to myself i can do this !! big thanyou Ben and to the rest of the AERO F1 TEAM who helped me in the week, great race with all, well done Huis and Mikko on a great race, fantastic !!"
  5. go have a beer or two Lee you deserve it!!! hehe :p
  6. thankyou mate im looking foreardto the broadcast :) bet you guys did an awesome job.. i heard some people who were watching me said they had issues with it buffering but will see for myself !
  7. The Ward F1 guys tuned in to watch the broadcast, nice race Lee. Great commentary as ever! But half way through the race, the broadcast was un-watchable due to the stream dropping. One point Huis was a car length behind Morris, when the stream came back Huis was 5 car lengths in front. Real shame.

    See you at Silverstone!

  8. Thats a shame, so its true what some of the people i knew watched had issues :( shame as its been great last few races ! bet they missed my dices and most others due to lagg, it still does seem more laggy than some sim races i take part in, i do what 3 leagues now and in the other 2 leagues the server does preform much better.. its like its just missing that top end or something but i dont know how it works.. i didnt have any issues racing tonight though just a tad bit of lagg
  9. From GPCOS:

    Thanks to all the kind words and support that I got after the race, hopefully the performance in this race wasn't a one-off :).
  10. Yes unfortunately the streaming wasn´t perfect tonight, we are in talks with PSRTV and we will work to make sure it doesn´t happen. However you can watch the broadcast replay here: http://prosimservers.com/index.php?dir=FSR/2011/WC/

    @Lee, lagg and Streambuffering isn´t related ;) one thing happens through the gameserver other thing through the streamingservers. Seeing the close racing we had today I doubt however that the gameserver didn´t perform good and we had more then the normal amount of lag.
  11. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Tbh Johannes, the stream quality is far away from good. You cant watch the broadcast in full screen else you will just get pixel show on the screen. It would probably help to capture the action in full screen and not the bottom right monitor.
  12. I always watch the Broadcast on my TV-Monitor in Fullscreen (26", 1920x1200) and for me personally the quality isn´t bad and capturing in the bottom right window doesn´t cause any loss in quality because the window has a different size on the broadcast machine, so resolution captured and streamed is the same (720x406), However it may look a bit odd due to the quite big and simple TV-Overlay graphics, we are working on changing them, but limited time slows this process down.

    To give a little comparrison between the 2010 and 2011 Broadcasts I made Screenshots in the original resolution of the stream. The 2011 one has a little lower resolution (720x406) compared to 2010 (counting out the black frame 780x523) and a different FOV with the same streamrate which results in a slightly better picture on the 2011 stream (it´s not a big improvement compared to last year though)

    At the end i attached a picture from an iRacing DWC Broadcast (which often was claimed as much better in terms of quality)



    iRacing DWC:
  13. Gpcos...

    Grats to Bono again.
  14. When I tuned in for the WT stream, I accidentally first connected through my british VPN connection, and the stream was indeed buffering every 5 seconds basicly.

    After turning the VPN off however, the stream worked well, except I had to refresh maybe once in 5 laps when the picture would start to stutter for some reason.

    So perhaps there were some problems with the connections between PSRTV and Britain this weekend.
  15. I had the same with WT that the broadcast had to be refreshed after some 5 laps.. Both with VLC as Mediaplayer..
  16. Yeah quite possibly so.

    I don't know if this is different for anyone else or solely Brits?

    We're not very liked really are we :p
  17. Nah Nick, some other guys outside Britania asked me about the issue aswell. Petteri also had same issues as I/you did.
  18. i had issues too
  19. Johannes, the picture quality might be slightly better than it was with multibc, but you need to consider two things:
    1st, streaming a race on PSRTV (from the US), run on a European server like we do, causes lag on the cars. The cars are like boats and are not planted. This, in my view, is worse than having slightly worse pic quality. For me it takes away lots of the realism that sim games try to reproduce.
    2nd, quite possibly multibc has improved their picture in the mean time, although I'm not sure. I don't watch anything.

    Also there's no sense comparing the stream qualities of different games. For example Race07 will on the same streaming machine always look better than rFactor. Reason? Don't know.

    I think apart from the boat issue, and PSRTV's unpredictability, it's ok. Then again those would be 2 major points of critics and in the year 2011 such things should not happen.
    But I well know things aren't always so easy to fix as it might look like.