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Race #08, Canada: Grid 1 Classification

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Ben Phillips
    Henri Viirok
    Alberto De Juan
    Sami Pesari
    Jan-Moritz Kammann
    Michael Reiter
    Andreas Nilsson
    Fabricio Teidy
    Ralf Gauss
    Benjamin Chong
    Heinz Vanderhoydonck
    Kevin Brents
    Ferry Koek
    Mihajlo Vicentijevic
    Gabriele Del Piccolo
    Johannes Kunkel
    Andreas Umminger
    Craig Johnston
    Jacques Olivier
    Pedro Melim
    Emre Uysal
    Ivan Kaloyanov
    Ajibola Lawal
    Eduard Mallorqui
    Priit Välja
    Martin Gosbee
  2. well i dont think there should of been a pq2 we wasnt told this on 1st server now costa is out and he beat me in last secands of the session. if i was him id be peed off.
  3. i can't get in the server?
  4. i keep getting session closed..
  5. I'm not accord with changes rules in the last minute. :mad:
  6. great..im missing qualifying now.. i wasn't that late to try to rejoin..
  7. Can you join as spectator and speak to RD Ben?
  8. maybe ull get q2 ben like had a pq2 all of a sudden