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[RACE 07] WTCC @ Istanbul - Tue 19.02.2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Attila Domján, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Just be there Jacco maybe someone is absent !:unsure:
  2. Okido, we will do the race on 1 server.
  3. I stay in line too to fill up.
  4. :S:S:S my game crashed... 2 gigs of ram 100% lol :(
  5. again disconnect. lol
    It will be for another time.
  6. since i get pc crash after pc crash it was fixed for me with *cryface*
    was looking to this event after a whole weekend of non online racing and after turne 5 my pc just hung up
    no mini dump as i ever will get one :(
  7. First race was real fun!! and second race after 2 laps the same for me ...Total hung up :frustrating:
    Dunno why !
    But for the time i was in it was great racing and fun.
    Cya next race :)
  8. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling
    Premium Member

    Good first race at the back racing the other 407's, The second was good fun until my game froze midcorner on lap five, I hope nobody hit my lagged out car :(

    never again will I drive the pug!
  9. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    Sorry guys i could not make it, i was too late at home, lots of traffic and when i got home i was exhausted, i even could not eat and i fell asleep.

    I really hope the doctors will find a solution for my thursday.

    I hope you all had a nice race, i really did look forward to it, i hope there will be any race tomorrow, maybe i will manage to join then.

    I also could not qualify for the BMW tournament :(
  10. Very interesting race for me with more battle with Christian Deparis in race 2 and Patrick van Driel in race one.

    Thanks all:laughing:
  11. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    no problem Marcel...take care of your health first....then you can go all out on racing ;)

    great race guys....I had so much work/fun from Nevermind & Kent :)
    the tournie is going to be fun if this keeps up :)
  12. too bad for the couple of disconnections... we missed you guys.

    I think i need to practise more and play less on-line poker, only 3rd at qualy (even would have been 4th if Baron stays in)

    Races were very enjoyful, lot of good nice actions.

    Race1: i was busy mainly watching at the back of Rami-s BMW closely, looking for the gap, which after a mistake from my alien twin came and i could pass by to clinch 2nd spot. No real chance to catch Cristian in the lead of 6-7 sec.

    Race 2: again very nice race, lot of action, after few laps we found again each other with Rami 1 me 2 and Cristian 3. For my luck (and Rami-s bad luck) he spun the bimmer, so i went to the lead followed closely by Cristian, i think if you wait til the last combination of last lap then you pass by, you had better braking zones then i, anyhow it was a very nice close race.

    Thansk for everybody guys, it was a pleasure to race with all of you after the little pause! :)
  13. I had real fun tonight with great racers at the track.

    I did my best racing ever with 2 third places Yiiiiihaaaa.

    Thx guys for a fun evening.

    Cu soon at the track

  14. thx all for this funny and fair race... i go to try and practice for stay on the track... lol
    gr all... grats podium!!!!sry if I have dropped slightly atti ....

    thx to organisation!!!
  15. Qualy: Not too bad, but not great either PB lap of 2:06.xxx gave me 17th, until one of the top qualifiers had their game crash. This promoted me up to 16th.

    Race1: I got a decent start, but let the revs drop a bit so it wasn't quite as good as it could have been. I gave everyone enough room, and was enjoying a good little battle until i spun it coming out of the last corner. A careless mistake which bent the steering somewhat and slowed the car down a bit. Did a nice j turn to get it facing in the right direction, but it was obvious that the car wasn't quite right after the crash. Carried on for another lap, then spun it around turn 8, and then decided to retire are i bent the steering in the first crash, and the 2nd one put me too far behind to catch up.

    Race 2: Started in 20th, and made a good start in the BMW. Tried to get a bit higher, but i couldn't really battle properly as my internet currently makes everyone lag like crazy at times... so i dont know where their car really is. Managed to keep it clean and settled in in front of Mehmet Arikan. He chased me for a few laps, and then managed to pass me when i ran a little wide. We then had a lot of laps that were very close - i would have tried to pass, but again my internet was creating havoc... and i didn't want to try and get past and punt him off. I stayed put and then dropped back a little with a mistake where i ran wide on turn 8. Coming up the back straight on the last lap, i managed to outbrake myself and hit Mehmet, but i waited and let him get going again. Finished in 12th, which wasn't bad. :proud: Changed my setup from the modified defualt one to a modified version of the Simbin setup for istanbul. This made the car much more stable, hence why i was able to drive more consistently in the second race.

    Need to practice on this track more, and the BMW really isn't a brilliant car for it for me... cant chuck it over the curbs like you can with the FWD cars. Plus, that is my second race ive ever done around that track on Race07, so it wasn't a bad result :laughing:

    Congratulations to the top 3 :cool:
  16. Hello guys,

    sorry for my absence. We had to solve an urgent problem at work so I was not able to leave. Just came home a minute ago. What a pitty! I was so looking forward to this race :crying: with all those prestigious drivers.

    Hope to see you on track soon,
  17. Sorry to take you on the last lap & last corner :wink:, Shame you left in the second race.

    Thanks for the racing everyone. I too think I will avoid the Pug or Istanbul, one of the two I'm not good with.
  18. sry wrong post
  19. thanx all...

    Yeh that was 2 fun races with you guys. I think i need an awful lot of practice. I don't know when istanbull will come good for me but as for the wtcc league it's gonna be awsome racing...
    Grats to the winners and all that finished and sorry for those with disconnects.

    thanx atti for organising a really nice event.
    And thankyou.!! RPM for hosting - brilliant.
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