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[RACE 07] WTCC Istanbul 06: 23rd March 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eckhart von Glan, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi folks, one of these days the WTCC tournament will start and several people have had the idea to do a pre-season, so players can get used to competition on the tracks rather than just hotlapping.

    As a first date I would like to set

    Sunday the 23rd of March (Easter Sunday).

    Most folks will have a day off on Monday, so it's like a Saturday night and also, it's a day apart to the Spa event on Friday (don't like events back to back).

    If race directors think this is a good idea and if there is enough interest, the other venues will follow on Saturday nights every two weeks, starting April 5th (the original start date for the Tournie)

    @Warren: if this infringes on your FD plans in any way, please stop me :)


    skin pack

    skin pack Donington / Zandvoort last weekend

    Sunday 23.03.08

    18.30 GMT 60 min

    19.30 GMT 20 min

    19.50 GMT


    Istanbul 06

    2 Races * 12 laps

    Standing both races

    WTCC 06 and WTCC 07

    Server name:
    RaceDepartment.com #1 and #2


    Sign up for the race in this thread, use the following, well-known format:

    Name on Racedepartment forum:
    Name in RACE07 :
    Entry Car:
    Skin link:
    Special remarks:
    See you on Sunday!

    Grid 1
    1. Kevin Ascher - E90
    2. Simon Trendell - Toledo
    3. Roy Stevens - Toledo
    4. Robert Maytum - Accord
    5. Theo de Bruin - Leon
    6. David Garcia - Lacetti
    7. Mehmet Arikan - Leon
    8. TwistedSatan - 320si
    9. David Lemon - Leon
    10. Mehmet Arslan - Lacetti
    11. Andy MacMartin - E90
    12. Xose Estrada - Chevrolet
    13. Neil Tennant - Seat
    14. Canuck59NHL - Leon 07
    15. Jens Hoeppner - BMW
    16. Degreef Gregory[NO-B] - Seat Leon
    17. David Cuthill - Lacetti
    18. darron miller - bmw
    19. Heppu - BMW E90 2007
    20. ezpi - BMW E90 2007
    21. Terry Harmer - Lacetti
    22. Peter Böszörményi - Leon
    23. Andy Marsden - Accord
    24. Henrik Horvath - Lacetti
    25. Peter Eriksson - Alfa 156
    Grid 2
    1. Laurance Lemon - Lacetti
    2. Kristofer Larsson - Vectra
    3. Eckhart von Glan - Lacetti
    4. Robert Crone - Lacetti
    5. Oliver Amos - E90
    6. Jari Vinnari - Lacetti
    7. Kent Karlén - Lacetti
    8. Father Crilly - Leon
    9. crazydocBZH - Leon
    10. Krister Larsson - Lacetti
    11. daneBZH - Leon
    12. William Yunck - Leon
    13. Mark A Warmington - Lacetti
    14. Rami Kaukola - Lacetti
    15. Phillip Watson - Seat Leon
    16. Steve Emmons - Lacetti
    17. Mathieu[BZH] - Leon
    18. Gary Lennon - Leon
    19. Mikael Larsson - Lacetti
    20. Nico Major - E90
    21. Michael Sharpe - Lacetti
    22. Jacco Cornelissen - Seat
    23. Nick Carnell . Alfa 156
    24. Jamie Wilson - Seat Toledo
    25. ian beech - Alfa Romeo 156
    Reserve List
    1. Thomas Jensen - Seat Leon
    2. Traumatic - ???
    3. Tepa67 - E90
    4. Martin Holman - Toledo
    5. Driver
  2. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Name on Racedepartment forum: Kevin Ascher
    Name in RACE07 : Kevin Ascher
    Age: 14
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: BMW E90 320si
    Skin link: to follow
    Special remarks: hi :p
  3. Name on Racedepartment forum: SAJAX
    Name in RACE07 : Simon Trendell
    Age: 18
    Control: DFP
    Entry Car: Seat Toledo
    Skin link: To Come
    Special remarks: Keep the variety, I'm expecting alot of Leons here. Lets see alot of Toledos, 407's & Accords :)
  4. Name on Racedepartment forum:Roy stevens
    Name in RACE07 :Roy stevens
    Entry Car:seat toledo
    Skin link:
    Special remarks:drive it like u stole it :)
  5. Name on Racedepartment forum:Robert Maytum
    Name in RACE07 :Robert Maytum
    Control:formula force gp
    Entry Car:Honda accord
    Skin link:
    Special remarks:
  6. Name on Racedepartment forum: Theo de Bruin
    Name in RACE07 : Theo de Bruin
    Age: 36
    Control: MOMO
    Entry Car: Seat Leon
    Skin link:
    Special remarks: :cool:
  7. Name on Racedepartment forum: David Garcia
    Name in RACE07 : David Garcia
    Age: 30
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Chevrolet Lacetti
    Skin link: Will be ready soon...
    Special remarks: :eek: :D
  8. Name on Racedepartment forum: Kent Karlén
    Name in RACE07 : Kent Karlén
    Age: 43
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Chevy
    Skin link:
    Special remarks: Have fun again!
  9. Name on Racedepartment forum: TwistedSatan;
    Name in RACE07 : TwistedSatan;
    Age: 24;
    Control: Thrustmaster;
    Entry Car: BMW 320Si;
    Skin link:
    Special remarks: I'm so bored, tomorrow is Monday. I hate that day so much...
  10. Name on Racedepartment forum: D.Lemon
    Name in RACE07 : David Lemon
    Entry Car:Seat
    Skin link:
    Special remarks: Keep her lit!!
  11. Name on Racedepartment forum: Patrick Wanst
    Name in RACE07 : Patrick Wanst
    Age: 18
    Control: MOMO
    Entry Car: Chevy
    Skin link:
    Special remarks: no :p
  12. Name on Racedepartment forum: Mehmet Arslan
    Name in RACE07 : Mehmet Arslan
    Age: 29
    Control: MOMO
    Entry Car: Chevy
    Skin link:
    Special remarks: Istanbul, here i come :D
  13. I'm in Eckhart :)

    Name on Racedepartment forum: Andy MacMartin
    Name in RACE07 : Andy MacMartin
    Age: 54
    Control: G25/CST pedals
    Entry Car: E90
    Skin link: Same as Donni
    Special remarks: Thanks for setting these races up Eckhart.
  14. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    Name on Racedepartment forum: Xosé Estrada
    Name in RACE07 : Xose Estrada
    Age: 28
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Chevrolet
    Skin link: soon
    Special remarks:
  15. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant
    @ Simberia @Simberia

  16. Name on Racedepartment forum: Gaynall Hudgins
    Name in RACE07: Gaynall Hudgins
    Age: 44
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Alfa
    Skin link:
    Special remarks: :cool:
  17. Hi all,

    Name on Racedepartment forum: Canuck59NHL
    Name in RACE07 : Canuck59NHL
    Age: 28
    Control: Driving Force Pro
    Entry Car: Seat Leon 07
    Skin link: http://rapidshare.com/files/100434385/Canuck_racing.zip.html
    Special remarks: I will be there to spy on competitors of the next RaceDepartment championship.....lol

    edit:New skin with Official RaceDepartment logo.
  18. Name on Racedepartment forum:
    Name in RACE07 : J Hoeppner
    Entry Car:BMW SI 2007
    Skin link: X
    Special remarks:X

    plz sign me in
  19. David Cuthill

    David Cuthill
    Premium Member

    Name on Racedepartment forum: David Cuthill
    Name in RACE07 : David Cuthill
    Age: 44
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Chevrolet Lacetti
    Skin link: Will update when ready
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