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RACE 07: WTCC 2010 Expansion To Arrive This Week

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Dave Stephenson, May 17, 2011.

  1. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    SimBin have announced today that the next of this years expansion to their RACE 07 title will be released later this week. The Expansion will be released this Thursday (19th May 2011) and will be priced at €9.99.
    SimBin describe the product as the following.

    Look out for events with the new content at Race Department in the near future. To discuss this expansion or any of the RACE 07 Series visit our Race Series Forum.
  2. No spa? :(
  3. Just waiting om the retro pack now. Once they fix the hillclimb.
  4. in WTCC 2010 season was not spa
  5. You mean Spa Francorchamps? Did they promise Spa?
  6. Hmmm steam client is not patched, this mean that users will be able to join online lobby with cracked games. STCC2 feels more like a opensource software, as most of the users joining online servers are running cracked games.
  7. What happened to the retro pack?
  8. bugs on hillclimb. i want it to be fixed
  9. Maybe they didn't, But Spa-Franchorchamps is the only track from Race Pro not in Race07 now.
    And Spa-Francorchamps from Race Pro was an awesome version with the new chicane.

    And imo with Spa included €10 would've been a right price.
    Now it's quite a steep one. All the cars are already in Race On and STCC2, while Zolder was available for free in RTR. So the only new tracks are Marrakech and Portimao.
  10. no new lada? :confused:
  11. YEEEES!!! There are soooo many mods for these games, but no one for an actual WTCC-Season, this is really frustraiting So thanks SimBin for this 2010 Expansion Pack, i like it!:)
  12. I see people stating that you can get this track already by a modder etc...

    If you are going to release the WTCC2010 season, would you expect to have to find some mod track to complete a season? I think not, so, SimBin needs to make a track of their own to fill out the seasons track cycle. There maybe tracks out and about and that is great, but the commercial product needs to be complete. It would be like Codies F1 2011 being released with just one track, and stating that you need to find the rest online somewhere, have fun!
  13. gooodddddddd

    ok abraço