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Race 07 Volv0 S60 V8supercar conversion to Rfactor 1 - Can this be done?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by durdre, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering would it be possiblle to convert the Volvo S60 V8 Supercar created by AndreaFSC into Rfactor 1 to work alongside the 2014 V8supercar Mod (skins) whick Mick-S created?

    Would it be possible to have the Volvo use the same physics as the rest of the V8 Supercars?

    This conversion is way above my skill level.

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  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    One step at a time.. Staff Member Premium Member

    Why not ask AndreaFSC to convert it. after all it is his content, rather than just ripping his work :)
  3. I did ask if it was ok to convert his work and he said it would be fine to do so!!!! I just don't have the skills and he said that he has moved on to other modding projects!!!
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  4. Here is the link to the Forum Page on Racedepartment in relation to the Volvo V8 Supercar http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/v8-supercars-s60.84623/

    As I mentioned above I had communicated with the Creator via the forum of another modding website in relation to converting it to Rfactor 1 to seek permission which was granted.
  5. Is rFactor still viable as a platform though?
  6. well according to Mediafire my 2013 and 2014 skins have been downloaded over 3,000 times, if thats anything to go by, who knows, probably not.
  7. rFactor is not dead, there are still a beautiful community that rolls over every week;)
    And what about mod V8 remains a reference remains whether discontinuation of developement is damaging, with the new chassis there would do ...
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  8. Bonjour, j'ai reçu les droits pour convertir la Volvo. Elle est dispo pour Rfactor 1 et je suis à la recherche d'une Nissan pour completer le mod V8 version 2014 version personnelle.Holden,Ford,Volvo et Erebus sont disponible.
    J'échange la Volvo si quelqu'un me partage sa Nissan ;-)
    Traduction Google :
    Google translation:

    Hello, I received the rights to convert the Volvo. It is available for Rfactor 1 and I am looking for a Nissan to complete the mod V8 2014 Version personnelle.Holden, Ford, Volvo and Erebus are available.
    I exchange the Volvo if someone shares his Nissan me;-)

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  9. good news, you say it`s available, from where ?
  10. Woohoo :) - I hope you will be willing to provide a Download Link! - The Volvo looks amazing!!!
  11. I didn't realise these cars were available.....
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  12. Bonjour,
    le mod Etant incomplet, il Manque Encore une Nissan donc je ne peut pas le mettre à disposition. Si vous avez une piste pour trouver une Nissan qu'il serait possible d'inclure merci,

    google Translation:

    As the mod incomplete, Lack Another Nissan so I can not make it available. If you have a track to find a Nissan that it would be possible to include thank you,
  13. Not sure the Nissan is available from anywhere, larry141094 posted that he had started moddeling the Nissan but nothing seems to have come of that, I believe he did ask for some help which he maybe never got.
    If you can get hold of larry maybe he will let you finish it, although he hasn`t been seen on here since late March.

    larry141094 thread:
    haha, looks like were stuck with my fakes, lol.
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  14. .....
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  15. Why is it that people continue to post the FVR Nissan and think that it's a good idea to rip it off??
    That car is for their mod "not" this one.
    The next one who posts this to suggest it be ripped will be banned! I'll make sure of it!
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  16. OHHH to bad the Volvo its not released yet or public, car looks great and you have made a great convertion @mickalsaco
  17. @mickalsaco I have PM you about a Nissan Altima. Not sure if Your Interested.
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  18. Répondu ;-)

  19. Hey guys,

    I was just wondering whether there has been any progress on this? I'm hugely excited about this particular update/expansion.

    Would love to see if the game could get all 5 vehicles in the game for the community to play around with.