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[RACE 07] MINI's @ Puebla Special - Sat 01.03.2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. gr guys was fun
  2. first great race guys wont have miss that

    Report Grid 1
    my best qualy ever on a near to full grid pulled out a 1.37.8xx what was good
    for place 7 on the grid

    got an awsome good start and got up to 5th at first corner, but dropped back to 6th a few corners later.
    now 6th i tryed to follow that nobrake guy dont remember the name (he was in a white mini) but no change to stay on his back,
    at mid race marc kollinger showed up in my mirrors. i tryed hard to keep my position,
    it worked quite well till i overheat my tyers, what to say he got me:)
    nice race marc.
    now 7th with 2 secs air to the front and 4 secs to the back i tryed to stay in view distance to marc
    that worked verry well so i finished 7th

    again a awsome start got 2nd from then knowing about all the fast guys in my back
    i tryed to keep the line clean as possible but could not hold 3rd for long
    again that nobrake guy in the white mini was chasing me hard and finaly got me
    cuz i was running a bit wide for that corner
    short after a 2nd nobrake guy in a blue mini came up realy fast so fast that i decide to run wide
    and open the door for him, now 4th i planed to hold that place
    but as it is with things you plan they dont work out lol, lap 7 christopher aponte showed up in my mirrors,
    he came from the last place on the grid lol a few laps i was able to defend my place
    but he was clearly to fast for me lol. now 5th on some corners i could see the lead pack
    and a guy slowed down and lost contact so i start to get all out of my tyers what was left to hunt him down,
    was a awsome race where i came close to him just to loose the next corner but in the last 1/3 of the race i was finaly on him to get some draft on the straits
    after that 4th gear left right i pulled to the inside under braking he tryed to block and i gave him a little touch ( sorry for that)
    this touch open up the line a bit so we was running side by side to the next braking zone
    where he totaly messed up his brak point so i finaly could take 4th
    after i gained 4th i focused on staying on track cuz my tyers where realy squeezed out finished 4th

    i did 5th place verry verry good for me on that strong field thanks to all for that great fun

    p.s. some admin plz post the server replay i cant play both of my cuz this you dont have the track or skin bug
    thanks in advance
  3. check temps may cpu, ram or chipset are to hot, for me the chipset was running to hot
    after i cleand up every singel part of my pc it runs smooth again no crashes till now in race 2
  4. decent races

    I am glad to be able to have two competitive(ish) races in the pack without my PC fouling up like it has been recently :)

    I really don't like Puebla, 15th on the grid was about right for me. In Race1 first turn someone was very cautious and slowed down early for the turn, so I had to slam on the brakes and swerve to do a brilliant avoidance, unfortunately it was too brilliant for someone behind me who bumped my back and I arrived backwards at turn2 :biggrin: after that I slogged away from the back of the pack (18th), grinding bumpers with many others, and finished 13th (should have been 12th, but a small lag sent me sideways on the final lap, giving Gaynall my position). Big thanks to Eckhart, who removed two others from in front on me late on in that race :biggrin:

    Race2 was similar, my start was spoilt by lag, so I was last in the first turns. My main fight was with Mr Kollinger, who spun off early on and I hit him as he was recovering. Then we had a tough fight for a lap with many sponsor logos traded, I must say I was enjoying it, nice1 mate. In the end I was battling Gaynall again, this time I held him behind to finish 11th.

    Thanks for the racing :tongue::)
  5. great races

    yep, totally agree michael: a fun way to spend saturday night!

    quali: one good lap put me in 11 of 19, quite happy.

    race1: got pushed in t1 by canabis, but luckily everyone was quick to react and nothing serious happened. settled in for two laps behind krister (always difficult, you don't want to shove your team mate :) ) and then for a brilliant fight with neil tennant, meaning: he tried to get passed while i played jarno trulli quite successfully. the good man touched me at least 7 times but always drew back to let me survive half a lap longer. we swapped positions twice but after six laps (?) i had to let him go. i was then gobbled up by canabis, gaynall and team mate michael js only to kick canabis out (sorry mate, my mistake :( ) and damage the car (lol, that was the incident michael referred to in his post). finished the race 15th of 15 still alive.

    race2: quietly slipped past a couple of guys in laps 1 and 2 to end up 9th of 15, held that position against michael js and then m.kollinger. another trulli situation, i think i could hold out for three laps against this gentleman driver, nice fight. next up to see my rear was gaynall, but he smacked a wall (lol), so i could bring it home safely for 10th of 15. great racing all, wish there was a "gentleman of the month" thread, n. tennant would get my vote!

    thx rpm and rsc for hosting these events even with the forums down, you keep the spirit alive!
  6. Had fun racing with you guys! Always a blast running against you.:)

    I dropped a tire in the grass and found a glitch in the track. My car started sinking so I had to slow to get it under control!:eek:

    Great races to everyone and the podiums! Cya on the next track!:biggrin:
  7. currently uploading to rapidshare. wait another two minutes ...

    dummmdeedummm upload speed a measly 21k per second, sorry :)


    upload finished, but it does not give me the address atm :(

    currently trying again, there you go:

  8. hi garry, your report sounds like my first online race on a non-public server 18 months ago: rolled over on my rooof in lap1, stayed in that position only to have the field smack into me as they did lap2. i felt awful ...

    best place to race is at rsc (or rpm at the moment), just keep coming back, we're all mates here as far as I can see, you'll pick up the terms of trade quickly, trust me. i now manage my own team (and am still awfully slow :) ), just goes to show, doesn't it?
  9. Garry, dont worry, everybody had the first on-line race in their life. :)
    if you find friendly folks to race with, it is the best joy in the universe. :) :) :)

    let me take the chance to all Racing Club and team members to thank that you are existing guys! (ok, i stop, it is getting too emotional.... lol)
  10. Thanks, maybe thats the problem, will have a closer look :)

    Hope to see you all again....congrats to the winner !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hans ;)
  11. Thanks for your reply...could also be the problem, but for me it wasn't the first time maybe things are running to hot.

    Hope to give some competition next time :wink:

  12. Wow, I'm still so excited.. my very first one with you guys and I really had a very good time. Some very good fights, some bad ones too where I hit and got hit as well.

    Qualy was amazing, after watching te replay of the last WTCC race @Istanbul to which I couldn't make it in time where my personal best is >3 secs slower than best, I never thought of making a place within first half.

    In Race 1 I started 6th and found myself 7th after first corner and then got unter attack of beep_greg[NO-B] who passed me right the next round - very good performance, I had no weapons to defend against your amazing speed.
    Nice hunting then with Michael Herrmann who I only could pass by profiting of his mistake in corner #1. Impossible then for me to close the gap to the drivers in front, so I finished amazing 6th.

    So in Race 2 I found myself starting 4th position. Had a really aweful start and found myself 11th after first 3 corners. During a nice fight with J. Hoeppner I pushed a bit too hard seeing a gap where no gap was. Sorry for that Jens, I think I was just kind of upset about myself losing positions during start and lost some patience.
    Due to some more errors I found myself back 13th (of 15) now meeting Michael Sharpe for a very nice fight. After passing him I could close the gap to p9 Eckart von Glan. Again some rounds with very hard work where we changed positions twice. Nice and fair work Eckart. Now I got closer to Darron Miller p8 and could pass him due to a late braking that opened the gap I needed.

    Very amazing evening giving me 5 unexpected points - thanks for everyone and grats to the winners !
    Its great to watch the replays, especially Chris Aponte's run through the field in race 2
  13. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    well if u didnt use a parachute on ur car to brake so hard in the middle of corners i wouldnt of hit u! :lol:

    oh puh-lease! making me all furry inside

    Good racing all night!

    thx rpm and rsc for hosting these events even with the forums down, you keep the spirit alive!
  14. Great Racing

    Report Server 2 Puebla Special Minis 1ST March 08

    Good Qualy for me 2ND to Nevermind on 1.37.50 ¼ second off pole

    Got knocked off during 1st lap dropping down the field , had a good drive back to 2nd by about lap 4
    I tried to catch David Lemon the leader but was hardly making an impression.
    :Mid race I lost concentration and went off losing 2nd place to Nevermind ,who was catching up fast.
    I spent the rest of the laps watching the race for the lead from a few seconds back.
    Finished Third.

    Started in P6
    Had a good dice with Crazydoc for the lead and managed to give myself a 2 second cushion.
    I watched the dice between Crazydoc and Nevermind in my mirrors.
    I knew Nevermind would catch me if he could get past Crazydoc
    Managed to hold it all together and finished 1st
    Best Race lap 1.37.8


    Finished equal 1st with Nevermind with 16 points.
    I also suffered from the race 2 replay bug.

    Nice to see a few skins in the race , makes it more interesting.

  15. Hi Garry,
    Attila had told you too everyone had the first race, so no problem I understand so don't worry, there is no one will like to start with the reverse must be a mistake and forget about that and just prepare for the next race ok?

    Is ok, no problem, I know that you did not mean to do that, but I just know that something happen to your car but I don't know what was the problem, anyway is alright don't worry no problem.

    See you in next race

  16. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG


    Thanks guys I really feel at home :)

    Hope to see you in up and coming races, not sure if I am going for Brands Hatch or not yet.

    As I was testing offline and when the ghost car was level the graphics/screen was locking/lagging for a seconds or 2.

    I know this is due to my graphic card, and I have everything on low. WIll be ordering a new one on the 14th of the month and a new power supply.

    Thanks again guys :)
  17. You are welcome, yes the graphic card is very important, and power supply is good to get a 500w.

    Hope to see you soon Garry


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