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[RACE 07] MINIS @ Macau 16th April 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. By popular demand, it's time to get those hot little MINI's out again, and lets head to the orient and try to master the spectacular Macau racetrack.

    Date: Wednesday 16th April 2008

    Track: Macau 07

    Laps: 2 by 7 lap races.

    Cars: MINI Cooper S 07

    Server: RaceDepartment

    Password: click here

    Schedule (GMT time)
    Practise: 18.00 GMT
    Qualy: 18.30 GMT
    Races: 19.00 GMT
    Weather: Dry
    Start: Standing


    Group 1

    1 Warren Dawes
    2 Hansje vH
    3 Christopher Aponte
    4 Marc Kollinger
    5 James Johnson
    6 Ramon van Rijn
    7 Ian Beech
    8 Stirb Iuliu
    9 Lux770
    10 Jens Hoeppner
    11 Peter Madsen
    12 Robert Crone
    13 Gareth Hickling
    14 Darron Miller
    15 Robert Maytum
    16 Attila Domjan
    17 Dave Robinson
    18 Nevermind
    19 Roy Stevens
    20 martin holman
    21 Michael Herrmann
    22 Sven De Nys
    23 Henrik Horvath

    Group 2

    1 Edika
    2 David Lemon
    3 Victor Shaw
    4 Sébastien Poidevin
    5 Martijn Niesen
    6 Flamin
    7 Sylvain Mirlaud
    8 Jejemart (Jerome Martin)
    9 Terry Harmer
    10 xlitex
    11 Fusion Racing
    12 dubbe
    13 racepaul
    14 franco becagli
    15 epic
    16 Mehmet Arikan
    17 Tepa
    18 skipys_co_uk
    19 olivercamos
    20 Bram Hengeveld
    21 Ingemar Petterson

    Reserved drivers

    1 Theo de Bruin
    2 Robert Hicks
  2. I can't miss this one :D
    But it may be my last race for some time :(

    Name on RD forum: Warren Dawes
    Name in game: Warren Dawes
    Age: 58
    Control: G25
  3. Do I hear MINI...I am in ofcourse :alla:

    Name on RD forum: Hansje
    Name in game: Hansje vH
    Age: 50
    Control: DFP

    Hans :)
  4. don't know if i have time

    but put me on :)
    Name on RD forum: Christopher Aponte
    Name in game: Christopher Aponte
    Age: 25
    Control: G25
  5. in in in :)

    Name on RD forum: Marc Kollinger
    Name in game: Marc Kollinger
    Age: 39
    Control: MS SideWinder FF Wheel
  6. Oooh minis! I'm in for sure, might actually do well in these lol! :D

    Name on RD forum: Andy Marsden
    Name in game: Andy Marsden
    Age: 23
    Control: 360 Gamepad
  7. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Uh... mini's....macau.... BOth a very long time ago since I touch them.
    Sign me up plz.

    Name on RD forum: Ramon van Rijn
    Name in game: Ramon van Rijn
    Age: 37
    Control: G25
  8. Name on RD forum: beechy666_uk
    Name in game: Ian Beech
    Age: 38
    Control: Wheel Formula Force EX
  9. Name on RD forum: Stirb Iuliu
    Name in game: Stirb Iuliu
    Age: 24
    Control: Thrustmaster Wheel
  10. I'm in please!

    Name on RD forum: Lux770
    Name in game: Luc Frachon
    Age: 31
    Control: G25
  11. oha... mini i will try ^^ sign me in plz

    Name on RD forum: Jens Hoeppner
    Name in game: Jens Hoeppner
    Age: 38
    Control: G25
  12. Stephane Dejoux

    Stephane Dejoux

  13. Name on RD forum: Robert Crone
    Name in game: Robert Crone
    Age: 15
    Control: G25

    Can't wait for some Mini action again :)
  14. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

  15. put me in:brancard:
  16. sign me up plz :thumb:
  17. Quick alteration, i'm going to be using this skin :)

  18. I am in, but very tentatively, i might not have the time for it, but i can not resist to sign up for a Mini event, somehow it brings me good memories! :) :) :)

    Name on RD forum: Attila Domjan
    Name in game: Attila Domjan
    Age: 30
    Control: ECCI
  19. Sign me up please.

    Name on RD forum: FOG>Daheee
    Name in game: Dave Robinson
    Age: 43
    Control: G25
  20. Sign me up too
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