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Race #07, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jul 7, 2013.

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  2. Dear apologies to Cabo. Sorry u have to be the first to get dnf by me but im not making excuses, i feel bad but i think you feel 10 times more bad, i accept the consequences but the worst thing for me is that you DNF by me. really sorry mate
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  3. You forgive mas accepted, but as your you say I feel 10 times worse that your, already me as ruined an end and week seemed to be Positive. From Canada I do not raise head... I do not understand what happens. We meet in Hungary.
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  5. Stalling engines like Fisichella.
  6. Sorry to Kostadinov for the incident
  7. No high expectations, was ill yesterday so i was just not in shape today, just enough to race. Since I didn't drove for 2 days and only started just 45 minutes before the race it was very though just to get in any decent time on race pace as on Q.

    Q Bad 4 tents of on My final atempt got me p13

    Started on Soft, managed to work my way up to p8 but since my pace on H was so horrible Soft was the only way to go for me. Had some good fun with them, plenty of overtakes, some though defending from Varga somewhere in the race but got him on the outside in Spitskehre. Also some more overtakes so the race was eventful for me. Last part of the race was hard, got a bit tired and my wrist hurted a bit so was though to maintain rhythm. P12 in the end, cant complain to much about it since I had a good and fun race.
  8. It's okey mate, this could happen to everyone, glad that I didn't have big damage and sad that you stolled. We made awesome battle all race Netrex vs. Twister and will remember this race with good, even when I am little bit disappointed, cuz after my mistake where i lost only 2 secs and you managed to catched me with others guys and started a battle where I lost maybe chances for 2nd or podium step :)
  9. what happened is my judgement failed me and unfortunately this time it ment a driver would get a DNF because of that and im sad that this has happened mostly for you and i feel my convidence shrinking to be honest. I understand your agression but its really not needed. Dian Kostadinov had exactly the same accident and look at his reaction. Then again im the one to blame and i cant say sorry enough.
  10. ;)
  11. Gonna explain how short its been my race.

    Not good lap in Q, was three tenths off from my own time, but I failed in last sector. So I'm 12. Consedering that the WT drivers done 11th and 13th, we can say "as expected".

    I had huge problems for joining the server while warm up, I was down serveral time and I couldnt do anylap before the race, just time to load the set up, but I didnt do some change that could gave me some pace.

    Carlos Martin is gonna start the formation lap AND ITS GOOOONE.... Stalled the engine before doing a meter. Was a disaster. Then I joined the race from pit lane. The very first laps were ugly, just doing 1:37.4, after 4 laps I gained the pace 1:36.7. In 18 laps I reduced a 24 second distance with the guys I had in front, so I decided to overtake Marconi, but as Im very luckily we crashed in the Dunlop turn. Lost hability of braking and I crashed into the tires barriers, loosing my front wing and having several damages. So I did an unexpected pit stop, my plan was stopping on lap 23, then set soft and while that stint decide if just one more set of hard ortwo of soft. but as you know this was ****ed, with damages I thought that hard tires would be a disaster so I setted three soft tires (4 Stops in total) .

    Im very disapointed, I know that 4 very strong drivers were missing today, but today passing into Q2 was posible, but as I usual I failed again.

    Think that my opportunities in WC are already gone, was a pleasure driving with the best drivers.

    Have fun for the rest of the champ :)