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[RACE 07] FD Series Imola - Saturday 10-5-2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, May 3, 2008.

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  2. Bram

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  3. Group 2

    Quali: Been a while since I last drove a rear drive car... so had to re-learn it all over :D. Still managed to keep it reasonably on track at the end of qualifying.

    Race 1: Decided to take it easy and just try to finish the race without spinning off (much like Eckhart :D). I had forgotten to do a drive with full tank at the end of quali and I was surprised how awfull the beemer handled in the first lap! Still it was better after lap one and I managed to keep her on track pretty much. Because of other peoples mistakes I actually managed to climb up to p.6 or 7 but then I think my tires were getting worn as I was having more and more difficulties to not make any mistakes. Spinned a few times and dropped back to p.9. All for the best as this way I wasn't on pole for race 2 :D.

    Race 2: Started in p.9 and I forgot how fast the bmw is from the starting line, I was of like a rocket and hit Karl in front of me (only slightly fortunately, still sorry Karl!). Going into the first corner it looked like a scene from "The Mist"... couldn't see a thing lol! But got through ok. Again struggling with the BMW in lap 1 and settled in a rythm after that. Did OK I think, had a few nice little fights. Very nice overtaking manouvre from Karl! :thumb:. Ended up in p.9 again after making some mistakes at the end. Pretty much a rerun from race 1 lol! :D

    Thanks for the great races guys! :thumb:
  4. Nice racing as always Jamie. I drove the 2006 E90. I felt it lags some horse power. I tried to carry speed through the chicane in order to pass you on the way down to Rivazza but did not get the timing right. From time to time I missed the line and got warnings ending up in the box for a 10 second teatime ...
  5. Late report... oh well,

    Qualified in 4th without running any lap with the Seat yet, I thought it was 1.59.7 or something, but I know I could've been faster.

    Anyway, race 1 was soooooooooooooooooooo NICE! First time I really felt I was looking for the opponents to not crash in to them with my Takuma Sato actions. Had great fights with Ben Tusting and a chasing Attila Domjan behind me. Boy oh boy, I knew I was faster than Ben but just couldn't pass him! Great defending! Last lap I got a Sn'G penalty that killed me and brought me 6th, just when I got Ben Tusting the lap before and made a gap to 2 seconds.

    Oh yeah, my cat was causing some problems sometimes when he was infront of the screen and half on the steeringwheel. One time this caused a slide of the track.. but, for some reason, I managed to get it back on track! I watched it over and over, and am still suprised by it, lol.

    Also sorry for the early braking in some turns Attila, don't know why I say sorry for this but it could cause some frustrating moments I guess :p.

    Race 2 wasn't so nice. Just can be clear about one thing. 2 Sn'G's and a disqualification, oh well, doesn't really matter. I got the dq when I refused to go in pit, lol.
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