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[RACE 07] FD Series Imola - Saturday 10-5-2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Sorry for missing this race guys. I looked at the CET times, thinking it was GMT.
    Stupid ass mistake. I also gave the time to Ken Hunter, meaning he missed it to.
    :( :( :( :(
  2. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    really cant be bothered with this track or race, sorry for wasting a slot.
  3. Race Report

    Epic fail!

    Stop n GO bla bla bla whilst going wide etc to avoid people.

    Or Oh noes you used the Kerb... Bad boy... Have a stop n go.
  4. Quali:
    2nd position far behind henrik.

    race 1:
    Had a strange problem. It said that I was in last position when I was not.
    Nobody saw my car, and my car was destroyed. Had to repair it.
    I think connection problems caused all this.
    Anyway, I finished in 12th place.

    Race 2:
    Much better then 1st race.
    After 1st corner I was already in 6th place.
    After that had some luck, because others got stop and go, and at the middle of the race I was in 2nd place behind Atti.
    I came closer and after 2 laps I passed him.
    After that he made a mistake, so I had a big gap.
    THen I just drove on a normal pace to the finish, ending in 1st place.

    Thanks to everyone for racing!
  5. Nice fun battles, sometimes with others too but mainly with myself and the happy tail of the GTA. :)

    Qualy: 3rd with 1:59.7, felt i could have gone bit faster but no chance to get Henrik on pole with some crazy 1:58... lol

    Race 1: got to 2nd at the start, since pro-drifter disappeared, sry for that m8 (btw, what is your real name, dont u want to change it? would be easier to call you Karl or Tom or Joe... lol) Henrik flied away on 1st, from behind great pressure form Ben and Robert, they passed me, we were training a lot 3 of us, i made twice mistake, off track, then get back again to them, remained behind. Robert on last lap instead of finish line was choosing the pit-lane, SnG penalty... so 3rd at the end.

    Race 2: hm, that was eventful again. Got a good start, almost too good, still on the grid reached the back of Jari-s french wonder car lol, slowed it down the acceleration, sry Jari. Got away in 6th i think, nice battles midfield, gaining a plce or two, then suddenly i got to 2nd, as the leading pack from 2-4 got off the track...? Same lap i foudn myself on 1st, as Henrik also disappeared from the front to the pits, i guess SnG...?
    So, still 6 laps to go, leading with the little fella 06 GTA (loooool), but from behind pro-drifter came with some significatn speed difference, could hold him back fro 2 laps or so, then on accelerating out from the hairpin he power dragstered my little beauty italian wonder. Tried to keep up with him, of course i could not, pushed too hard, out of track bang to the wall, car half wrecked.... lol
    Back to 4th behind Gizmo and Jari, at the end got ahead of them to 2nd.

    Too bad at the end of the race only 9 (!!!!) driver remained...

    Anyhow, it was nice fun again, thanks for the races guys.
  6. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Race Report:
    12th with 2:02:1 happy enough with not favourite car and never raced here in WTCC.

    Started well and was 6th half way round the track with most of the RD Grid me :bike:. But overshot Rivazza and fell down to 12th. Then had a good scrap with Oliver Amos and MarcWright and James Yeates until the enividible happened. Stop and Go penalties. I had one the same time as Oliver so I still had company....Till I had 4 more. I dont understand the such persnickity rules of cutting they have in Imola but it cost me and some of the field a good race upfront. So ended up in the garage watching the battle for 2nd (Which was great!)

    Started 15th and got a good start (In a Leon???????) and was soon up to 7th and in between Atti and Jari :)ambulance:) and felt the heat and made a mistake again in the Rivazza letting Jari pass so was down to 8th. Then Crazydoc and David Lemon very closing and Crazydoc found a pass at the chicane and was though. I battled with him for about 5laps and with other people leaving or having a stop an go or in Tobias's case spinning :) soon found ourselves battling for 5th. Then Henrik Horvath (Who had a stop and go and was lighing up the field with his pace)Caught us and passed me reasonably simple but it took him a lap and a good fight to pass Crazydoc for 5th. Then I had my stop and go for a simple going wide out of Aoque Minerli. Then got another cheaply too. So on Lap12 I needed to try and find some pace to pass Keith who was 4seconds ahead of me put I soon did coming through the chicane.So finished a disappointing 7th

    My first of I hope many FD races. Shame about the strict rules and the amount of people leaving but I hope next one will hopefully be better! :homer:
    Thnx to the organizers and thnx for the great battles and grazt to Henrik and Pro_Drifter_100 for the wins
  7. Group 2

    Thanks for a good race! :thumb:

    I qualified in to 7th, with a 2:01.8xx - I know that I can push a 1:59 in TA mode so I was pretty happy with 7th place.

    Race 1: At the green flag someone ahead of me didn't get off the line so I were held up and lost a few places :( A bit of the usual carnage on Lap 1 soon made me regain the lost positions. Had some great fighting with Tepa, pretty much clean and fair racing despite the odd tap here and there. I'm sorry if I hit you Tepa :party0012:

    Race 2: Again a bit of mess going in to T1, lots of white smoke and dust - I could hardly see the track in front of me :character00182: Navigated through most of the crashes and headed down the straight in a pack of cars. Going on to the hairpin way to fast and with cold brakes isn't recommended as I soon discovered :character0047: I rejoined the track in 14th position and dead last. But, as I had the speed I were soon up to 8th and had some fighting with Theo. Thank you for a nice and honest fight Theo! :thumb: From there on I just had to keep the car on the track and up to pace with the leaders, I gained a few places because of other peoples misfortune. I ended in P5.

    Thank you all, and see you at the next event!
    Kind regards,
  8. Group 1

    Quali: well happy with my 2:4.8xx after only hittin a 2:5.8xx in practice tyres nice and warm, clear track and the car felt fine. only thing was never got chance to better it due to traffic - hey ho, probably ended up in the right spot... 21 from 22.

    Race 1. good start and got in about the other 2:4 drivers thought things going okay. gave kurbs respect. first stop and go as fuel got light and tyres got worn... shame it thought i was cutting when clearly pointing the wrong direction is a ploughed thru the apex. ended up as last runner with a few cars in the pits waiting for race 2.

    Race 2. another good start in my book (starting to get better at this!!!) got myself up 4-5 places. then just before the chicane ahead of tosa lost back end (risked dropping another element of wing before race and cold tyres caught me out). pulled away back of the pack. then my race started and is coined by Akon in his lyrics "Lonely... I'm Mr Lonely". I plodded around at the back of the grid just learning how to not oversteer and scrub me tyres. Ross caught me on last lap after his incident, but seeing i had just picked up my first stop and go on the last lap for this circuit moved over and let him past so i could follow and watch faster driver lines thru v. alta. a corner i struggled with most of the night.

    Overall only dissappointed with tonight from the amount of finishers - not a normal FD night but circuit may have a lot to explain for this. apart from the strict nature of the circuit its a nice fast flowing drive - shame its not on the F1 calendar any more.

    big thanks to organisers as normal though! :thumb:
  9. :D:DI had the best race ever. I finished infront of attila :D. This is what racing is all about. Nice racing with you robert had a close battle
  10. FD #2 Report:
    I first use G25 to race,is my new wheel G25 first race,
    but,very ****, i think me need to more Practice it,
    this race ,i am slow,and more mistake,very ****,
    I hope in Round 3 & 4 ,Valencia can handle my G25,
  11. What is the next fd series track.
    Suggestion donnington
  12. I think poor old Doni still has some issues for online play,unless an update version has been done by now?.
  13. ok
  14. Group 2

    in practice I got a nice 2.02.999 but in quali I just couldn't go as fast and so I was 11th with a time of 2.04.122

    My first ever online race in Race 07, so I was really nervous.
    I got a fairly good start and passed one car in the start. On T1 people were spinning all over. I went wide and dropped to 13th place. In T5 one car spun so I went a place up there and in T6 the 3 cars in front of me crashed so I went pass them as well. At this point I was 8th. After this I passed people who had spun out or went to the pits (SnGs I guess) and it was a relaxed drive for about 6 laps with Jamie Wilson, the other Alfa driver besides me, in front of me and Mtommi Tam behind me in a Honda. On lap 5 Jamie went to the pits (fuel, SnG I dunno?) so I was now in 5th position. Well my 5th position didn't last long when on lap 6 in T12 I went wide which resulted in Mtommi thanking me and going pass me :D
    So I was driving in 6th position until lap 9 when one of the lead cars went to the pits and so I got back to 5th place. At this point I thought that because my tyres were completely worn out, I would just drive my Alfa to the finish at 5th place. But to my fortune and Mtommis misfortune he made a mistake on the final lap in turn 2 so I went pass him and stayed in fron of him (barely) till the finish line.
    All in all an excellent race from my point of view and I was more than happy with my 4th place.

    Again a fairly good start lost one position but no biggy. In turn 1 disaster strikes as my antivirus software (avast antivirus) decides to update its virus database. This resulted in my fps dropping to 1-5 and so I hit the car in front of me which was broxmans (so sorry!) and as I tried to steer out of the race track I hit Karl Westmans car (also so sorry!). After this I was last untill T6 where Karl Westman had went wide. Westman eventually went past me but in T6 Mtommi had spun out so I regained my 13th position. On lap 3 I once again hit broxmans car due to missing my braking point, which spun us both out (again so sorry!). After this not much happened. I drove behind broxman till the finish and in the I was 8th.

    Really nice races both. Had lots of fun. Sorry to all those who I hit.
    See you in the next FD :drive:
  15. Group 2


    Meh. Not comfortable with the car at all, particularly in the braking department.

    I elected to stay in the pits for the first 10 minutes or so and watch how people were getting on in order to apply it to my predicament, but I spotted a few people lagging and spent the rest of the session discussing various procedures regarding what to do when you're seen to be lagging - more on that in another thread.

    I will take this opportunity to apologise to Steve Emmons though; I really didn't mean to come across as a lag nazi, if I had been aware of your ongoing situation beforehand I wouldn't've chased you up on it - It's just that usually it's a case of people forgetting that they're running something in the background or somesuch. It's very difficult to know if you're lagging unless you're told (due to the fact that only your upstream can be affected), and it's everyone's duty therefore to point it out - we need to have solid procedures in place. I really do hope you can find a way of getting on top of the issue.

    Anyway, I went out with a couple of minutes to go and ruined my outlap, and only got around half way around a hot lap before the session changed, so I started last - P17.

    Race 1
    In a tremendous display of 'square peg round hole' syndrome, I totally forgot to put fuel back in the car - so; that, combined with the fact that my car felt like it had the stability properties of a ball bearing on top of a running washing machine in the back of a ford transit with broken suspension trying to do the paris dakar rally during an earthquake ... <inhale> ... under braking, and the fact that I was right on the arse end of the grid really made it rather a done deal before the lights even came on.

    Not that that would stop me having some great battles, mind. I got a decent enough start (wub clutch) and tried to keep as much out of the inevitable tamburello silliness as was possible. I had a couple of super close laps with Broxman, unfortunately tapping him twice - once due to him slowing more than I expected when he hit a bump a bit wrong (which I ironically did on every lap other than that one), and another because I didn't quite react as fast as I would like to have done; sorry mate! No harm done fortunately.

    I ended up pitting twice for fuel and ended up P... 12 or 11 - last.

    Race 2
    I got a reasonable start off the line and again tried to avoid the sillybuggers at tamburello with reasonable success, ending up scrapping with Tepa up near the podium places, until he was very unfortunately taken out at the chicane. From then on it was largely a case of defending against ocin in a BMW - something I'm very familiar with in an Alfa; remember Brno? :) Ultimately I believe a mistake was made somewhere and none other than Tepa, in a great comeback drive, replaced the BMW in the mirrors with a Honda, and his late-race speed was just too much for me in my boat to defend against, so I ended up crossing the line in 4th position. (or 5th. Brain like a sieve tonight :p)
  16. :sign0016:
    A bit of nervousness is good, but try to relax as much as posbible :duh: otherwise you will "over drive" your car and push it over it's abilities.

    I recomend you to either get a AV in which you can set it to "game mode" when needed, or turn the automatic updates off and remember to manually update it instead. Myself - I'm using ZoneAlarm which has a "game mode" ( it will not interfer with updates nor dialogs about this and that), but when I'm attending a race I usually turn it off completely :)
    No problem!
    Kind regards,
  17. Was looking forward to the race, but it wasn't to be my day. Qualified 6'th or 7'th, but due to lag problems the better part of valour was to make a graceful exit before the race started.

    Jamie, No problems m8. I didn't realize it was as bad as it was. You were doing what you needed to do. One of the things that attracted me to the RD was the committment to providing a quality experience and I would feel quite badly if I detracted from that in some way. Really hate some of those internet knuckleheads... :)

    I've really worked to resolve the problem and even got some comments that it seemed better. Guess that wasn't the case today though...:) A month or so ago I did ask what "lag etiquette" should be, but didn't see a response. Perhaps because it was part of a post-race post... Anyway, I wasn't purposefully trying to ignore you or the situation.

    Unfortunately for me I think it's coming to the end of the road. I'm not a computer novice and have a few more things to try at my end, but they don't seem likely to resolve the situation. After some more research I'm beginning to think my connection is being affected by my isp's "traffic shaping" policies. Guess it's time to try another isp if I can find one.

    Good racing!
  18. Fun,Jani Kuhno :)
    yesterday,my place is 2008-05-11 AM-02:20 Start Qualify,very tired,
    andthis track no more practice,but this not important,
    i on the track more mistake,and my G25 just bought 1 week,
    this is my G25 first race,is lose,
    i need more practice for G25,
    but, yesterday fun.thank you all brother :)

    And the race 2,in lap 2,i crash Pirro,on that time,i no feel continue race,
    First is my wheel can not handle,
    second is me mistake,crash other car,
    So,very **** feel,
    Now, i hope in Valencia can run good :)
  19. your most welcome m8. :drunk: it was a nice race indeed! :thumb:
  20. fun in the beemer

    for me, taking the E46 in Imola was the fun-nightmare I thought it would be. After about 20 laps of offline training I had my times down from 2:25 to 2:08, doing a lap without spin was still a struggle, though.

    Quali: first outing with full tank, another interesting surprise; ended up 15th of 17.

    race1: managed to stick to my commitment of "NO SPIN" till the very last lap, when I finally lost it. Had a lot of fun all alone, it was more like playing Richard Burns Rally :) finished 12th

    race2: after a bad start (tried starting in zero gear) which turned into a good start (10th after t3) the racing gene got me and I tried to actually compete rather than just keep 'er on the gray stuff. Trying to chase a Chevy, I lost her and lost her again a little later: splitter gone and front axle kinda' twisted. Now the driving was real fun because you never knew how the Bavarian beauty would react :) After two Black Flags and a puncture I called it a day.

    Next up: the other Beemer (call it a challenge!)

    did a movie http://forum.racedepartment.com/friendly-development-wtcc-series/3255-fd-wtcc-media.html#post92112
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