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[RACE 07] F3000 @ Imola 20th April 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Warren Dawes, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Did I hear our open wheel fans were hoping for some F3000 action? Then here you go.


    Date: Sunday 20th April 2008

    Track: Imola

    Laps: 2 by 12 lap races.

    Cars: F3000

    Server: RaceDepartment

    Password: click here

    Schedule (GMT time)
    Practise: 18.00 GMT
    Qualy: 18.30 GMT
    Races: 19.00 GMT
    Weather: Dry
    Start: Standing


    1 Roy Stevens
    2 Jens Hoeppner
    3 Robert Crone
    4 Formula1[NO-B]
    5 Ross Balfour
    6 Theo de Bruin
    7 nico_major
    8 Terry Harmer
    9 pro drifter100
    10 Gary Lennon
    11 Darron Miller
    12 Vincent Kan
    13 Ingemar Petersson
    14 Gareth Hickling
    15 Jam
    16 Tepa67
    17 mft4
    18 Lee Clifford
    19 dubbe

    Reserved drivers

  2. sign me up plzz...:thumb:
  3. plz in :)
  4. In please!

    F3000, battles with Formula [No-B] Please! :d
  5. lol
    sign me please too
    water in my face with Robert again again againnnn lol
  6. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

  7. Sign me up please. Thank You.
  8. Oh yes! I'd like to join the party.
    Race 07 name: ocin
    Thx Warren

  9. I'm joining you as well. Sign me in. Thank you.
  10. pls sign me in too
  11. Wouldn't you know it? The first Sunday I've had to travel for business on in the past 6 months. :(

    Enjoy! Let's do it again sometime...
  12. Cut me a slice of F3000 pie please :thumb: .
  13. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG


    Sign me up please. Not driven these before, but should be fun
  14. Hi there, I am a newbie but like to try my hands on the F3000 too! Sign me up pls! Thx
  15. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG


    Please remove me, as I am not going to be able to make it, sorry
  16. sign me in , if i´m not to late... :)
  17. I would like to sign out from the event. Thank You.
  18. put me in plz
  19. Tel's entry

    Sign me up please.
    Just done a bit of praccy
    about 5 secs off the pace
    but great track to drive.

  20. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Updated! I am in also :thumb:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.