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RACE 07 - Expansion packs announced

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bram, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    SimBin today announced that its award winning PC racing game “Race07” will get 5 different expansion packs. The theme based expansion packs are a tribute to the lively community of the game, as they focus on highly requested content from the fans. The expansion packs will be released over the coming months at a price point between five and ten Euro/USD each. The first pack is completely free of charge!
    race07 box.jpg
    The first expansion pack is named “Formula RaceRoom” and it includes the high powered Formula RR, SimBin's fastest car to date, and three layouts on a new and highly detailed version of Hockenheim Ring. More information and the official release date will be announced soon.

    “Race07 was a milestone in SimBins racing history. The game has an active community of more than half a million gamers worldwide. The release of these five final expansion packs is a tribute to our fans and marks at the same time the end of our old racing engine. Besides concluding the RACE 07 saga, SimBin is currently developing a much anticipated title based on its brand new engine, much more about this will be announced later this year. Now its time to say thank you to our RACE07 community, so we hope you will enjoy the new content as it is based upon your feedback and wish list.” comments Henrik Roos, CEO of SimBin Studios AB.

    The expansion packs will be available exclusively via digital distribution.

    More info about RACE 07 and their expansions can be found in the RACE Series forums
  2. Another bulk of expansion on the Race07 engine..:confused:.. How about Simbin giving us more info on GTR3 rather than bleeding us all dry..:frown:
  3. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium Member

    nice....to bad i will be off
  4. I think the price point of 5 to 10 euros each is pretty reasonable and its nice to have confirmation that they are still hard at work on GTR3, with a brand new game engine. Maybe they are trying to drum up some extra interest in the genre prior to the release of GTR3 which is a very important title for the company.

    Also great that the first expansion is totally free :cool:
  5. ?? Have to say im surprised at this, isnt Formula RaceRoom already free just in a different format, so its hardly a thank you to customers.
    If they wanted to thank me and others like me that bought their games on DVD that also has an offline install, they would make the last 2 patches they brought out available to the offline install as well as the online install.

    If they are working on these packs who is working on GT3 (or what ever its called)
    seeing as there is a track and car in this pack im sure customers wont settle for less in any of the other packs which means another 4 new cars and tracks at a minimum.
  6. More standard vehicles would be neat, kinda tired of the touringcar franchise.
  7. Matthes Uhlenbusch

    Matthes Uhlenbusch

    yes, WHEN ???? any news ?
  8. Wonder if the STCC 2 cover on Racerooms site is one of them. I'd definately get that. For 5-10 euro, they'll probably be worth it to keep the game going until their new title hits the shelves:good:.
  9. As far as I remember STCC was born from part of the team who were not working on Race On at the time and they did a gr8 job with it, especially the tracks. Maybe these are the same. Making use and money from idle hands whilst GTR3 is possibly at a certain stage where the modellers and artists may not be actively involved.
  10. I think yet again its just a load more of a wast on money from simbin. Race On was a joke and then they come back with this. simbin is gone to the way side. there just doing updates for that 1 game as they know they cant do better.
  11. sounds great, hope that the steering bug in the original raceroom release will have been dealt with, for me they were impossible to handle on any straight.

    also, this explains the patch which came out of the blue sky this week, adding a seventh gear to our Race07 install :)
  12. Lol they are offering a free car and track for old customers, plus a few more expansions for a very cheap price, plus confirmation that the new game with new engine will be coming out soon... and still people COMPLAIN??? that is funny.
  13. Roland

    Premium Member

    5 (FIVE!) Expansion packs no less? I Wonder what SimBin could bring us, divided in 5 pieces, that the mighty Modding Community hasn't given us yet? Totally free? I just hope is't not the WTCC09, WTCC10, WTCC11 season for € 10,- each..

    I'd love to have an STCC2, for sure. But as another expansion pack running the same old RACE07 engine, what could be the big improvement over (the excellent!) STCC? Some more car skins?

    It's a nice gesture to let us know that SimBin has not forgotten us, but releasing 5 packs, 1st for free, and 4 for lets say €8,- each, totals €32,-, which is close to the retail price of a fully new game! So this better be very good, but i fear that SimBin might want to go the Activision - Call of Duty route (Charging you €12,- for 3 new levels and two polished-up old ones).

    [/Whiner-mode OFF]
  14. Here's a couple of comments from Simbin on Facebook to a few questions asked about content and GTR3:

    "SimBin We can't reveal all the pack themes just yet, but there should be something for every taste along the way ;)"

    SimBin Michael, templates will be available for some of the new content.. very much so for the Formula RaceRoom actually, but more about that later :)

    Dave there are different teams working on different game engines, so it is not instead of any new... title, and it will also not postpone any possible new title.

    Marek, yes. We want to give the Formula RaceRoom car to all the RACE 07 series gamers, free of charge. Take it to any track in the world instead of being limited to Hockenheim and race it with your friends instead of only against the AI. Enjoy

    Any content I'm interested in I'll get and if I'm not I wont. We're not being forced to buy more gMotor2 content, but offered something to enjoy whilst they continue to make their new title. I personally can't fault that even if the new content turns out to be of no interest to myself (though I'm sure it will!!).
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I am pretty sure it's something like this:
    1) Formula RR (free, email registration boosting to sell GTR 3)
    2) GTR 2 (old recycled content, not free)
    3) GT Legends (old recycled content, not free)
    4) STCC 2 (limited new content, not free)
    5) WTCC 09, 10 or 11 (few new content (cruze?), not free)

    Here you go: five packs
  16. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    sounds right to me Bram.
  17. That's and ok list there Bram but, Gtr2 to evo I have and Gtl to evo I have so nothing good there not played the raceroom thing so cant say on that but its free so that's good. Then there is the WTCC how much of that do we need in 1 game and when you think that the awesome skins that skiners have done don't see the point and the cruze is out there if you know where to look.

    That's my point there not doing any thing but trying to squeeze that last bit of money out of an old game sorry simbin but its not good enough
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Exactly my point. I already have bought GTL and GTR2 on a disc (and i can download them for race series as well).

    WTCC is a great real life motorsport series but unfortunately there is hardly any development in terms of cars and tracks. Every year its more or less the same.
  19. Yep will put Bram. Also i have just had a thought forgive if i am wrong here but tetacl own GTR2 not simbin and thats way they said the modders could use the game. Now there trying to sell us it for evo thats very wrong.

    I could be wrong thu and i am most of the time.
  20. I personally think we should praise Simbin for continuing their development. GTR3 is providing ZERO dollars to paying current bills and the electric company doesn't take IOUs. In the absence of a rapidly growing market where you can sell your existing product to new people(have you seen a zillion new sim racers lately?), a company has to bridge the revenue gap by enhancing their current offering until new products are ready for market.

    Would I rather have seen an announcement of GTR3? Absolutely, but this beats the heck out of an announcement that they are closing their doors. If you look at your return on investment versus other hobbies, I think the $/hour of enjoyment from simracing is quite a bargain.

    Your milage may vary....