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RACE 07 and Vista 64bit?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Karl Westman, May 10, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm planning to upgrade my gaming rig, but before I do:

    Will Race 07 run in a Vista 64-bit environment? Is there any special configurations or "hacks" that are needed?

    Future PC configuration:
    Intel E8400
    Evga n790i
    SB X-FI
    DDR3 ram

    Kind regards,
  2. Nope Vista Business 64-bit here, the 64-bit Windows can run any 32-bit program pretty much.
  3. Vista Ultimate 64 bit here, game runs without issue, no special thing needed for it.
  4. Vista Home Premium 64bit here, No problems... It just runs in 32bit environment :)
  5. Excellent! Good to hear, I were afraid of that it was only possible to run it in 32-bit...

    I've been breathing new life in my 3 year old gaming rig - with some healty cash from my tax refund I'm going to get a nice new configuration ( that'll last me another 3 years ... yeah right... :angel: )

    Current config:
    DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR motherboard
    AMD Opteron 185 (installed about a year ago)
    Corsair 2 GB ram
    MSI nVidia 8800 GTX ( I will reuse this)
    SB X-FI XtremeGamer ( I will reuse this)
    OCZ GameXstream 1000W PSU ( noisy as h**l, will be replaced)
    WD Raptor 36 GB
    WD Raptor 74 GB
    Maxtor 300 GB
    WD 150 GB

    Idea for new config:
    EVGA nForce 790i Ultra SLI
    Intel Core™ 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz
    Corsair TWIN3X 1600MHz DDR3, 2GB,
    MSI nVidia 8800GTX ( from old PC)
    SB X-FI ( from old PC)
    Corsair Powersupply 750W
    Western Digital Raptor 150GB SATA 16MB 10000RPM
    Samsung SpinPoint F1 1TB SATA2 32MB 7200RPM

    My 24" Dell and Logitech G25 will be kept.

    Any thoughts or recomendations?
    Kind regards,
  6. If you're not afraid of overclocking, try and see if you can find a lower GHz quad and clock it to E8400 levels.
    Not so sure if DDR3 is quite worth it yet, Corsair power supplies are brilliant, otherwise there's not much else I can say
  7. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member


    if you are planning to go with the 64bit
    why not go then with a 4 gb ddr2 ram (2x2gb) or higher......it's cheaper going that way....plus 64 bit os can handle more than 3 gb of ram
  8. ye, i agree with Christopher, for Vista get 4G RAM.
  9. So, you guys recomend 4 GB DDR2. Is it because of the price that you think I should stick with DDR2, or isn't the gain worth it in money for the DD3? I plan to put in another 2GB (of DDR3) in the next few months.

    As I tend to keep my motherboard for some time, and stick to upgrading single components as better ones comes along, I thought I would be better of with a "future proof" nForce 790 ( DDR3 etc.) instead of the already ( more or less) outdated nForce 780.

    Right or wrong?

    Kind regards,
  10. Christopher Aponte

    Christopher Aponte
    Premium Member

    well, some time ago i read that (back when DDR3 went on sale) the DDR3 doesn't really much gain over the DDR2....or the current generation that is......but it does use a bit more energy than the DDR2..

    so going with DDR2 tends to be much better (& a whole lot of cheaper of course)
    but i know that most guys does recommend vista to use 4 gb or more just to run smoother (maybe this has changed with the SP1 a bit)
  11. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    Chris is right, go for 4GB DDR2 instead of 2GB DDR3, even better will be 8GB DDR2, prices are very low at the moment.

    When you run 32 bit applications, like Race07, the double ammount of memory will be reserved for that application.

    With 4GB or more Superfetch will work great for you too, i have 4GB and i run 32 and 64 bit in Dual Boot.

    When you want to use a TV cart in the future, then look what you buy, not all cards are supported with good drivers.

    Why you go for a 790 board instead of the X38 or X48? Ony because of SLI?
  12. 4Gb is good, Vista here is idling using 1.15Gb of ram, with only 2gb I'd have less than 900mb left.
  13. So, with new (to me) information about the memory allocation for 32-bit apps, and the general memory appetite of Vista - I'll get at least 4gb of RAM :)

    It's still undecided if I should get a 790 mobo or a 780 (the new 750 looks interesting). The reason for nVidia based mobo is that I've used them for so long and I like them - AND because of the SLI, when my PC is on it's last leg I can always throw in another GPU to kick some life in it... (I've used 7800gtx in SLI in the past, worked like a charm)

    I've compared the prices and it's not that big of a leap to get a 790 ( at least it isn't for me :smurf: ).

    What I'm trying to figure out at the moment is what mobo that will be the best "future proof" one. DDR3 might be the thing to have by next year... :Unsure: ...or am I wrong?

    Also, since I already have a 8800GTX card, it would be silly to get a ATI based mobo ( I know it'll work just fine, but I wont be able to use two cards in it if not buying two new ATI cards)

    Kind regards,
  14. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium Member

    Think about how long you will use this system, look at the past, i think DDR3 prices are ok now but DDR3 needs to evaluate first before i will buy and use it.

    In my opinion DDR2 can last for another 2 years, thats why i bought a X38 gigabyte motherboard which performs great, great overclockong on my Q6600, it goes easily into 3.6 till 4.0 Ghz and outperforms default Core 2 Extremes.

    If you want to buy the latest technique you pay for it and the differences with "older" products is hardly noticable.

    I think if that start talking about DDR4 and see some test of it on the internet, the time is ripe to go for DDR3.
  15. Vista Home Premium 64bit here, No problems... 4 GB intern Q6600 @ 3.4Ghz
  16. Yup agreed 4Gb of DDR2 the way to go. My system is using a Gig whilst idling as well.
  17. Lets not forget that 2gb will work fine in Vista.

    A) You are idling at over 1gb because vista recognises that you have 4gb and as a result uses more. If you have less ram Vista will use less memory at idle

    B) When you launch a game the windows themes are disabled and you will have freed up a huge amount of ram.
  18. Im using 2GB on Vista 64bit at the moment, and its currently using 1.12GB of ram... but if i go in a game then alt+tab vista uses about 400mb and lets the game use the rest.
  19. True, I did have the system with only 2gb for a month idling it used ~900mb, on occasion if I was testing it I could get Vista to run out of ram and have to use pagefile. Hence the 4Gb.
  20. Thank you all for your comments and recommendations! :alla:

    I'm still uncertain about going the DDR2 or the DDR3 route, it will need some more research before the decision is taken. I'll keep you updated and ask for more advice down the road and before any purchases is done.
    Kind regards,