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Race #06, Great Britain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. great job on how some drivers performed again leaving no room and trying to push of you of the race track

    Thats a dnf for 1st time this year
    nothing more to say
  3. Peter Varga

    Peter Varga

    from gpcos:

  4. edit my gpcos comment: I WANT FULL FUEL BACK!! not refueling :D
  5. From gpcos:

  6. Q1 5th > Q2 10th > My Q1 lap was a good one, unlike Q2 lap where I lost 3 tenths from my mistake.. I believe this ruined my race..

    Race > I made a good start passing Room in T1. He passes me right back with a nice and clean move. Then Brljak and De Wit were just behind me fighting hard and I was scared that they're gonna take me out on some weird braking they did. Lap 2 I'm trying a move from the outside on Room but he defended well there. And immidiately I had De Wit trying a move on me while I was braking early to avoid collision with Room. His move doesn't stick. Lap 3 and Brljak takes the inside line and goes wide on the exit leaving me no room... And then once again De Wit trying a scary move that doesn't stick. Lap 5, I'm behind Brljak and I;m trying a move from the inside where I know that I have better braking than him (saw it on the previous laps). But he closes the door hard, driving his car too early on apex just to hit me... very bad move by him there...
    I'm having half a spin, losing 2 more positions. Lap 9 I'm behind Varga and overtake him, but he fought back on next corner and we are side by side, Greco is gaining advantance and tries to gain positions but he hits me from behind. Lap 9 and I'm getting into the pits early to avoid the traffic. Rejoining in 17th! From lap 18th I knew that me and Tali were on same strategy and he was just 3-4 seconds behind me. This was my target, to finish infront of Tali. Lap 39 I'm passing Brljak for 7th. Last stop on lap 42 and I'm rejoining in 6th! All the hard work through the race paid off! Now I had to keep Tali behind me for another 10 laps. And so I did taking 6th place.

    Congrats to Huis and my teamate Morgan for 2nd!
  7. L3 i'm fully alongside and attacking on the INSIDE for Stowe, you really thought I was going to yield the outside? And It takes running wide a bit there to perform the overtake... which leads to my first question. Take a look at Mikkonen and me L44 or thereabouts, same situation basically... I thought he divebombed me into Brooklands when i tried to defend round the outside but he was already way up the inside and it was more my mistake he hit me.

    And L5, you used the grass in Abbey to close in and then from more than a car length behind tried the inside, there's more than one line there(you can see from many of my laps that i take a somewhat tighter line) and it's not a very hard braking point which makes it dangerous to do moves like that. You couldn't see anything from previous laps because you were behind for 1 lap and that was when I was being careful not to hit Raino close in front.

    Sorry, but that was some strange racecraft you had there...
  8. Well, about Lap3 ok I understand! ;)
    I'm not complaining m8 to gain smth lol!
    I'm just saying my point of view!

    I saw Lap45 with you and Mikkonen, in the Vale S and in Brooklands and it's a perfect example of what I'm trying to say.
    In Vale he has the inside line, his car is behind you, not side by side, but you know that he most likely will brake later to take the position. And you're changing line on braking!
    Is that right? I mean, generally is this move right?
    (I'm just taking it as a good example I don't want to blame you or anything)
    I found myself in same situation in this corner 4-5 times in this race with De Wit, Varga and Room and I always gave room, to avoid collisions.
    If Mikkonen was braking later there, you both gonna be on gravel.
    And in Brooklands you said it right. It was only your mistake that he hits you (you hit him).

    About incidents generally I think that many drivers in WC are way more aggresive than they should be. They only have in mind to keep their position or gain one or two without thinking of the "safety" and not cause an accident.

    That's my opinion only ofc, may I'm the only one who see it like that and I should change it who knows.

    About Lap5 m8, I touched the grass but 2 wheels were on kerb all the time so no advantance here for me. And my braking was normal. If your car wasn't there, my car was going to take the corner just fine. (I mean I wouldn't run wide on exit cause of late braking).
    I had the inside and I was able to keep it there, giving you room for your outside line.
    But you went on my line :)

    And again there's nothing personal at all Petar ofc! ;)
  9. From GPCOS:

    "Congrats to the winner, and both my friends: Morgan and Jim.

    Epic drives from both, to be honest I really enjoyed Jim today, some of his overtaking moves today were.. just epic!

    As for me, what to say? I wanted to put on a good performance at once, as I feel it drifting away really..

    Q: really bad, I couldn't put a proper lap together.

    R: I made a great start, and while I was overtaking Greco, where I was just clearly in the front of, he decided to crash me like he had something with me.
    Really unfair, really unfair. I did nothing wrong, it's not me putting the car in the wrong place, it's him deciding to end my race.

    It may well have been my last race in WC for a while, and I wanted to do well, but it didn't even last a sector.

    So, really unhappy, I hope I can race against you guys in Hungary..

    Guys, things are getting serious, don't you think?

    edit: i deleted some part of the message..
  10. The problem was that on the exit of Abbey I saw you not very close and thought "ok eyes up front"... and then you went for it anyway :p

    In such trains braking points and lines are always more or less different and the drivers have to be aware of all the other cars as well, which makes it risky to do a move like that... after I saw you in the mirrors I was concentrating on Raino and I didn't even see that we would touch until I felt it xD
  11. lol
    Hehe ok m8! ;)
    Yes they are risky situations indeed!
    Cu in next round! :)
  12. Since when has Martin C the English grammatic of a 2 year old?

    I assume that Morgan left for the right reasons, he showed some class last race! Grats to Bono and Morgan, was a blast to spectate. more of this pleaaasee
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  13. When the race will be avaible on broadcast?
  14. Thank you so much
  15. Great race and great broadcast, well done all!
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