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Race #06, Great Britain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
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  2. I finish my race and i'm verry Happy :) I had a good pace but did some errors. Maybe was the 10 place possible but I'm happy that I rescue the 11 place in front of Vasilev with boost 3 and a topspeed from 296. See ya in Hungary
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  3. Decent finish, really dont like the track at all and i was never happy with my car here. Sorry Tommy for lap 1 that was akward and my fault. :D And Kunkel sorry if it was my fault i have no idea what happend there, was weird. Gratz to WCPetar(again).
  4. That was pretty straightforward race. Didn't do any mistakes in the first 2 stints. Had to be little careful because of a slight damage after first lap. Some dude lost the control and crashed straight in to me. Wrong place in wrong time for me. But anyway that got fixed atleast a bit in the pits because the stop took 3 secs too long. Kept my position in front of Schnyder after stops and in the last stint I was driving a little more aggressively and ruined my tyres for the last two laps. There I lost 2 positions to Filosa and someone. (My last two laptimes were 1:35 xD didn't have any grip)

    Was fun to race with Schnyder. Don't know what happened to him after 2nd stint.

    Mikko Suokas
  5. Well after a disaster race that with my pace didnt expected, i finally finished 16th! 2 guys ruined me from behind, while i was 8th and moving closer to the top guys... i cannot believe it!!!
    Leppaenen hit me from behind before a slow corner with very max speed and totally disaster my car balance on Lap 3, while i was fightning to reach front 8 guys that was very close to me.
    Selvarajah on the fast S Corner on Lap 19 hit me again and send me to the crash, and thx god i was able to get back.
    2 times destroyed, and i finished 16th
    Looking forward for hungary gp, i hope to dont get a crash again... :(
  6. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    My race was all ****ed up even though I started from the pole. I don't want to talk about my race... But congrats to Franz!
  7. Mikko, I think because I drove 2 laps to late into pits and didn't have grip :(
    But I was very surprised that i could hold your pace in the race
  8. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Really disappointed. I think FFR won't enter FSR next year, because we suck! Well at least me, haven't even finished a single race yet... :cry: Hope we make more progress in Hungary... We kind of resemble HRT or something so I thought to change the team name to Hakkapeliitta Racing Team, HRT.
  9. One of my better races, but did a small mistake so i lost my front wing :/ Be started 7 and finished 7 so ok for me...
  10. Considering how my week has gone past (busy at work no time for practise) i think a 6th place finish isnt to bad afteral, although i think it could have been better if i didnt had a rF crash once we moved to Q2,... missed out q2 because of that and had to start futher back then i wanted. Looking at the Q2 times it should have been possible to get a front row start i think.

    Anyway after the disco i decided to stick with my strategy eventhough i was futher back then i wanted. In the first laps i gianed some places and then it was trying to settle but some where holding me up so lost to much time for a better result. Due to strategy we had to fight our way trough the field after the first stop, that was fun and eventualy it was actualy quite a nice race with some nice action and some overtakes. Just lost to much time in traffic to let the strategy work out i guess.
  11. My apologies for this incident. I was on a very aggressive strategy due to a ruined qualifying. I started in 20th and climbed up to P11 in 2 laps. My first stint was going to be really short (7-8laps) so I had a light car and my goal was to climb up the ladder and then manage the tires on further stints. Basically what happened here was that I had a much higher speed going into the breaking zone, I had the outside line and you were inside. My goal was to try to get as close to you as possible but then you switched to the racing line and as I was on much higher speed - there wasn't much I could do. I tried switching to inside but I hit you within a second. Ruined my race aswell, I guess I misjudged the situation slightly and this time it really cost me - and you.
  12. Lappaenen, look closer and see that you brake very late, and you didnt have the right line in order to pass me from the outside there... is the opposite man, the rules of f1 dont have this try from your side as the right thing... thats my oppinion, i see you where lighter, but as you see we both reach the frontier of us... better was to stay calm and try on a straight or something, your aggression was totally wrong. I dont have any problem with you, but you fault in this case, as i faulted on monaco race...
    cee ya on hungary & carefull next time
  13. Very happy with my first FSR offical race...
    22nd in Q1,a bit disappointed but not bad for first appereance here.
    I had very good race but in 6th lap I spun and I lost major time with middle of the field.
    And in pitbox we made mistake I didnt put enough fuel as it was predicted and I was forced for 1 extra box.
    3 laps to go I was 15th but then,in S3 my engine just stopped and it went on fire...
    Im very pleased with the car preformance,as it was my debute here,but I hope for better race in Hungary!See ya'!