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Race #05, Turkey: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, May 15, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Watched it for 2 weeks in a row.. waste of time.. just huis dominating all time.. just too easy for him.. something is not right. will be tuning out shortly if he continus to pull away..
  3. Right thats me tuned out.. complete waste of time watching it.. broadcast looked great nice commentry but its a shame that it has to be like this... 10th to 1st in 25 laps.. passing cars like they are stood still.. pathetic..
  4. And what is your solution then ?
  5. From GPCOS:

  6. Its people like you which are the reason i left tbh, needed to get away from your attitude and just was wasting time driving round doing laps to get beaten by abnormal advantages.. :) i dont mind being beaten, aslong as its fair.. i know im not the best around its why i came here to see how good i was in first place so you dont have to tell me what i already know..
  7. I watched the race and enjoyed it very much, I was hoping Nillson would take P2, and there were some good battles at the back. Congrats to Huis that guy is very good!!
  8. Lets not go down this road and pollute this thread with insults and unnessasary comments;)

    My race:
    Couldnt find a driver to cover karol so it was me or nothing.
    Started last due to not allocating.
    Start got away well and clean made up some positions.
    Was foolowing Saxen for about 10 laps... I think if it was a different driver infront i would have attempted a pass, but i did not want to interfere with Johns race.
    I started to lose tough with Saxen when Disley started attacking me! I defended well i think and he found it hard to pass me.
    I was showing quite good pace throught the race. I caught and passed Foht just entering sector 2... He got a run at me out of turn 8 complex and tried to over take me into turn 12! There was no room and i got spun around and nearly stalled the car!.
    Then i had a long battle with Parasis who had better topspeed but i was better on the brakes so could defend well.
    I think i brought the car home on p13...not in the points but i did manage to stay in touch with the leading groups pace (except bono!!!!) running mid 25's in the last stint.

    Hopefully Karol is back for the next race as 2 races in 1 day is exhausting!
  9. After a dramatic qualify p15
    I had really no hopes for the race
    Had an ok start and went after 2 laps form 15th to 11th i think
    Then keithley made a mistake in the famous turn 8
    Then i was 10th and was trying really hard to maintain this position
    I had hard fight with Saxen,Disley,Tali
    4 laps form end i was almost losing my final points position to a fast recovering Disley
    We made a really hard battle very agressive from both of us but it was good fun
    Really happy to scoring my 1st points in the World Championship this year!!!
  10. "Q: My qual lap was not as good as I could put together so I ended up at the back of the grid.

    R: My start was quite good. I gained some positions and then I gave good fights with some drivers. In the middle of the race I made my 1 and only pit stop and I accidently stole my engine! My team then restored the engine but I lost valuable time there. Then Ben Phillips made an error and we had a fight for a few laps. In lap 35 we had a hard moment as he changed his line to late so I had to react real fast there to protect my race. Last laps of the race I had the 2 stopper Allar Foht behind me. In 55th lap I was too busy talking with my team on radio and I spun the car in last corner and my race ended in this way."
  11. gpcos:
  12. After seeing the broadcast I got to say.

    This was very poor driving, by the most ppl. In front and in back. So much touching, I mean you always say, it's top class here. But if you look at this, you gotta start asking yourself, if that's true. Some don't care when overtaking if they touch others.

    I for myself want to again, as I already did hopefully through Christian and gpcos comment, say sorry to Ernesto for hitting you in a totally stupid overtaking manouvre. Hope I did not ruin you race, that was totally noob style .

  13. Well actually my car had all right side damaged after that, but I accept your apologizes. I hope, just like you said, to see more loyal driving around...a mistake can happen to everyone but it's more about "racing approach", so I agree. Just in the interest of the league of course, could never be personal as, at the moment, more than loyal people around, I'd need a car with 100hp more than the others hehe
  14. From GPCOS:
    About what Lee said:
    First of all we should all remember Bono went through the complete "school" of racing, by racing in the lower classes of FSR for a few years, and also for a team that wasn't a real top team, which always helps develop a driver because he needed to learn doing stuff on his own rather than just profiting from other drivers like so many think they can do.
    Once you went through lower classes and made your own experiences you build yourself as a true racer. Additionally now he's in the best team with the best setup, so everything comes together, and of course (I don't need to mention), he's driving superbly.

    One thing I have to mention though, it wasn't helpful that the league decided to increase the setup options again.
    In 2010 we took a (slight) step backwards and reduced options and in hindsight I guess we had a pretty exciting season. Nowadays we have more options, which of course benefits the bigger teams as they have a bigger pool of fast drivers and can try and search for the infamous setup secrets at a faster rate. Especially we have more reliability options than last year, which favours Bono even more because of his smooth driving style.
    As I'm experiencing myself, it's more difficult than ever to do a good performance with little testing, because there is so much you should need to explore in the setup before going to the race, and if you don't, and if you lack mod specific knowledge, you lose.
    The thing is though, it's not the kid that is to blame. ;) So all congratulations to him, he's doing a great job.
  15. like Schumi, also Bono will be beaten... this season! It's not that he's particularly quicker all the time, he has just an amazing skill to stay out of trouble. Something were the other teams/drivers are working on ;)
  16. Those "new" setup options are very easy to check if you know how to do it. And you know how to do it :) It's not a matter of having a lot of drivers, it's something of common sense, and with this mod I must say is quite easy.
  17. Well David, it was just a minor thing anyway that I wanted to mention, trying to explain what adds to certain driver's and team's dominance. Earlier in Twister or with other teams, they profited the same way, also myself. So this is not to complain.
    If you want to win in the WC, it's the tiny things that make the difference. And looking at what Lee wrote I'm unsure whether everyone including some of the more experienced drivers have understood that. It's not just about being a good driver, because everyone in the WC is, it's about a super team with a super organization.

    Personally having a 60 hour week I'm currently happy about every lap on the track I can get, lol.
  18. i admit i am annoyed with myself more than anything i got in a fairly top team and still i could not beat thetop guys.. i know there is more to it.. the guys who are always at the top will win more often as they know the secrets.. of which they will tell you do not exist but if you knew before this season i did not know how to set my wheel up properly like a top team would.. that says it all.. i have never driven for a top top team.. thats why :D

    But there is something wierd about Huis's car.. how easy it is for him.. i just cant accept it im sorry i just cannot.. can slag me off have a go but it just wont change my opinion im afraid.. i just cannot accept it.. like when schumacher dominated f1 he was accused of cheating its the way it goes...
  19. LOL! I dont think Bono is cheating... most of his passes were made from others slight mistakes...i dont think i saw Bono do 1... execpt for q2 what a (in bono's words) NOOB lol.
    Bono seems to be able to pass easily? maybe... But its more about not making mistakes whilst battling with others.
    I dont think i saw him make and half hearted moves which cost time.
    Any ways i hope he gets his tyres shot out by a sniper next round to try and even things up as its clear even a terrible qually by his standards cant stop the little alien lool.
    Is Bono the new Huutu?????
  20. i wonder if he is huttu under a new name ? lol.. and i have never said on here bono is cheating i just cant accept it.. there is something he knows or they know to make this go quicker.. i never accused him of cheating here dont get me wrong.. its just so hard to accept.. like Kunchman said.. my ego takes over.. i hate loosing.. and for 3 years of it.. its hard toswallow watching too