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Race #05, Canada: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Jun 15, 2014.

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  2. Apologies to Rob,....:redface:

    Had traction lost out of the final chicane and some big wobble, tried to save the car, Carlos went outside me and almost avoided me but we touched and I got swung off to the other side right into the path of Rob,..... Couldn't avoid it anymore ,this was a bit unfortunate. Im sorry guys.:notworthy:

    Race start was good, went up from p21 to p15 it was I think and pace was not to bad either.

    However after this my left rear susp was damaged, wheel was under an angle and I had leaders upcoming after the 30 sec pit repair with a car that felt horrible after the incident,... not worth the risk to continue so bailed out.
  3. Yea, i couldn't do anything about that! "First DNF since Brazil 2011, appart from my disco last year and the year before:("

    Im more angry about my qualifying i have to say. I dont know whats going on these last 2 races.
    I had a good start and got into p13, then for t6 i went on the inside of jack who had Soft tires. He managed to stay infront and at the same time Dian cutback on the inside until t8. Then i just lost it under braking and went straight on.
    I was lucky not to get any damage there. After that i managed to pass some guys and got right behind Carlos until the incident.

    i need to sort things out because i am definitely not driving for 6th places and DNF's.
  4. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    Very dissappointed. Was feeling quite comfortable after rather bad first few laps in the beginning.
    When I was going to pit in another car made a very unnecesary unpredictable move in front of me ending both our races.

    I hope Matt finishes the race for the team.

  5. Uch....

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  6. Christ I just have 0.2 L to give to the FIA D:
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  7. That was an action packed race.
  8. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    But why on earth cut back there, I was going to pit in ;( Would have been even unnecesary if I wanted to take turn 1 instead.
    Why not just be predictable instead of risking it big time.

    sorry for the rant
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  9. He sent an ESP message - I picked it up :)

    My race was going great, strategy was looking good but I just can't get a break at the moment except in my car. :poop:
  10. Well a crystall ball would have been a good addition to Marcel's car for sure.

    Incredibly interesting race to watch guys, well done!
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  11. Well, horrible race for me but with a small reward.

    Q: I had no pace to get into the top 10,however I could have been much better than 18th with a good lap.

    R: I decided to go with the soft unlike the people around me. The start was good, almost spun with little contact with JES, but I could control it. The pace was pretty good, even without throwing at 100%, but the lack of top speed was an obvious problem and it was impossible to keep people behind with DRS and SS.

    Suddenly, I had a spun in turn three and I lost lots of time and seven or so positions.

    With all I was faster than people in front on me.

    But in my first or second stop, I found Dino crashed at the entry box. I tried to avoid it, but just then he moved and hit my car. I lost another 20 seconds to box reparing my front wing and I had pretty significant damage to the suspension, with the steering wheel to one side the whole race and loosing several time per lap.

    After that, the race was over for me, but I wanted to finish it as I knew that in this circuit would have enough mechanical failures.

    And indeed, on lap 60 I broke the brakes, xD.

    However 3 laps after or so, Matt also broke, and I could overtake on the last lap (turtles duel insaid).

    So finally 10th, happy with this point after awful race. Grats Morand, podium, and my teammate Jonny, fantastic weekend bitch!!

    We will see in Silverstone!
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  12. I couldn't be more pleased with my weekend! Unfortunately rFactor alt+tabbed while battling with Carlos so maybe I could've been higher up today. Brake issues and just ran out of fuel across the finish line which was exciting. Nonetheless I'm really ecstatic with points in my first race!

    First career WC race so thanks to Javier and David for the opportunity. Well done to Adrian who scored some good points for the team as well.
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  13. Amazing race today.

    All goes fine and enjoy that 25 points !
    A bit surprised about the brake failure so i slowed down the pace in the last stint.
    Shame for bono.... :(

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  14. What an exciting race and for me!

    Q1 - Failed in all my laps and managed to get the 13th place.

    Race - Started very coutious with softs didn't override them because had to do 20 laps with them and needed rear tires. First corners were chaotic and luckily I survived for first time from long time :D Then I stuck behind Disley where I was obviously faster, but wasn't so easy to overtake with equal strategy. After 7 laps I managed to overtake him and was trying to set consistant times and to go up thru the column. In 14-15-16 lap cars ahead of me started to pit and was really fun to be 5-6 cars in few seconds. In 20th lap I pitted as I've planned and get out in 10th place. Then I was trying to catch Carlos and after 2 long stints I cought him in DRS zone, but was impossible to overtake. I decided to pit a bit earlier than I planned to undercut him and made 3 clean laps where I managed to undercut him with 3 sec advantage. After he pitted, with his new tires was easy to catch me, but I was hoping to keep him behind because of lack of grip and the impossibility for overtakes. Unfortunately I did mistake at the S before Hairpin and he close enough to try an attack on the straight, that HDR messed up my times because it was changing colours on the asphalt and was difficult to see ideal line and my braking points. After he got the position the guys infront of us started to get brake failures and I started to safe them too. Finally I finnished on 4th place, which is great for me after bad luck I had first 4 races, finally good result has came.

    I'm with messing feelings, because Ville didn't finnish because of bug on the track, he could score 2nd place here. Anyway, mate, you've done great job and showed everybody great pace, from Eventa are proud of you.

    Congratulations to Morgan for the awesome illness pace and gap, congrats and to my friend Carlos for beating me, next time will be more difficult to give you that easy the position.. xD Cya in Silverstone..
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  15. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    Problem is you start braking while there is still a 1 car gap and then move over during the braking phase. Once you are commited to the pitlane there is no where to go. Keeping the inside is the much saver bet there.
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  16. Q1: PB :D
    Q2: PB :D

    Race. P3 PB :D

    I should really consider exiting fro back of the grid because always I do, I score points :thumbsup:.

    The race was very enjoyable, pretty awesome feeling achieving my first podium. We knew we had a good pace, shame I wasn't allowed to Qualify.

    First laps was a bit mayhem, I had some contacts with others cars, just trying to avoid many cars that were crashing (Mark, that one was freaking close :O_o:). I had a very unfortunate pit, I was catching very fast the drivers who were in front of me, but me and Simon were sharing pits and I stalled waiting next to him. 10 secs were lost there :(

    I had epic fights, specially with Dian, i hope you enjoyed that overtake :giggle::giggle:

    Anyway thanks to the team, who reacted very good after Imola race, we are looking forward keeping this pace, finishing in top 8 should be my objective from now on.

    Congrats Morgan and Ivar who did a fantastic race!

    PS: yes dian, you also did a fantastic race but you are still behind me, look who laughs after preseason :laugh::laugh::laugh: (j/k mate thanks for giving such clean and fair battle :thumbsup:)
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2014
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  17. Q1: First lap safe for Q2 so ok.
    Q2: Lap was just a bit meh but P4 was ok.
    Race: Well race started good, kept my position into T1/2 and was behind Jim for the first stint but was impossible to make a pass here without a mistake so I just stayed with Jim, I decided if I were to get past Jim I needed to do something with strategy, being so close going into the pits I took the prime tyre. Everything was going smoothly for my 3rd stint as Jim let me through due to superior tyres but it all went wrong in the last stint on lap 62, front left brake went going into the S2 chicane I slid across the grass being lucky not to take terminal damage when I tapped the wall, after that was just nursing home the car but Jim also had a brake failure, I did a pointless and stupid thing going on the outside of him into the last chicane and it could of cost us a place to Simon, luckily he half spun in the hairpin and I retook the 6th place.
    Overall this could of been an awesome race despite a lot of struggles in testing but then again it could of been 0 points if my brakes failed elsewhere on the track. The car could of been better but now we move to Silverstone, hello duct 1? :p
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Wasn't really planning to race this one, but since I was helping a team with a setup I had done some good laps. Some last minute test time scaled races and asking around gave me the confidence to go for duct 6 for brakes.

    Q1 went good. I love the evolving track grip.
    Q2 I had to wait a while and was watching onboard T-cams of everybody. Once it was my time to drive, every felt like slow motion and had to find a complete new rhythm. Good lesson learned :D. P5 was horrible.

    Race start was good, got blocked by a Twister properly and instead of winning places, I lost one to Ivar. I think after that I've spent the whole race within 0.6 sec behind another car trying to find a gap. I made a mistake by going on supersofts again for the second stint being stuck behind Greco for a while who had DRS from a car in front.

    Things went better later, was able to pass some guys and the last stint I was stuck behind Ivar for the podium. While I was saving tyres I had to take a risk at passing Ivar and a shot outside was barely succesfull. Had to steer in to avoid a launch on the anti cut and destroy both our races. Yet I steered into his car mostly, which wasn't really clean. Sorry for that, lucky we both got through without damage. From there it was nice clean air and pushing with the mind on the tyres to close the gap to Martin.

    I thought that Martin made an error as he spun and when I started to get a little excited about p2, my right front brake exploded. No off track, no dramas, but I didn't want to finish the race being a danger for someone else, so pitted immediately to end the race. Later I saw that over half the field had brake issues.

    Grats to Morgan. My race was lost after q2.
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