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Race #04, Monaco: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, May 19, 2012.

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  2. Sorry for this. I know its stupid to crash people on purpose, but it was 100% frustrating how people were behaving today and Fischer was
    crowning moment for me, just not knowing when he lost the position and just turning in.

    Sorry N. Fischer for doing this after!

    And big sorry to my team aswell.
  3. Had a very good start and was 5, a great feeling :D But then I lost 3 Times my Front wing and I was 14, I fight me to the 10 place but then my engine blew up :( Looking forward for the next GP.
  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Bad luck Franz, but at least you took nearly the last points :) Great job. Now, finish the race to the chequered flag next time :) I myself retired in the first lap because there was so much of traffic, as I started from the back of the grid...
  5. Would like to say sorry to Peter for not letting you past, i dident know it was you and thought the blue flags were a glitch as i was in 3rd place and just after half way through the race i dident think 1st place guy would be behind me. if im honest i think its a bit of a joke that there is championship drivers in trophy, but im a bit bitter after getting DQ in 4th place for not letting you through.
  6. I am not happy to see WC drivers, who drives every race and winning points there, to race in WT in amateur league, doesn't matter whether is against rules or not.
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  7. sorry for my bad start guys, my launch button didnt worked, i just sump started, then for an missunderstaning thing, after my start couldnt hold my car and crash on the back, very sorry for my start, i apologize guys really.
    Monaco track wasnt the best for me, i tried to finish but my car was unsafe and i couldnt drive till the end, even after my big pistop... my brakes wasnt working.
    Totally disaster for me and some other drivers, the track layout also problems me very much after a long practice couldnt find balance at all.
    Looking forward for Canada gp now, to be better and safer.

    ps: the cars that wasnt faster and just wanted to finish the race, was in top 10 :p

    T. Eziroglou
  8. this race really wasnt a good advert for fsr to watch. what the hell was going on was like watching a distruction derby. I bet there will be a lot of dq and penaltys
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  9. No worries Kevin, I have a lot of experience on public servers so things rarely annoy me. xD

    The race was kind of boring... Mark kept me honest behind but he retired in the 1st stint, Martial wasn't too far back but i was told he lost connection and then it was just about keeping the car on track. I had one moment where i lost my front wing on around lap 25 but the rest was ok...

    EDIT: Where did you find me complaining in this post :p
  10. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Petar stop crying, you win every time :D

    Btw where's the next race?
  11. I agree. some kind of maneuver shouldn't exist in FSR we saw today, even in WT. some intentional crashing should be severely punished. This is not a public server here.
    I expected a carnage in WT, i had right.
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  12. Some seriously embarrassing driving today. I only watched the opening few laps but there were enough crashes to make me turn it off. And then to read that someone crashed someone else because they couldn't overtake? I don't really want to be driving with people with that mentality. There should be some serious penalties handed out.
  13. This really wasn´t good advertising for FSR, I could make a long list of people who just drove into me divebombed to overtake and so on... and noone is man enough to give the position back after he overtook by just ramming the oponent. That´s just sad.

    Everyone knows in Monaco it´s almost impossible to overtake, so if you loose a position because you spun you just have to accept that and not divebomb into the next corner from 2 carlengths behind.

    But anyways, thanks for p4 :D
  14. i agree with you, but the track wasnt the best choice in order to drive safe, lot of bumpy and many unsafe places... anyone can crash or leave race so easely... especially for new drivers
    i agree with penalties for next race
  15. Blaming the track is really wrong. The reason why people don´t drive safe here is that they can´t accept their own limits.
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  16. monaco is bumpy you need to learn were you need to be careful. people need to learn to be careful when passing no just ram
  17. I know it, don't worry about the track.
    But the fact is in the two first laps, *a couple of drivers* pushed 200% like the race had 10laps duration.
    The drivers need to drive smart here. not like "it success or it breaks"
  18. can you not say everybody please. im happy i done a good job driving at the start and then on, and there must of been others
  19. Well its the nature of this track , seen the replay with the pile up back at 2nd lap wich happend just behind me and that was pretty awfull. But in a track like this when everyone is still close and someone messes up he can take take others with him. Also there where a lot of top10 drivers absent today, so the less hero's join the grid instead with all respect ofcourse. I think on a track like this with a base grip of 0.99 wich is wrong in my opinion should always be 1.0 as its a reference value in combination with the current mod and its tyre model it was just asking for problems. The race was a mess like some others expected just as i expected. Ofcourse in the end the track is the same for all and we all have to deal with it, im not searching excuses.

    Anyway from my perspective, there was not much wrong p2 for Q and till lap 16 in 2nd only about 4 secs behind Petar pretty safely. Then i lost concentration a bit as i started to think about the upcomming pitstops and then final corner i clipped the inside wall with my rear wheel and spun around, happend so quickly that my tyres locked up stalling the engine. Pretty disapointed as i had the feeling i could increase pace in the 2nd stint, untill then i was lapping mid 15s just pacing. Anyway this is the last race i have done on Monaco, just cant stand this track realy its always cause of many frustations.:)
  20. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    What's the next race?