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Race #03, China: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, May 6, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Congratulations for the 4th place, Gergo :) fantastic performance.
  3. Gergo Baldi, hero!
  4. My mistake into the 1st pit stop entry -> FAIL
    And then i shift to 1st gear in t3 and half spin and lose another 5s -> FAIL

    But last corner was epic xD
  5. Not much to say...
  6. Thanks! First of all, i want to say a big thank you for the team, the setup was very good, and thank you for the helps during the race for Zsolt Nagy, and Peter Szanto! I missed my Q2 lap, i wanted too much, and i made many mistakes. My start wasn't the best, but the first lap was good, i was the 5th, but in the second lap - if i'm right - Rasmus Tali passed me soon, and then i wanted to stay behind him. My first stint was so slow, i had to save the engine, and my exist from the corner was bad. After the first stops, maybe in lap 15 and 16 i had a fight with Disley, and Room.Then i stayed behind Saxen, i couldn't overtake him, only after my 3rd stop, in lap 45, but i made a mistake, and he overtook me. In the next lap, lap 46 i overtook him and after that there weren't any interesting thing. Thanks again to the team, and i'm sorry for Peter Varga, because he was very very fast, so he could make a very good result.
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  7. from gpcos:

  8. From GPCOS:

  9. Well not totally what i had hoped for
    I missed Q2 by a margin of 0.085 or something to be in top 10
    So 13th on the grid
    The start went from 13th to 7th then passed Lapchin for 6th

    Then i found myself stuck behind Baldi he had good racepace
    Finally i managed to pass him for 5th place
    Then everybody made their pitstop and i found myself in the lead for 1 lap WOOOOOOO
    Then after my pitstop i had battles with some drivers,,,,,,,,Then Raino Room made a overoptimistic move on me leaving me no room at the track there was simply no space anymore losing valuable positions
    Trying to fight back passing Pushke and Room later on
    In the end an deserved 8th place

    See ya
  10. First Good job bono for this win.

  11. 0:45 , Copy of incident with Patrick De Wit :D
  12. From GPCOS:

    "Q: Not what i was hoping for. But is was all close.

    R: Had a brilliant start. From P18 to P13 in 1 lap. Then i could hang on to Rainieri who went wide in lap2 at the last corner. Raino overtook me and into the first corner someone hit me hard from the back and make me spun and loose a lot of positions. Fight my way back to behind Brljak but couldn't do any attacking attempts due to his higher top speed.
    P12 was the max for this race after my incident not happy but its a first finish of the season.

    Grats to Bono who had a good race and also good job for the rest of the podium finishers.

    Thnx to our team members and RS Evo!"
  13. "Q1: As I really don't like this track I knew that I might not go through Q1 but I just did it with a 9th position.

    Q2: 4th position after a clean lap was very good once again.

    R: I made a nice start, then PM cars boosted :D
    I managed to take 3rd position in T1 and keep up with the 2 front runners as they were fighting a liitle bit. Then a silly silly mistake on last turn, made me lost a place to Mikkonen and start fighting with him and Tali for 3rd position. I passed Mikkonen again for 3rd as Tali did so. Then I made some good defending against Tali for 3-4 laps, but in lap 13, in T1 while I had the inside line, Tali had the outside, we made contact, he spun and I kept the car really hard on track not to spin too. Tali was pointing the apex like I wasn't there at all in that point but I guess this is what I have to expect fighting for highier positions infront. Then my first stop was a disaster. First I missed the last right hander corner, losing 3rd position again by Mikkonen, but in the turn for the pitlane, Mikkonen made a Lewis Hamilton and I passed him back! :p
    But I missed for some meters the speed limiter and got a nice drive through penalty finding myself back in 13th place i think. Only thing i had in mind there was to finish the race, not to push. Although I had a hard battle with Masciulli in lap 22 or 23 i think when i overtook him in T1-T2. After that I overtook Philipp in lap 33 and managed to come infront of De Wit after my last stop. That was it, a 7th place in a track that doesn't like me!"
  14. 1 st did not wanted to react on this matter
    You gave me no space at all i don,t mind that you overtake me no matter from how far behind,
    But giving me no room at the track at all forcing me off the track there was no more room RAINO
    And now i hear u protest for an incident much much less you had room you just expect that everybody makes room for you as this is not the case
    I did not wanted to protest u but now you force me to do so since you protest me based on what?
    Don,t like these things that whenever silly things happens we protest bigtime
    You very lucky i don,t protest u
    Sorry this had to be said
  15. i know that it was my fault at incident what happened on 15, i just showed with this video bc in real F1 happened allmost same thing, it was meant with funny,
    also i was going to protest against you (T2 incident) because i thought that you will protest against me :D

    I dont protest if you also dont protest against me.
    (if i read GPCOS comment, i was 101% sure you will protest)
  16. No mate i was not gonna protest you thats why i find it strange you protesting me i was not gonna protest at all but please guve a bit more space next time i witdrawl my protest on you now see ya at next race