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Race #03, China: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, May 5, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.​
  2. Mehhhh i thought we had some clean racers in this league but i guess i was wrong,... someone just turned into me after exit of the hairpin for no reason and sended me off into the walll killing my race,... pointless check the wt replay and decide for youreself, this is not racing anymore.:(
  3. I had a good lap on pre-q and was on Grid 1, I was very happy but at race I drive into a Front Wing and my race was over :(
  4. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Unlucky :( But we'll get better at Valencia right? :)
  5. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Unlucky for Ville Leppälä as well, he was so close to Brljak and then he spins and loses lots of positions... :(
  6. It was Eziroglou. Theodoros Eziroglou....

    i just saw the replay, he literally just drove into you on the way to the last corner - you weren't even squeezing him or anything.
    what on earth was he doing lol. it was like as if you weren't there, and he was trying to get back on the racing line.
  7. I had a great race. Just want to apologize to Basol when I made a mistake in turn 1 while he was outside overtaking me. Luckily he was able to continue and didn't loose too much time or any positions.
  8. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    never drove my ass off more than today and it paid off had most fun in ages on track and also almost made good 12 points (note almost thanks to overused engine) but thanks everyone who i was racing with was some really strong driving today guys :)
  9. Mayby some newby mistake or something i dunno, the only reason i can imagine is that he simply never saw me wich obvisiouly he did lol. But still with a bit of common sence you should be able to race eachother closely and should be aware of the drivers around you even when you dont see them you can stil hear them i guess.

    Only positive i can take from today is that the pace is there atlast so hopefuly we can stop the winning streak from Petar quickly now.:D
  10. I had one scary moment with Alex Nova. He was a backmarker but was invisible to me and I had no idea. halfway down the long straight he suddenly appeared on my right and i was halfway passed him. Maybe, it could had been this type of lag. No idea, I didn't see the incident. Just wanna let you guys know about this 'lag' type or whatever it was incident just in case it happens again in future races.
  11. Q1 bad, but managed to squeak into top 10
    Q2 bad. Had race fuel on board. Aborted lap.

    Race start bad. lost 7 positions trying to avoid a sideways car in T1 and T2. Down to 17th.
    Race end good :) After some fun battles, overtakes and quite a bit of luck finished 6th i think.
  12. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    also i would like to say sorry for Gennaro about that slight tap on back while we were fighting hope it didnt cause any damage
  13. Q1 was okay
    Q2 wasnt the best but somehow enough for pole

    R: Race started well but in the last corner of first lap i went wide and mark passed me, after that lost my rythym and petar passed me aswell. Was fighting with petar pretty much the whole race but i kept making stupid mistakes and losing seconds here and there. In the end i had catched petar when there was prolly 4 -5 laps left and i suddenly lost my front left brake and it send me flying. Limpped into finish but overall awful race for me and im so pissed of at myself that i forgot to check the brake wear... :|

    Gratz to Petar! ....again..... I will get you next weekend! :D
  14. Would just like to apologise to Martial. At the start I had cars all around me and manoeuvrability was almost impossible. You were on my right and moved slightly in front of my coming out of T2. I couldn't move to my left cause there was another car so I tried to slow down. Unfortunately your rear touched the front of my car and I unsettled your car
  15. Grid 2 looked to be a nice race. Did not look like there where any big crashed, only had one who drove up in me from behind in one of the first laps, but didnt cost me the race, so fun race guys :)
  16. hello to all. About my 2 incidents, the first one with Mark i didnt fault, and he closed me so much right before corner, brake and he run into the wall.
    as for the hit from behing, im new in the league, i tried to stop but from slipstream i couldnt brake as hard as i can, so resulting hitting and lost my wing.
    My debut was great, i finally finish the race, i am looking forward for next race and more safe...
  17. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I reported of that crash, I think you made an illegal move...
  18. Horrible PQ, which ment I was in G2.

    Started from 12th and moved up to 5th after the 1st lap. Seemed like top6 had a similar pace on the 1st stint. Was running in 3rd place after 1 pit and had a stable gap to Kunkel (around 5 sec). Got 1st place with 5 laps to go when Kunky spun (not sure if there was some incident with a backmarker) and a lap later my engine died unfortunately from 1st place.

    Eduard K
  19. Bad PQ but with no practise not much more can be expected.

    The Grid 2 race went quite well for me I was able to keep a lead infront of Eduard for most of the race, with 5 laps to go Flavio Falcao braketested me going into t1 (i was closing up 20-30m easily on the entrance) which almost caused me to spin, and on the exit of t3 he suddenly braked and i spun trying to avoid him. In the end I could keep with Drazen, but with a wrong 7th gear and wacky braking performance into the hairpin there wasn´t much i could do to retake the lead.

    Quite dissapointing to loose the race on behalf of a backmarker who was totally unaware of what is happening behind him.
  20. I cant remember it 100% what did do you think was an iligal move?