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Race #02, Malaysia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Dominguez, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Good race, nice fight with Mark, thanks for that.

    Q: Not good
    R: Engine was critical during the race, had to safe it early.

    Good Job to the others!
  3. Waited at the line a lot lol.
  4. I enjoyed watching! Great battle for 8th place in the last 10 laps
  5. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    ANOTHER RACE THROWN TO TRASH CAN, DAMN IT!!!.....................
  6. Late decision to sub for Auston Harris. I didn't get enough practice, especially in race trim. Picked up a small injury yesterday playing soccer and couldn't bend my foot back as much I normally could.

    PQ and Q1 went well. Set my pb in PQ and only a tenth off of that in Q1. Surprised actually cause I thought I was much slower.

    Q2 was disaster. Nervous I guess, made many mistakes. Should have just stayed in the pits haha.

    Race. Off the line was the best I ever had. Even before the green lights got on. Initially I thought I jumped it. But was slowed by cars ahead. Dropped down the field a lot as I couldn't really get it together. Later came together with van der niet. Spun and recovered 20th i think. Somehow I got my fuel calculations wrong with my dynahud. I didn't expect to run out of fuel at that time but suddenly start hearing my engine cutting off. Fearing my engine would cut off suddenly and car behind me would hit me if I kept it straight, i tried to pull quickly to one side coming out of a corner, but the car behind me was unaware of my fuel problems and wanted to draft me and hit me from behind. I think it was Jarl T. Sorry if I caused you damage in that incident.

    Had quite lot of fun in the race. Unlucky for Mo who had the same fuel calc issuss. But congrats to him, tim and mikko for making the finish.
  7. PQ:Did very bad lap 33.4 only enough for poleposition in G2(27th Fastest in G1)

    Race:Started from pole was leading 5laps before Sami and Kunkel pass me but i know i had great pace in 2nd stint so i can fight back..But then in 7th lap of the race i was going to pit and my engine turn off in pitline.Reason:Fuel .. Im very dissapointed but this was a great experience for next races ... Cya in China :)

    Milan Radivojevic
  8. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    I hardly wonder if I can enter China...so much for my skills, just retirements from the 2 first races... :(
  9. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    didnt know g2 races were that entertaining ;) i was racing for win all race until i overused brakes and ofcourse they blew up...
  10. was a fun race indeed, except the start where a few people overdo it a bit.
    I was a little scared of you behind me because i had to shortshift almost all race to make it to the end.
  11. I'm trying to send logs of the race, but I can not...why..?! =(

  12. You have the explanation in the File Submission post.
  13. Where..?!
  14. Qualy was ruined by some wonderful people who dont have mirrors or any awereness at all.
    Started from 24th place and had a decent 1st lap, gained a few places. Unfortunately was too slow to put more pressure on guys infront and had a spin in the inlap of stint 1 (and someone hit me). Lost around 20 seconds and after that had a pretty quiet race.
    Seemed like I had a lot less traction than others and finished 17th. 23 points from 2 races, could be worse...

    Eduard K
  15. Q: Better then expected p3 cant complain realy.
    R: Never been happy with my car, it was not completely balanced especialy in the slow hairpins i was strugling and a few corners i was having to much understeer. Anyway interesting race made the best of it so p4 in the end is good. Had a great race fighting against Jan-Moritz, 2nd stint i let him go a bit hoping he would take to much from his engine wich he did. So just tried to hang on and didnt get on to much distance , in the end i started to close the gap again and push him a bit as judging on laptimes i figured he would be saving his engine.

    With a few laps to go and closed up the gap to within a second i made a huge mistake sliding off the track. Then after that Mo passed me to so i was angry at that point laying 5th but just kept going untill Mo had to make a splash and dash for fuel wich gave me back 4th and Jan Moritz got in sight as well again with a smoking engine so i hoped i could still take 3th place but that was just not enough, ,..... one lap longer ahhhh wished i didnt made that mistake before. Anyway it was a great race looking forward to next race and happy for my team m8 Ville who finished 2nd great job.
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  16. Q2: was bit of a disaster but i still somehow managed to get p5
    R: Race started well untill i tried to pass Kamman outside of the last turn and spun. After that i had to pass couple of cars and started to chase Mark and Kamman again. Pace on the first stint was pretty bad but second stint was already a lot better. Managed to catch mark and Kamman and then I was again at the same position trying to pass Kamman, tried once in t1 & t2 but it didnt work out, after that Kamman pitted for 2nd time and I had a chance to pass him at pit stops and i did. Last stint was pretty boring since Berjlak was too far away and i was getting away from Kamman and Mark so i decided not to push anymore just take the car home.
    In the end im pleased for 2nd place, but still a bit disappointed that I ruined my chances of fight for race win in Q2...
  17. Thanks xD
  18. lol sorry :D Such a hard name to get it right! :D