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Race #02, Australia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules :).
  2. i was 13th in qualfying not what hoped for but then the start,
    Was 9th after turn 1 then Morgand morand who made a mistake he comes back on track and again my race gets compromised he hitting my car and then trying to push into the wall again losing positions basically with the damage i had could not do nothing anymore
    we lack evertything its even worse then last year were like the HRT now:(
    need a rest all this testing for nothing again
  3. some dude spun and tried to reverse his car on track only to cause me to lose 2 positions and damage. realistcally couldn't come across better than p11 but still at this level you can't do donuts in middle of track.
  4. Q: My qualify session was as expected. I had a few qual laps unter my belt so I knew I couldn't get into top10.

    R: I was more than careful in first couple of laps. Then some mistakes from some drivers and I was a couple of positions up. My race was peaceful I knew I couldn't ask for something more cause of my practise time I had. In last laps I had fuel problem and I had to give some positions to finish. Congrats to my teamate Lukas Euler for grabing a point here in Australia! Nothing more to expect than to get better in next races.
  5. Q: Did not get much together today at all, with low and high fuel. Missed times I could do by 5 tenthes, otherwise Q2 was in it. Very disappointing start

    R: Started good, but nowhere I could get through, turned a bit too early, while de Wit turned a bit in too late, so we touched, Sorry Patrick, my fault aswell. I got quite big damage from it. Car was snappy while braking with high fuel and yea my engine was wearing heavily so at about lap 20 I decided to safe the car and hope for some DNFs worked okay and a point. Nothing spectacular and not what I wanted.

    Onto Sepang where I never raced in FSR yet :D
  6. bah.

    Q1: first two attempts failed in Turn one, third attempt was a stable careful lap good for p2.
    Q2: lost 0.2 in the last sector, but was enough for pole
    R: Saving engine saving tires saving saving saving saving, I was actually enjoying the race when everything turned out to be safe. And than a gamefreeze. There's some curse on Twister-Racing apparantly.

    Grats to Bono and Greco and ofcourse to Nilsson for his first FSR World Championship podium!
  7. Hi Patrick, yes after my mistake i blocked you ,maybe rough, but in my replay there is no contact between you and me... and you into the wall... it's strange i had no damage in my car...

    Q : 2times qualifying in Q2 this year. It's great. I choose to have very high downforce for the race. 1.22.6 is the maximum with my setup.

    R : I begin the race with medium but i have difficulties to make them hot. I have 55° tyre on the grid... oO
    the race start and i take the outside, many twister's have pb, i'm P6 but i throttle too hard... ( i'm at 40/50% throttle )
    So i'm P9 behind Marques who i'm blocking during 25 laps... He overtake me on the pitstop... I'm pushing hard but i loose 0.6s by lap and have a enormous understeering then drifting at acceleration. So i burn my tyres, i just defend my position and have a battle with Lee morris. So P8 is good for me
  8. From GPCOS:

  9. From GPCOS:

  10. Hi

    Just watching broadcast now, and just like last weeks it shows lagg all the way through the field..

    Also i noticed there were a few disco's thisrace.. and i also had a bit of lagg and i know a few other drivers i races with also said it was laggy..

    This year it is most deffinatly not me or the drivers, just wanted to point this out just wondering if anyone else has issues ? its nothing major realy.. just a tiny bit of movment lagg which sometimes makes it hard to predict overtaking etc..

    The broadcast sometimes is realy realy shocking.. a few people have said its awful to watch and i can see why.. its realy laggy sometimes it looks... cheap.. multi bc was better lol..

    Not sure why this is...
  11. nope only crashing rfactors this race :D although in Bahrein I had major lag issues in the beginning. And compared to the Italian broadcast of the Melbourne race, the FSR broadcast has indeed a lot more lag.
  12. I also noticed that the broadcast seem to be not good at times. I wasn´t able to watch a WC race without it being laggy and also just not able to play propperly. And it´s not my connection I am very sure.
    Something should be done there as this way it is not really enjoyable to watch and we all know how important broadcasts are for the series.
  13. We know the Broadcast is too laggy and we will improve this for the next races.

    But this is only the Broadcast, I followed the Server console during this race and most drivers had very low pings, and except you Lee noone else reported lag in Melbourne so far. (Your ping was one of the highest there)
  14. I had some small laggs in the beggining aswell. But I don't really care as for me it's online racing and therefore these things happen.
  15. There was some lag for other drivers during the wc race (such as dian and others but the racing was clean) and was lag also during the ws race which contributed to the big crash, but this should improve during the season, am sure it will be ok at Sepang.
  16. it was not just me who had lag, why do you always say that lol ? when others quite clearly say that the have lagg all weekend but yet i always get singled out and get told 'its just me' despite thefact we had a discussion on msn about it lol..

    I told you now my internet is perfectly fine, one of the best in the uk, or anywhere in the world for that matter, i race in many other leagues including GRC and GPVWC and not one race so far has had any issues with lagg, and there are many drivers from other countrys in those leagues not just the UK, but yet i come to race FSR with a smaller field and bang.. lagg, nothing majour but its certainly there and does not help..

    When other drivers are also commenting they get lagg.. why will you just not take onboard what we are saying ? lol we are not trying to pull you down (i certainly am not) i enjoy fsr as much as anybody, we are trying to help you by feeding back on what we or i saw... please just listen to what we say.. i can even show you replays etc..Australia was goodat thestart i had very little problems with any lagg, was able to place my car well but when i overtook FOHT it shows i make contact but i dont..

    Anyway, you see here a few people have small issues, i think if we all work together we could resolve this to make it even better !