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Race #01, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Eduard Mallorquí, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Im sorry if i anyone was in danger cause of me. Had 5fps in one part of the track and then after few laps same on other parts, seems like new pc is ineviteable :(
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  3. The first few laps of this race was boring but it's exciting now!
  4. Get in there Morand! Dominated a great race! :D
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  5. What a race !
    It was so intense, the mod with worn tyres is really challenging...
    Thanks Ernesto to convince me to race here. I hope the gift is really great no ?

    well, my computer crashed before the Q1, thanks to Eduard to wait me and bono.

    Q1 was really good, not my fastest

    Q2 was superb.

    Race : I take a good start and managed a gap between gosbee and me. Bono had some traffic which help me to gain some seconds. I went out of my soft tyres in the 2nd stint to make a SUPERLONG stint with medium tyres.
    Thanks to Netrex/FTS.

    Thanks to all my followers also :p

    I'm really happy :thumbsup:
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  6. Pretty happy despite everything that happened, and the fact my driving and my car were like fish on dry land, especially under braking/turn-in :thumbsup:
  7. "You will only be allowed to change your fuel load,engine boost, engine brakemap, front wing angle, steering lock, brake balance andbrake pressure after the session is over, so make sure you have your race setup loaded when entering Qualifying 2."

    I don't want to blame anyone here, but my dnf could be avoided if was possible to change engine brakemap. Everytime I increase the value for engine brake map for Q2 and decrease for Race. That cost me good result in Top10.

    Anyway, congrats to Morgan, awesome drive and to others which I made good battles with them :)
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  8. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    Very unhappy with myself, I hope to do better next time.

    I also hope that the blue flag penaltys get looked at next time, as I got a drive-thru without actually holding up anybody and literally 1 second before the guy easily got past me on the straight.
  9. Great weekend, great start to the season.
    Q1 qualified P13, pretty decent lap and I was happy with the car actually.
    Race start was pretty good I gained few positions and had few close moments but race was very very exciting, a lot of overtakings and battling throughout the whole race...
    At the end of the race I was catching Petar in P7, but on last lap I had brake failure and I just went sideways into T1 almost colliding with Petar, which was scary moment for sure.
    But at the end I've bringed the car home in P10 for 1 important point and Im pleased with the result!

    Congrats to Morgan and podium finishers.
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  10. Well, now I know what it feels alonso aboard his ferrari. Some impotence seeing as I could not fight with almost anyone. The only remarkable was the fight for position with Matt until he disconnected or do not quite know what happened. We'll see if we improve the set for the next race or see hard racing against another car category.
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  11. Unlike F1, here the cars are the same for everyone.
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  12. Q1: 2nd
    Normal lap, happy to get 2nd place.

    Q2: 8th
    Aweful lap.

    R: 11th
    I had a good start of the line, T1 was clean but at T4 Dian pushed me out while I was on the outside. That gave Ivar the chance to go side by side with me. Then he decided to drive on me, forcing me to the wall. I lost my front wing, got a lot of damage on suspension. Car was very difficult to drive after this. Anyway, finishing 11th is not what I am here for. See you in the next round.

    Congrats to Morgan for his win, and to my teamate for getting 4th place.
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  13. Q1 6th above expectations
    Q2 9th on the mediums not bad i guess against all the soft runners

    Had good start and was lying 6th
    But my tyre were degrading too fast
    And the car was very difficult to handle
    I was trying all and with 5 laps to go i got spun round the 2nd time but its ok i nearly lost it myself

    Great fighting with all the guys all very very ncie and clean

    Shame about no points

    See ya at Sepang
  14. Q1,Q2:
    Didn't participated.

    Race: DNF
    After 10 laps 35 secs down on Morgan so I knew how late it was. Just got in some laps for the experience, unfortunately I was not able to prepare properly for this race due to various reasons. There is plenty of room for improvements.:p

    ps. Morgan,.... show off:roflmao:
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  15. Gifted points : DDDDD Thanks to the Eventa Simracing Team for offering me this great chance, really enjoyed despite the fact I didnt trained any lap for WC. Wrong strategy and some contacts (which im sorry :( ) but at the end good result.

    Lets go :D
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2014
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  16. Q1 - made it through :D
    Q2 - 5th..amazed :D:D:D

    Race - It all went according to plan until i had a d/t caused by my own stupidity and the resulting poor track position was problematic at best.

    Got a couple of points, but should have been so much better.

    Grats to MM and the rest of the podium.
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  17. Yes blue flags are a pain in the ass. They pop up too soon and you get penalized without actually holding anyone up.
    Eduard Kore
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  18. Q1: Quite an average lap but P3
    Q2: Again an average lap and quite far off what was possible.

    Race: Start was really nice, getting past Bono into P2, however made a small mistake hitting the T2 curb and loosing position to Bono and Rob, after that I knew I had to use strategy to pass Rob but I made a stupid mistake taking too much speed into the pits and had a 10 second stop n go, after that I thought I would be lucky for 10th or so, however I was still on course for 5th and with a couple to go Ivar's brakes failed, gifting me 4th.

    Overall a good result but dissapointed in what could of been 3rd if I didn't make a stupid mistake.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2014
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  19. Q1: Did personal best at first attempt.
    Q2: Was a decent lap but enough for p4.

    Race: Start was good keeping 4th place. Then i just tryed to manage the tires and stay with Bono and Martin. After Martin made a mistake he was right behind me but i couldn't make a gap to him.
    I stopped as planned and Martin came with me, so it wasn't to difficult to keep the position. Then when Martin was gone i just tryed to set a good pace.
    I didn't want to fight Bono as he was on fresher tires anyway. And i was a bit worried about the brakes, especially when i saw Ivar retire.
    Very happy with this 3rd place, and im hungry for more although we have a lot to catch up!
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