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Race #01, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules :).
  2. Everything went absolutely perfect until my screen froze, the computer made a loud noise, and then a blue screen came up telling me that there was some serious error, so the computer restarted and here I am. I can't describe the disappointment and anger I feel right now. I felt really ready to race, and then this happens...
  3. Everything started with lag and ended with it also. In Q couldn't make decent lap at all, top 10 was possible. Race was same, lag, frustration and noob spin after pitstop ended my "perfect" day.
  4. Race was dissapointing, but the biggest dissapointment was canapino's ping.. that was terrible mate nearly took 4 cars out.. i know its not your fault but.. wow.. i feared for my life lol !
  5. Well not the Season start i had hoped for but the racing spirit is still there:)
    Q went really bad 0,6 from my pb even so if i had set my pb or close to it maybe problaby could have gone to Q2
    But instead i Qualified 13th just behind my teammate Agustin who was 12th
    Had a good start and went from 13th to 9th at some point then lost some spots due to fighting other cars
    Then Tried to overtake Saxen which worked was a good move just not touching Kerkhof in the heat was great:)
    Then 2 turns later Saxen tried to took the position back and almpost worked but 2 cars trough that turn is a bit too tidy and he spun we touched each other but really light.
    The last battle came with the new guy(Jim Parisis) we had awesome battles some turn after each other next to each other heheh
    Finally managed to overtake him he did not make it easy but we need this kind of people in FSR hard racers:) hehehe
    Well i could have had p12 today but my engine said otherwise:(
    See ya next week
  6. Everything went as I expected in Q1.
    I didn't have the "best" Q setup and the result was ok to me.
    In the begining of the formation lap I made the worst mistake ever and I stole my engine.
    Then I started from pitlane.
    The whole race was lonely and I was only hoped for some DNFs.
    Finally I was up to 12 place and P De Wit was just behind me after his 2nd stop.
    It was a very hard, good, and clean battle and I really enjoy it!
    Congrats Patrick great fight! ;)
    Then I just brought it to finish in 12 place.
    Not a good debute but this is life, this is FSR, and I will be here to fight!
    See you all in Melbourne!
    Congrats to Huis and all the finishers!
  7. GPCOS:
  8. agree...
    i have 400ms canapino and 330ms disley ping... another driver have 150/170ms... we can't follow a guy with these pings...
  9. From GPCOS:

  10. I agree Morgan, its all but impossible.. needs looking into ! was very hard to make a clean overtake when the car is going sideays and back and forth... not good..
  11. Disappointed that race pace was in mid pack (still can't figure quali) but not to be with easy oversight. Thanks to AERO for the opportunity to race, even if today it was measured in inches.