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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

Race #01, Australia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Well Q2 was unexpected fast.

    Race : I got a correct start, but huis overtakes me. Anyway someone hit me at the rear ( i donno who i don't have the replay ) so i have rear wing/arb damage. Incredibly slow racepace caused by this ( i lost 0.3/0.5s by lap, impossible to throttle correctly )
    2nd was a really good performance with the setup problem we have atm.
    But unfortunaly, my Rfactor crashed during the straight line...
    great driving bono.
  3. Firstly, I apologize to everyone who was around me in the lap where I had no front wing. I might have been too agressive in places, but somewhere I had nowhere to go with cars on left and right.

    About the quali and race - 2 hours before race I decided to take non-tested setup which suddenly brought be some tenths per lap. Anyway, it was waaay to late, and I missed q2 by less than 0.050s...

    Then, race start. Launch ok, t1, t2 ok, then t3. I have no idea what on earth was going on, but I took a veeery wide line and cars were pushing me off, then suddenly I appeared in the middle of the track infront of the carnage. It was really weird. But ok, thanks to rFactor for free places! Suddenly I found myself in 8th place, catching Nillson, but then in the last corner I slided, corrected, but somehow slided agan and corrected again, but the car still wasn't happy with the downforce and it slided again and wall baammm byebye race
  4. I had great pace before the weekend started...
    But in q1 i messes up sector 3 whole the time and just managed to get into q2 by a mere 0.002:)

    then i had another chance in Q2 but i had frame drops really weird....
    Anyway i was too carefull and nearly crashed in sector 1
    In the end a 6th place in Q2 not bad but not what i hoped for!

    The racestart was bad as FPS was really bad And got overtaken by several cars

    Then we entering turn 3 and i was on the inside being carefull not to destroys someone,s race Then i feld an impact on my car at the rear right tyre had suspension damage and from that point alrdy my car was almost undriveable:(

    I was really slow understeer going into snapping oversteer it was horrendous
    Later in Replay i saw it was Rasmus Tali who touched me
    Well i know it can happen he did not do it on purpose
    I won,t protest this
    But if we are lenient i hope others are sometimes too

    I had a massive fight with Blair Disley which was fantastic i think he was on the soft tyre when he was behind me and i tried everything to keep him at bay with my damaged car and hard tyres seemed to work!!!

    Later in the race it was surviving mode for me repairs in the pit and still damage.....
    Later i let Naggy pas because he was faster and he is in our team not at that point but it would have been fair

    Last 10 laps i decided to switch to the softs car was still damaged but setting still some decent pace

    was cathing the guys infront Naggy,Disley who battled for the final points at that point and Naggy spun braking on the grass....
    Putting me in 10th on the last lap closely following Disley which i tried and over optomistic manuvre in the 2nd to last corner i am sorry Blair you still were 9th!!!:)

    But Saxen was closing in after my spin and my engine was burning and i just managed to snatch this last point and my engine died going over the fininsh line!!!

    A real shame cause i had very strong raw pace today....
    And again its bad luck to me when things go well don,t know what to do sometimes!!!

    Bahrain will be not so good for me but see ya in 2 weeks!!!!
  5. Btw where can we download the broadcast?
  6. it was available this morning in simrace.tv but the video file was corrupted ( desynchro + the first 30min of the broadcast only available )
    Now i can't see it in simrace.tv, maybe they up it again with better success...
  7. Hope they can fix it tx
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  8. Ville you rocks as always !!! :D
  9. At about 1hr 30 the broadcast replay seems to be "normal" for about 20mins or 30mins. Rest of broadcast is freezing eveyry 4 seconds, only the video.

    What I'm thinking is that it was recorded like that, and I think this issue was mentioned during one of the races towards end of last year but not been fixed?

    In fact during the last 10? mins onwards the video is 1sec normal and 2second freezing.
  10. It was a great broadcast for the fans of slideshows.
  11. Was this just on broadcast replay, or was the "slideshow" during live as well?
  12. live as well ... sadly
  13. around 170 people were watching it live despite the slideshow :)
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  14. My opinion, is that the internet which Simrace.tv uses, can't handle the bitrate that the FSR Stream uses when there are a few streams running on simrace.tv. The sound was fine, no problems with that, just the video, which is why I think it's the bitrate! If i set a 2000 bitrate on a 1000kb/s connection, it's exactly the same, and with there being more streams online, each stream is getting a lower upload rate, probably making ours too high for what we had.

    I also noticed at one point when it was laggy, there were 5 channels on, but when the stream was really smooth, channel 7 was offline, but when the stream lagged, channel 7 was back online! This could just be complete luck though! :laugh: It might be worth reducing the bit rate for next race, but this means a loss in quality, soooooooooooooooooo.................... yeah :roflmao:

    I could be completely wrong here, but this is what I think :thumbsup: