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Race #01, Australia: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mikko Puumalainen, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. I had good pace looking for the top 5 but I got taken out on lap one and race over.
  3. What a great race today! Congrats to podium and all the drivers for a very entertaining Easter Sunday race day.

    Morgan Moran owes Stoffel Vandoorne a beer for the gap in the first few laps. But he gets all the credit for maintaining it under the pursuit from the reigning champion. Well done, way to kick off the season! Thank you, thank you!
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  4. It was better than i expected, i could be in the top 8 if i hadn't got some problems in the first and second stint, but i think, it's not very bad on my first FSR race. I hope Sepang will be better, i like that track more, than the australian one. Grats everyone!
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  5. You guys did a very solid race, keep pushing and better results will come, I am sure ;)
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  6. Made my debut at Mak Racing
    well qualifying 1 was not what i expected beforehand
    managing only a 22nd place

    Then i was not able to take part in q2 for top 10 shootout

    So had my focus on the race my car was not ok in q
    In race it was a bit better

    The start i managed to pass many drivers and at the end of lap 1 i was 14th
    Then at the start of the 2nd lap i managed to pass both Netrex
    And at the end of lap 3 i was 9th

    After my pitstop i had to defend hard from Nilson and eventually he passed me
    When i crossed the finish line i was overjoyed!!!!!!!!
    With my 10th place having no pace at all

    This feels like a victory to me!!!Happy te score a point on my mak debut!

    This is for Simon Abidesi

    de wit start and lap 1
    passing some cars in turn 1

    turn 1 passing saxen+disley end of lap 1 de wit from 22nd to 14th

    lap 2+3 passing the both Netrex cars after fighting outbraking them both into turn 2

    lap 3 lying 9th

    lap 15 to 20 de wit defends from Nilson for 8th place

    de wit crosses fininsh line in 10th"
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  9. From gpcos :

  10. What has Vandoorne done? I thoroughly enjoyed that broadcast and it has really motivated me but a big congratulations to a personal favourite of mine Morand, stunning drive and you really deserve it, great drive by Malourqui (If i spelt it wrong, excuse me) and the two Net-rex cars were solid.
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  11. Liam Jenkins

    Liam Jenkins
    FSR Commentator

    Hey guys :) Firstly I want to congratulate Morgan for the pole position and the victory, he drove a fantastic race and deserved the win. The race had everything and it felt great to commentate on the World Championship again. I think Eduard did an exceptional job for Twister and acting as a reserve as well I think a promotion may be in order ;)
    In regard to the Vandoorne and Huis battle, I think both drivers are going to have extremely different outlooks on the race. Stoffel had every right to deffend the position after earning the 2nd place grid spot but if his intention was to push to catch Morgan or simply hold Bono up for a Morand getaway is another issue and the only guys who will know the answer are Stoffel and his team. Either way it was a fantastic race, the rookies performed well and got themselves in the thick of the action. A 26 car grid was awesome! Thanks to Nick for commentating with me. See you all in Sepang! :D
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  12. Peter Varga

    Peter Varga

    From gpcos:

    I watched back the broadcast today..the Commentators did a great job! :) It was a really good race to watch back, congrats to Morgan Morand, he had an amazing race pace..also for Stoffel Vandoorne he did an amazing job holding up Bono ...

    On one hand, I'm happy with my result 12th.. couple of sec behind Mikko Puumalainen.. and I succesfully hold up Jaakko Mikkonen.. but on the other hand, I had engine problem, and my race pace was not as good as I want..without that maybe I could score some point.. so.. hopefully I can improve for next race :)
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